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I am in my early 40's and I just had my all-on-4...

I am in my early 40's and I just had my all-on-4 implants procedure done on Wednesday (3 days ago). There were complications during the procedure due to the fact that I'm allergic to sulfites and cannot have local anesthetics containing epinephrine, which are more long lasting and promote vasoconstriction during surgery. Long story short, when I woke up, they gave me the bad news that they could only do the top and had to stop due to risky blood loss. So, what should've been one procedure is now two since I'll have to undergo the whole thing again next week for the bottom!

So, what have I learned so far? Well, I respect all the reviews I've read stating that it was all a breeze and didn't hurt at all but I need to keep it real and tell you that, in my personal experience, this has not been easy breezy! I am on antibiotics as instructed and also on two types of pain management meds, one being a narcotic. The post-op pain has been pretty tough to endure and that's only having had the top done (with only 5 extractions). The day of surgery was manageable, post-op day 1 was pretty bad, and post-op day 2 was really really really bad. I was coughing and spitting up huge blood clots. My entire face swelled up like a balloon, from below my eyes to just under my jaw bone there was huge swelling and it was so black and blue it looked like I was punched in the face in a street fight. My nose swelled up so much I looked like a piggy and it truly felt like the anatomy of the inner nose/sinuses were totally different which is probably from the pressure. My nose hurt from the inside out. My lips also swelled up so much I couldn't close my lips together up until today (post-op day 3). The pressure on the sinuses and the headache from the pressure were also pretty bad.

Today is Saturday (post-op day 3) and the swelling is finally beginning to go down but there is still pain. I have tried to go without pills and it's too much pain to handle. Now, I am not a whimp and can usually toughen things out but this is not a walk in the park. There are so many stitches on the roof of my mouth, way up where the gums meet the new teeth, all the way in the back, and the worst part has been the frenulum (the piece of skin you have that holds your top lip to your gums)... they cut that too to make room for the new teeth and it hurts and burns something crazy. My lips were also pretty torn apart from the surgery.

Funny enough, the teeth themselves feel pretty normal aside from the surgical pain. Of course, since they couldn't do the bottom, I now have top teeth that don't fit the bottom, so that has caused jaw pain and tension that you would not otherwise have.

All in all, I am still on the fence regarding the whole experience and the fact that I am still all black and blue and have to endure this all over again next week probably doesn't help. I am hoping this will all become ok and that it will be just a rough patch that will be worth it in the end.

Update on all-on-4 implants

So, as previously explained, the first surgery didn't go well because of excessive blood loss. Less than a week later, I went in for the bottom. This second surgery went much better and I felt like the entire team was ready and on top of things. The recovery was better for the bottom than for the top... less swelling, less bruising, just as much pain though. I took the Motrin 800mg and Percocet more often than prescribed to be able to handle the pain.

So, what is happening now? Well, it's been 19 days since the top was done and 13 days since the bottom surgery. I was pretty uncomfortable most of the time, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep because the bite was off, felt like the teeth were too big on the bottom and too small on the top, etc. I just went in for my first post-op appointment today and they adjusted things and I am pretty comfortable now. So today is actually the first day that I'm feeling like this was actually the right decision. It's not perfect yet but these are temporary teeth and they tell me that all my esthetic and functional concerns will be resolved with the permanents. So right now, I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing and I'm beginning to feel like I may just have a whole new life ahead of me :)

After pic

Any regrets?

Once you get over the weirdness of the whole thing, no regrets. It is not a natural anatomical or physiological process though... none of this is! So you have to fully understand that you are doing this because you have to and because other alternatives would be worse. But don't fool yourself into thinking you'll be "normal" because it is not the normal human state to have a mouth full of foreign objects. So, if you can wrap your head around this fact and get over the mental and physical shock, you will be fine. The process was not easy for me, physically or psychologically but... it's now been just over 2 months since my surgeries and it has been better and better as time goes by. I truly think that the adjustment period is the tricky part but functionally, I can eat and chew almost normally except I have to be careful not to strain the implants. I can smile and they look great even-though they are not the permanents yet. I have no pain now. I have gotten used to sleeping with the mouth guard in my mouth. I can brush normally. Having to use a water pick all the time is odd to me but, as I said, you must understand why you're doing this and that it's better than the alternatives.

Let me know if you have questions.

5 month update

So far so good! Just went in for a pretty awful 6-hour appointment to make the molds for the permanent teeth last week. The implants have healed well and are solidly in the bone. In 2 weeks I go in for the first try-out. If I like it, then they'll make the permanent ones with the titanium bar. If I still want further changes, then there'll be a few more try-outs. I'm aiming to have it all completed by year's end. In the interim, I can eat almost like a normal person, I have a pretty nice smile already, and for the most part, it feels like my own teeth! I am happy I did this!!

5 months

1 year and 5 months update

I definitely would do it again! All in all, it beats the other alternatives! Would do it again!
Clear Choice Dental Implant Center

Great experience so far except for some minor things. I would recommend this center at Tyson's Corner in Fairfax, VA.

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