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Plain and simple, I had a good year! It was a good...

Plain and simple, I had a good year! It was a good year of reflection, of what I value about myself, and what I would like to change. I have been an athlete since my late 20's. Swimming, biking, running (12 Marathons) and boxing. All of which put me in great physical shape. But, I got divorced a few years ago. And, I have only recently been able to shed the weight of that divorce. I finally got to the point mid-Summer of 2015 that I was living a life of ideals, instead of just an ideal life. And, part of that life is being able to have my physical self reflect what I feel inside- which is a man of real sound mind and body. Prior to surgery, you would barely be able to squeeze an inch of fat on me- except for a bit of a pooch around my belly button and on my love handles. I could work out for days, years- and they wouldn't budge. I decided this year, because I had a good year financially, to do something about it. No guilt, just a choice I decided to make. I searched online for a number of doctor's and found Dr. Hess. Both his personal story, and the reviews that people gave him, convinced me to give him a try. I went in for a consultation, and he was great. I loved the office, and the atmosphere. And, well, being a guy who has spent time working in dangerous environments, I have to admit my ego was a bit shaken. I didn't want to admit that these love handles were something I couldn't handle. Dr. Hess assuaged all those fears, and really made it easy. I did one more consult with him a week before surgery, and then surgery day came. I have to say- the place where he did the surgery- Northern Virginia Ambulatory Surgical Center- they could not have been nicer. They took great care of me from start to finish. I came in, did my paperwork, they got me back and undressed, went over my history and gave me a sedative. Then, I walked down to the surgical room, hopped up on the table and was out. Next thing I know, I am waking up and in the OR. Now, there is pain associated with lipo- no doubt! You will feel like someone beat you with a bat. You'll look like it also. But, I was also up and walking within 2 hours of surgery. Results so far? I am on day 2, post op, and don't need hardly anything in terms of pain meds. I am bruised a bit, but nothing that I know won't go away. I am numb a bit, but that feeling will come back in time. And, I can see a bit of loose skin where my love handles used to be. Now, it's still early- but would I do it again? You bet! Would I go to Dr. Hess again? You bet! I have a feeling this a great thing that I have done, and a great thing as part of my new outlook. I can't wait to see the results in a few months. You will not be disappointed, if this is something you really want to do, in the end you will be glad you did it.

Day 3 and Day 4

I woke up on Day 3 post-surgery with little to no pain. I was amazed since Day 2 had been a bit of a struggle. By Day 4, I barely even had a hard time getting out of a chair. Going from sitting to standing was a problem, but once I was moving or once I was sitting, I was fine. The only real change has been me noticing more of the bruising that didn't seem to be there right after surgery. I have a lot of that now, and it's pretty ugly. No other problems, though. I managed to get through this now with having taken only one actual pain pill the entireity of my recovery from surgery. That was a big deal for me. A couple of pieces of advice, though. (1) Get something to help you sleep, even if it's a bit of NyQuil. It's not that fun trying to sleep the first few days but you'll get used to it. I slept in the compression wrap and had no trouble with it. (2) Bump up the fiber. Guess what- going to the bathroom (you'll get purple down there) is not fun. Make it as painless as possible. (3) Expect a few days of being in sweats. It's just so much easier and more fun, and it's great if you just can have a few days where you really don't have a whole lot planned. And (4) Find something to get you up, out and about. The more you walk (in this case it was my dog) the better off you are. And, if you want a confidence boost, et a pair of jeans or something that used to challenge you in terms of getting into and try them on when you go out for a walk. If you got lipo on the abs like I did- you'll be amazed.

Update 2.5 Weeks Out

Here I am 2.5 weeks out from my lipo on the abdomen and flanks, and I could not be happier. The results have been amazing. While I haven't been able to work out, I can see a huge difference! I used to have this spare tire that I just could not stand, and this paunch that would not go away. Now, it's as if the athletic profile that I wanted is finally coming into shape. I begin working out again tomorrow- slowly but surely. There is still some tightness and firmness under the skin, and slight pain but nothing that isn't easy to handle. I haven't taken any pain meds or anti-inflammatories in over a week. I still massage the skin to loosen it up, and the fluid buildup around my pelvis is subsiding. The bruising is gone. A few notes 2.5 weeks out: (1) if you can schedule your surgery around being able to work from home for a few days, do it. The first week is a pain with all the things that go into post op. (2) Definitely book a couple of massages. It will relax you and get the fluid out of your system. (3) Stay moving in every way you can- it just feels better. (4) Lots of vitamin C, lots of Propel. You will be amazed how much good water will do for you. (5) Get some Metamucil, or some kind of fiber. Hate to say it, but you want that process over each day as quickly as possible if you did abdominal lipo. You'll find the muscles that help that process that you never knew were there. All told- this is just life changing. The swelling is nearly gone, and I am at least two pants sizes down. My clothes fit exactly like they should, and everything just drapes in a way that is fantastic,
Dr. Hess

Dr. Hess was a wonderful surgeon. I can say from his bedside manner, to his pre-evaluation, to the day of surgery (he helped me figure out how to do my hospital gown), to post-op and evaluation- first rate! The staff at both his office, and the Northern Virginia Surgical Center- were just wonderful. It's a rarity to have so many people call and check on you right after surgery, but they did.

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