24 Yr Old with 2 Kids and Tired of Being Morbidly Obese. Fairfax, VA

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I have been overweight my whole life and it has...

I have been overweight my whole life and it has always been a struggle to loose weight. I am 5'8 and weigh around 355 lbs. Im also married with two beautiful kids.
When I first started looking into weightloss surgery I was very interested in the sleeve but unfortunately I have horrible acid reflux and would be better suited for the bypass. So I have independence bcbs and am in the 6 month nutritional program, with two more months left to go. It has been going by pretty fast.
I do have a question for you guys has anybody with bcbs been denied surgery for gaining 2 lbs but then loosing them in the nutritional program? Any info is always appreciated :)

The horrible before pics

So I thought it might be good to put up some before pictures. So hopefully in a few months I will have some much better after pictures lol.

Finally have c-pap mask

So I was diagnosed with sleep apnea back in early August and yesterday I finally got my cpap mask. I thought sleeping with the mask id feel a million times better but this morning I still woke up with a pounding headache and fatigued. Oh well hopefully sleeping with it will continue to help. I also have my weigh in on nov 16th and im struggling to loose a few lbs before then. Just need to keep pushing through :)

Finally done with 6 month program

So today was the last day of my nutritional 6 month program! Yay! Now all we have to do is submit the paperwork to insurance and hope for approval. Im going to put up some more before pics.

Got the call from my doctors office!

I got the call from my doctors office I was approved for the surgery! Yay!

Have a surgery date!

My surgery date is January 14th at 12:15. I cant believe how close that is, after over 6 months of trying now it is almost here. So excited and nervous.

Happy new year!!

Happy new year guys!! So I have to start a liquid diet on the first of the new year and it lasts for two weeks. I will try my best. Cant believe surgery is only 2 wks away, so nervous but excited. I feel like I need to make a list of everything I will need to bring to the hospital and after surgery. Any advice would always be appreciated. Thanks :)

First day to the rest of my life!

It is the first day to rhe rest of my life and im feeling empowered and hungry. This liquid diet is going to be challenging but doable. I just got more motivation from my husband so feeling so good right now :)

Harder than I thought

This liquid diet is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Doing this made me realize I definitely have an addiction to food. And I have only lost 1 lb :(

I messed up

Ok so I messed up :( I went to a chinese restaurant and got steamed chicken and veggies in a brown sauce. Which may not sound that bad but im only supposed to drink protein shakes and one can of soup. Do you guys think I can still shrink my liver before the 14th ?!?!

Im officially 25!

So its my bday today and im now 25. For my birthday my parents took us to denny's (not sure how supportive they are considering im on my liquid diet). But I am so proud of myself for not eating anything there. I said a little prayer not to be tempted and I wasnt. I just sat and drank my water and my protein shake :) my surgery is in 5 days, the best birthday gift I could ask for!

I did it!

So I had my gastric bypass surgery on January 14th at inova fair oaks hospital. I did not anticipate how much pain I would be in. I had a hernia that they repaired which caused more pain and then also they said they had to "manhandle" my insides lol. Since the surgery I have not been hungry or even nauseous (knock on wood). I just cant wait until im not in pain. All right guys ill update again later.

Emergency room, infection

Ok I haven't updated in a while because ive been swollen, in pain, and still weigh more now than I did on my surgery day. We just went to the emergency room today in the middle of a snow storm ( talk about nerve wracking ). I have a huge red spot the size of a basketball around one of my Incisions. So the doctor sliced it open and packed it and then put a wound dressing, also gave me penicillin. After this stuff happening I cant help but feel discouraged. If there is a silver lining though I havent felt nauseous lol.

Back in the ER

My infection got a lot worse where I actually had a huge sack of green smelly pus under my incision. Yuck!!!! Everyone heals differently I guess. But I cant wait to get through this stage and on to the next. Just gonna keep smiling :)

Time to update

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, ive just been lazy... lol. Im at the mushy stage now so im able to eat a bigger variety of foods. My infection is getting better and smaller (I wish I could show a pic but my phone won't take them for some reason). I went through a phase where I really regretted having the surgery especially after getting such a big infection (I honestly didnt think I would be the one to get an infection, but life works in silly ways) but now im starting to feel better about my decision.
I also cant wait to get off the antibiotics, they make me nauseous and give me diarrhea.....tmi.
One thing I notice when I eat I feel like I can just keep eating.....does this happen to anybody else?
I also want to thank all of you guys for being so supportive I really appreciate it :)

My stats
Highest weight 361
Surgery weight 343
Current weight 349 (my infection slowed down my weight loss)

Finally loosing weight!!!

So guys I lost 24 lbs!!! Yay I hope I can keep this up.
Highest weight 361
Weight after surgery 359
Current weight 335

Is this normal???

Every time I eat peanut butter or put peanut butter in my protein shakes 30 minutes later i have severe stomach pain that lasts for a couple of hours. I dont know if im having dumping syndrome or if my body just doesnt agree with peanut butter anymore. If anyone has had anything similar like this happen please let me know. Any info is always appreciated! Thanks guys

Loosing weight

Highest weight 361
Surgery weight 359
Current weight 319.2
So i have lost a little over 40 lbs! Yay!

Stomach pains

I feel like I'm having a hard time adjusting to the surgery. I've been having stomach pains associated with painful gas (tmi). I eat what I'm supposed to eat and the right amount as well. I've had a couple tests done and it isn't my gallbladder. If anyone has had this or something similar please give me some insight. Thanks guys.

Going to be honest

I feel like I'm going through a depression. I have constant stomach pains that won't go away. They did a ct scan and an ultrasound and everything looked normal. Next thing might be an upper GI. I was prescribed bentyl but it did nothing to relieve my pain. I can't keep going like this for that much longer. I try to stay positive but it is getting difficult. If there is a bright side though I've lost almost 50 lbs.

Still losing :)

My highest recorded weight 361
My current weight 299.6
I'm finally under the 300s!

A little over 3 months post op

This month has been a very slow month in the weight loss department. Ive lost only 9 lbs. Im eating healthy and within my portions. I have to be honest I should definitely start exercising more though. I can see that im going to have a lot of loose skin. Which I will deal with later.
Current weight 290!

Time to update

So my weight has been at a stall for a while now. My current weight is 285. I just found out some very shocking news...im pregnant. Which was definitely not planned and to be honest me and my husband were done having kids, but I guess it doesnt matter how much protection you use life will throw you a curveball. Im definitely nervous about this because im still so fresh out of surgery. Please only happpy thoughts

Time to update

I haven't updated in a little while so here we go. My current weight is 256 and I'm a little over 4 months pregnant. I feel like I'm constantly fighting my cravings, so it's a struggle but I'm getting through it. I'll post a few pics as well.

I can't believe how far I've come!

I can't believe how big I was!

5 1/2 months pregnant

So I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant and having a little boy! I'm so excited! My weight is at a stall still 256, but I can always loose weight after he is born. My biggest concern is if i will be able to breastfeed. If anyone has any info or been through this any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks guys!
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