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I would like to start with my an appointment with...

I would like to start with my an appointment with a doctor named Dr. Widder. My first opinion of his office was it was nice. I was given a form to fill out and taken into the back. That is when it went downhill. The nurse that took me back, left my husband in another room and proceeded to undress and show me her tummy tuck that the doctor did on her. It did look nice. Then we went back into the room with my husband and she began to talk about her experience with Dr. Widder. It seemed to last for hours. Then the office manager entered the room and began talking about cracked windows in the back of the office. Again, what seemed like hours. The doctor came in and immediately asked me to raise my dress. He felt around my stomach and told me that a mini was out. He then suddenly pulled down my underwear a couple of inches, continuing to inspect me. He asked me to lay down on the table and I did. He told me that I would not need lipo and that my stomach muscles would need repair. He asked if I had any more questions, shook my hand and left the room. I dressed and went to speak with a coordinator. The first thing that I noticed was how dirty the floor was. Anyway, she told me that the price would be $8000. I began to tell her that it was high for me and she said the lowest she could go is $7,000. She explained how amazing she thought he was and that all of her family members and friends have came to him, as well. We thanked her and left. My hubby and I talked it over and I called the office back. I told the person that answered the phone that I wanted to meet with the doctor again, and then the phone was intercepted by the office manager. She asked me what price I was quoted and I told her $7,000. She said that the office coordinator was not allowed to offer me lower prices and that she would call me back in an hour. 3 hours later, I called her back again. They said she was busy and that they would leave her a message. Finally 3 hours after that I called back AGAIN. When I asked to speak to her, I was put on hold. The same lady that answered the phone was talking back and forth with office manager who would not get on the phone with me. I heard the Office Manager say through the phone to her, If she pays cash, we can do it for $7,000. Otherwise it is $8,000. I was done.

With that said, I then found Dr. Hess. My husband and I walked into this office and were amazed at how beautiful the office was. We waited maybe 2 minutes and were taken into the back. The office has waterfalls everywhere and is full of marble. It felt like we were at a spa. We were taken to a second room, which looked amazing, where I was then given paperwork by the coordinator. After that, she took me back to my room. She gave me this robe that had internal cotton lining and asked me to undress, leaving on my bra and panties. About 2 minutes later, Dr. Hess walked in with her. He immediately made me feel comfortable and asked me to open my robe. After he examined me, he asked if I felt comfortable in my room or if he could leave so I could dress. I told him I was fine. He explained my options, how he would perform the surgery, where he would perform the surgery...very thorough to the point where I had NO questions! He told me that the Office Manager would be back with my quote. She walked in 3 minutes later with a quote for $6500 (full tummy tuck with muscle repair). I told her I would like to schedule my appointment NOW! It was like night and day between those 2 offices. I am thankful I found Dr. Hess and so excited about my surgery on the 19th of July!

Had my Post Op Appt!

Due to this amazing site, I feel so prepared for this surgery. I am so glad that I found you all! I met with my Dr. for the Post Op. He went over everything, gave me my prescriptions, took some photos and that was it! I can not believe I am 6 says away. It really seemed like forever. I did ask his office to let me know of any cancellations because my husbands family reunion is the 2nd week in August. But I did not hear anything from them, so unfortunately, I will have to miss it. I figured that might be the case since it took 3 weeks to get a consult with him and over a month to schedule the surgery. Anyway, so excited!!

Whoops, I just noticed that I said Post op instead of Pre-op!

Anyway, I am getting things in order at the house. I waited late to get my recliner but thankfully we were able to get one and have it delivered on Thursday the day before my surgery. My doc told me it was okay to drink clear fluid until 8:15 the morning of. My surgery is at 12:15, and that seems a little close. I called office back to verify and have not heard anything back yet. How long were you to stop drinking clear fluids before your surgery time? I got my pillows, prescriptions filled, my spanx came in the mail and also have my Bromelain, Pysllium. I have been taking my vitamin c/ natal vitamins beginning this week. I still need to stop by Walgreens and get some gauze, gloves, arnica gel and some gas-x. I had a small cold near the end of last week and I am praying that the coughing and sneezing ends soon. 3 days away!

I made it to the flat side!!

I finally made it over. Everything moved very quickly. I checked in and within minutes, I was registered and called in the back. I changed into my gown, was given an I.V. and my doctor walked in to mark me up. I decided to get a TAP block when the anesthesiologist came in and explained it to me. He told us that it would help numb me for a day or two. They gave me 2 pain pills to take so i wouldn't be in pain afterwards. They walked me to the OR, helped me lay down and I do not remember anything else.

When I woke up, I was in pain. I knew that was not suppose to happen, due to the fact that I was suppose to be numb for a couple of days from the TAP block. Nope! Anyway, they spent the rest of the time trying to get me comfortable, really to no avail.

Once I got home into my recliner, I felt a little better. It felt good. So glad for the tips on the site to get one! My husband and my mom have been a Godsend, keeping my 4 kids at bay and taking great care of me.

We did call the doctor because in taking my binder off, one side of my stomach is pretty swollen. The other side is completely flat. My doctor wants to see me tomorrow morning to check everything out.

I have to admit, this is more painful than I thought. But the way my stomach is looking already, it was ABSOLUTELY worth it.

Has anyone had oneside swell?

I am in some bad shape!

I have certainly underestimated the amount of pain associated with the procedure. Even with the pain killers, I am hurting pretty bad. It is hard for me to stand up and I walked hunched over very slowly. The pain is more bearable when I am sitting in my recliner. The questions that are going through my head is - Am I walking too much? Am I not walking enough? My stomach is still very swollen, especially on one side. I have my Post Op appointment tomorrow and hopefully he will be able to help me be more comfortable. My drains are draining really well but very sore. I know I am only 2 days but I am so ready for some relief.

