3 Kids, 32yrs Old, Breast Augmentation - Fairfax, VA

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I have been anti plastic surgery for a while, but...

I have been anti plastic surgery for a while, but after seeing the changes in my body post 3 kids in 6 years, I have warmed to the idea. I will undergo breast augmentation, silicone, subglandular, July 15th, and I am excited and nervous. I will have local and iv sedation over general. I have decided that I will opt for 325-350cc, so a full C I suppose, I am just trying to fill up the skin that has lost volume. Can't wait!

Did you go over or under?

So I know that most think under is better, but I wonder of those of you that went over how many have capsular contracture? I'm not a huge fan of how the breast move when engaging the chest, working out, getting out of a pool, twisting to the side to pick something up, and breast tissue naturally sits above the muscles in our normal anatomy anyway right? I don't know just talking it all through! Want to make the right decision. I also know I have the space from 3 pregnancies and breast feeding, and I'm not going huge, with silicone, so I hope these reduce my rate. Thoughts?

Less than a week away!

I can't believe I am going in for surgery Tuesday. I am so excited, but also nervous. I don't know if I told you guys I am doing local with IV sedation? Not general! I've already talked to doctor and anesthesia provider and they say I will sail through smoothly! No concerns! Have any of you done it that way? I was thinking I should buy something, like a new top or bra, but I am going to wait for measurements! Almost there!!!

Surgery is Tuesday, and I get sick Thursday! Miserable!!!

So I am just plugging away waiting for my procedure Tuesday, and I go to bed feeling out of sorts Wednesday. Full blown cold/flu I don't know as we speak! Perfect timing, summer colds are the best right? No fever, and the doctor says I can have the procedure as long as I have no fever, but I mean who wants to be sick at all in surgery! UGH! Lord please make me better overnight!!!

Surgery Postponed

I can't believe my luck...all ready to go into surgery Tuesday and then when I find out I have double ear infections today! I had this all planned out, kids taken care of, work spaced out. Ughhhhh. This ever happen to anyone else?

Surgery Rescheduled!

So, I'm on the mend, and surgery is now the 23rd of July! Praying nothing else comes in between me and the date! Excited!!!

1 more day!

I'm nervous and excited! 1 day away! All I want is a nice experience and a great result! To be alive after would be awesome too! Lol! I'm a mom what can I say, I just want to be here for my family, and look great at the same time if I can! Did I mention I'm having tummy lipo done too? Figured why not have it at same time so one recovery? Speak to you tomorrow!!!!

Arrive at 11:45am Wednesday!

Well in literally 12 hrs I will be at the surgery center! Spoke to anesthesia provider today who is great! I decided to update my photos tonight. I'm really excited to see the transformation!

I'm alive!

I made it! I had the most amazing experience with all the doctors and nurses. They treated me so well and respected my wishes on local and IV sedation. I ended up getting a little propofol during breast for pain but other than that was alert and talking. I will try and post pic tomorrow. Stomach is more sore than chest and pain overall is a 7. Talk tomorrow!

First night was rough

So the lipo was painful last night. I tried to take Tylenol first but then at 4am my husband gave me a Percocet and the pain dissipated. The breasts are tender, will see them today at follow up and post a picture. Its strange my tummy is numb, to the touch but in pain on the inside. Can't wait to see the difference honestly. Will update later!


Just left my post op appointment. He said I look great! I didn't bleed hardly at all during the procedure and none during my checkup. They took the equivalent of a 2 liter bottle of fat out of my abdomen, can't wait to see how that turns out over the next few months. Laying back down now as I was feeling lightheaded! Talk soon

1 week mark!

Sorry I've been mia. I've been getting stronger every day, can't believe its officially a week that's gone by now! I'm happy with the results, tummy has been the worst part overall! But I'm getting there. Follow up Friday with doctor Centeno, do will see what he thinks! So far so good. Adding new pics!

Tummy week 1

I know lipo takes a long time to show but here we are week 1! He took out 1600cc, similar I
Volume of a 2 liter soda bottle. Had to be careful not to do too much because of muscle laxity and loose skin. But that's a lot

Feeling good!

Had my second follow up Friday and Dr Centeno is so happy with my healing! Tummy lipo and breast aug! Feeling good and excited to feel 100%!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr Centeno has been very helpful and kind to me through all my questions and fears. He has an amazing staff, and I feel good about using him for this procedure. I am also pleased with my Anesthesiologist and I think he will do everything to keep me safe, and give me the experience I want.

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