Radiesse Gone Wrong--fixed with Lidocaine/saline Solution - Fairfax, VA

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I received Radiesse in my lower face area...

I received Radiesse in my lower face area (nasolabial folds and around corners of my mouth) last September, nearly a year ago. I had previously had Juvederm in the nasolabial folds but never had anything done to the corners of my mouth. I had slight depressions but not super deep folds. (I'm 36.)

My results with Radiesse would have been less traumatic if I had had a different doctor. The doctor overfilled me in a big way and I had a huge lump on my left side. She massaged the area but really, she injected too much so there was only so much that massaging could do.

After looking like a mutant-chipmunk on my left side only for about 4 weeks (the doctor told me to wait and the swelling and bruising would subside), I went in to have the area further worked on. The doctor took much more time and injected the area with saline/lidocaine solution to reduce the lumpiness. I ended up returning to the doctor 3 more times for further saline solution reductions over the next few months. I began feeling completely normal in my lower mouth area around May (7 months later). The corners of my mouth probably look better than they did before the initial procedure, but it's not a vast improvement and it was not worth the drama or time and effort put into fixing the initial mistake of overfill/wrong filler. Using Radiesse was a mistake as it lasts longer and seems to be a heavier-hitting injectable compared to what I have experienced with Juvederm and Restalyne. The calcium spheres are suspended in a gel that itself is part of the injectable and takes nearly a month to go away before you are left with just the calcium spheres around which your collagen re-establishes itself.

I am writing this post to give hope to those who have been overfilled with Radiesse that your doctor (or another doctor) can fix your Radiesse-gone-wrong with saline solution mixed with lidocaine. My doctor also offered to use the steroid Kenalog, but I did not want to risk possible permanent discoloration in the area (a side effect I read about with Kenalog). Saline solution did the job, although it took longer as she was very cautious on the reduction work and did not want to go too far and remove all the filler. (Kenalog is faster acting and more aggressive.) The area she "fixed" did turn white immediately after the procedures but faded after an hour or so, when the lidocaine wore off.

Ironically, I would recommend this doctor to fix Radiesse botch jobs, but I would not go back to her for injections. After my initial experience, I then looked up reviews and they were horrible. Always do your research, people! Your face is nothing to mess with. Lesson learned!

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