Had my Post Op Today

I met with my doctor today. He told me that I looked great, which was nice to hear. He told me that he took 2 pounds off of me! He looked at my drains and said that he may be able to take one out at my appt Friday. He increased my pain medication to Dilaudid, so I can be more comfortable. Has anyone taken it before? All in all, he said everything looked good, to take it easy and shower when I am comfortable. My mom and husband have been amazing. I have not had to do one thing. Every time I look at my stomach, I KNOW it is worth everything I am going through. It will be so exciting to see the final result.

Feeling better today...

I am definitely feeling better today. My back pain is still profound and so is my stomach muscle pain. My incision is burning/itching and the drain sites throb. I am walking more upright and over all feel better. The Dilaudid is VERY strong, so I will probably only be talking one of those at a time. The swelling has went down and I am seeing the amazing job my doctor did on my tummy. It is so hard to believe it is my stomach! I can't wait until my appt on Friday so get one drain out. I am hopeful he will take out both of them! Here is an updated pic...

No improvement...

Nothing has really changed. My stomach pain does not feel like it is improving. My incision still has a pretty bad burning sensation and the muscles underneath are very tight and hurt. I know that I am healing as my incision itches like crazy! My doctor jokingly said that he tightened me up so tight and he is surprised I can breathe! When I eat, I try not to eat too much because it is hard for me to get breaths. I try not to think about it too much, so I don't hyperventilate! I feel like I am wearing a corset and have to be careful with my breaths. One of the drains is draining very little and is under 20 ML's in a 24 hour period. The other is 60 ML's in a 24 hour period. So, I have a feeling I am only getting one taken out tomorrow. Of course, I tried to take less pain medication yesterday and it did not work out in my favor. I hope everyone else doing great. I am still trying to stay positive but I had no idea it would be this hard. :(

I forgot to mention...

I had 3 bm's already! My first one was 3 dpo and I have had one every day since. I have been drinking 8-10 glasses of water, taking 2 Psyllium Husks tabs and my mom has been making me organic turnip and mustard greens. I am still talking Bromelain 3 times a day for swelling and taking my vitamins including chewable vitamin c tabs.

I got one drain removed!

All I can say is, I didn't feel a thing. Well I felt him cut the stitch which pinched a bit. My hubby said, Wow, that was a lot of drain inside you! Then I looked up and the doc was holding the drain in his hand. I do feel better that one of them is out. My doc said that I am still really swollen. I told him I was surprised cause I thought I looked really good. He said, Oh no, you are not even close to how much smaller you will look!
I had a great day. One of my girlfriends came over and brought some food for the family. I stayed downstairs longer than usual, laughed and had a great time. My kids were running around me and goofing around. Before I knew it, I passed the time to take my motrin and my back/incision started to hurt. I seemed to get tired so fast. I quickly found my way into my recliner, took my pain meds and slowed things down a bit. Whew!

I'm getting there...

This is definitely a process but I am thankful for the surgery. I have the high hopes that soon, I will start to see great results but just not yet. I met with my doctor yesterday and had my last drain taken out!! Yay!! It pinched a little bit while he was pulling it out but it was over quick. He is still surprised at how swollen I am. He said, 'You are super swollen!' My stomach is flat in the front, but around the sides just over my incision is swollen. He said it is okay for me to work out!! It's been only 2 weeks and my incision, my back and muscles still hurt. So I won't be able to workout any time soon. I told him that the glue they used on my incision was sticking to my binder. He told me that if it is bothering me, I don't need to wear my binder, which surprised me. After the reviews I read, most people say that it is required to wear your binder at least at night to reduce swelling, especially this early and definitely after drain removal. Anyway, I went to Kohl's and bought a support garment. I want to wear my regular clothes and do not want to have to wear the bulky garment that I was given from my doctor. I found the prefect one and it was a bonus to get it for 20% off!
Well, that is it for now. I am so anxious to see the final result!

Updated pics

Hey Everyone. I am posting some updated pics. Extreme swelling is what I am dealing with all day. My incision still burns and I feel really bloated from the swelling. My muscles feel tight, which is a good thing. When I blow my nose, I am not in pain like before, but coughing and sneezing, ouch! Last night, I slept for the first time without my binder and I felt a little more free. I am still sleeping in my recliner. I tried to lay down in the bed and my husband had to help me out of there. LOL. I will be so glad when the swelling goes down and the burning subsides. Still trying to stay positive, though.

I have an infection...

Has anyone had any type infection attributed to your procedure? My bellybutton has been leaking fluid for some time. My doc said that it was normal. After a while, the discharge started to smell. I called him immediately, he prescribed antibiotics and told me to treat it with neosporin and peroxide. He also wanted to see me the next morning. So he saw me and told me everything was fine and that some of the sutures opened up a tad bit. So he told me to keep taking the antibiotics and using the neosporin. When I got home from my appointment, I felt abnormally tired. So I laid down to take a nap. When I woke up I had was cold and chills, headache...flu like symptoms. We called my doc and he said to double up on the antibiotics tonight and in the morning. He wants us to call him in the morning and let him know how I am feeling as he may need to take another course of action. I am so scared!

Now I have a fungal infection...

So the next day nothing changed so my doc called me in. He drained 50 cc's from my side! He numbed it first but it did pinch a bit. Then, he put me on 2 different antibiotics (Bactrim and Cipro) and gave me a cream to put on my belly button. I have to admit it has not improved at all and seems to be getting more red. It hurts underneath my belly button and muscle area and motrin is not doing the trick! Still having flu like symptoms, but my fever is not as high. Ugh. Anyway, I'll keep you posted.
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon

AMAZING! Everything has been awesome so far.

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