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11/16/13 - After finding the right doctor,...

11/16/13 - After finding the right doctor, watching a webinar, visits to a nutritionist, a psychological evaluation, procuring a referral from my Primary Care Provider, and jumping through other various hoops, I am finally on the calendar for my gastric bypass surger. December 11 is the big day. I'm excited, nervous, happy - lots of emotions right now. I had to gain weight for my insurance to cover it which felt crazy, but I made it and am back to eating normally. I'm telling very few people about it. So far just my mother and my boyfriend. My mother is worried but my boyfriend has been very supportive and positive which is what I need right now. Looking up lots of before and after pics and success stories for encouragement. My weight now is 258. I'd like it to be 250 at the time of surgery after the liquid diet. My goal is to lost 100 lbs so I'm hoping to reach 150 with the surgery. I've never been able to get below 185 dieting and it was ridiculously hard to keep that off so I think this will help me. Thanks for all your stories and reviews. They're a big help!

Trouble Believing

Today was my pre-op surgery clearance with my Primary Care Provider. EKG, blood work, and meds screening. Everything looks good to go. I realized I felt like I was waiting for the rug to get pulled out from under me. I can't believe this is actually happening - that in 3 weeks the surgery will be over. Today was the last step in a long list of steps I've taken. All that's left on the checklist is the 3 day pre-op clear liquid diet and the surgery itself.

I had an idea that Marilyn Monroe movies would be fun to watch as I recover.

It's Done

Well, I'm home from the hospital. I actually went through with it and while I'm still in the very early stages (still missing food - won't feel fullness til week 3) I'm glad I didn't chicken out. So far it's like being on a diet I can't cheat on. There is stress that goes with that but I'm still on broth and jello - I'm looking forward to reintroducing foods week by week. Next week is cottage cheese, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and unsweetened applesauce. Just 2 tsp of each but I'll take it! The scrambled half-an-egg and half a piece of toast for week 3 sounds positively divine right now. :)

I'm down to 250 so 8 lbs are gone for good. 100 lbs to go.
Dr. Matthew Fitzer

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