Can't Tell my Family Am Having a Tummy Tuck - Fairfax, VA

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I am 40 yrs. with twins girls who are 10, am...

I am 40 yrs. with twins girls who are 10, am married and have scheduled my tummy tuck for the first week of March. My husband is on board...but am unable to tell the rest of my family which doesnt live in the same state which I live in. Has anyone not told their family members....? Am so confused why I dont want to tell the rest of my family.


The best experience considering it was elective...

The best experience considering it was elective surgery. The ride home was foggy. I woke up happy knowing that I could already see the results. There has been hardly NO swelling. I do recommend the PAIN PUMP. This has helped significantly. And do not stop taking the pain medication and the muscle relaxer...this is a MUST. I was trying to be brave but all it got me was almost an anxiety attack because of the pain. I've already gone to see the doctor for my first check up and he was surprised to see NO bruising and no swelling. I was happy with my results thus far. Getting up and out of bed has been a struggle.....and of course the constipation...YUCK! But other than that...I would highly recommend, if you are on the fence about your decision. I have one drain that doesnt hurt too much. I have been drinking 1 liter of water everyday, NO Caffein and hardly any sugar drinks. I think of the reason why I am healing so well, is because I've kept my foods real easy to digest and they are helping me heal at the same time.

Keep sanitary napkins for your lipo incisions, cut them in half and tape them from the outside with gauze tape. THis has helped keep infection from happening. I've been eating organic fruits such as papaya, pineapple, and a whole banana with each set of pills i've been taking. I also keep a cotton ball of peppermint in my bra to keep me from getting nauseaus and this has helped ALOT. I also put some on my forehead and behing my ears, the tingling feeling has helped overcome my initial dizziness and nausea.

My husband has been nervous around me because of the pain I've experienced and he is not used to seeing me like this. So, prepare whom ever is going to take care of you.....have lots of water around you, phone, remote control, computer, clean panties, long sweat pants, and tank tops and a beautiful pic of YOU

WHAT would I not DO? dont' be so tough...give in to the pain and listen to the doctor when he's every 4 hour and dont let a minute go by. it's not worth the pain or aggrevation.

CONS: initial cost to looking GOOD...and the recovery is not a quick fix as you would like it to got scared when they saw I coldnt get out of bed without tears strolling down my cheeks.

I am a week out of surgery. I feel horribly...

I am a week out of surgery. I feel horribly depressed today. I am not sure why, but my level of activity has been minimal. I get easily stressed out and easily irrirated.

Spoke to the doctor about it and he said that it's the pain medication effects.......okay!!!

I also got my period, that could be it as well.

I havent taken a shower yet, hair is getting smelly and oily. I am not sure what else to do other than wait. I see the doctor again on Friday to hoepfully take out the drain.

My belly button has been hurting ALOT. I am not sure if this is normal or not but I feel it hurting alot...maybe that's why babies cry so much when they are borth....OUCH!!!

16 days post tt and lipo. Had my drain removed...

16 days post tt and lipo. Had my drain removed yesterday and the doc said I was going to feel better. I thought it was a good idea to go back to work....I WAS WRONG!!! Going to school and being around kids was bad a idea....too much movement around me and it's unbelievable how much it hurts when I sit, move and stnd up again..and talk loud so that the kids can hear me...not worth the pain.

I am walking hunched over and on my tippy toes. I feel some pain but enough to take narcotics.

I am feeling a bit depressed. I also dont like taking the wrap off. I feel gross. The skin is still numb and some spots are hard. Belly button is there...I am not sure what it's supposed to look like...this whole thing is gross. I dotn want to touch my abdomen, it feels fake. I hope feel better.

The aftermath of this surgery is no JOKE. You've got to have the right frame of mind and be ready to have people to support you. I feel lonely, since only my husband and best friend knows. My mother calls me and I've been lying. And my two girlies are scared and they've gotten mad at me for feeling and looking so bad. ALL i would liket to let you know, be prepared to the post stuff. It's amazing how much we take care of and how much our children depend on us.

19 days post op...had upper lipo and love handles....

19 days post op...had upper lipo and love handles. The incision is hurts more than the actual tummy tuck. I am not taking pain meds and wondering if I should be. The pain travels from incision to incision and then sometimes to the actual suture. IT might me the miserable weather and my attitute lately has been very BLAH.

There are some considerations that I did knwo about before the surgery. The pain doesnt go away after 2 or 3 or 4 weeks. There are still alot of limitations, not being able to bend and do laundry, in and out of car without holding ot the steering wheel, bringing groceries up the stairs, sleeping side ways- that's been a big one, not being able to shave your legs and walking around like an old lady without a walker.. although I dont have muffing top- I look ridiculous walkign around like half of me is falling over. I still wear the white band around my new waist. NOW due to lack of activity MY thighs look flabby and HUGE. My arms look flabby as well. I cannot lift any weights nor do any exercises as of yet. If someone out there knows of any exervise that dont compromise the surgery, please let me know. Like I said, I dont have a muffin top, but NOW the rest of my body is looking out of sorts...NOT HAPPY!!!

Am going to see my PS Wednesday for a lymph drainage massage.

Also, I almost forgot, should I take off the paper tape that the ps put on my sutures. He did mention that this will fall out by itself, am wondering if it should have fallen off by now.

Overall not having a good time this past week. Watching way too much TV and not feeling like doing much due to pain.

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