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Having had waited to take the leap on lipo for a...

Having had waited to take the leap on lipo for a while, I realized why when a friend told me about Collsculpting. A quote for lipo of 7K was a little steep, and time off hard to get. So Coolsculpting was a perfect solution. Had a consultation, doc went over all options (lipo, tummy tuck and Coolsculpting), pros and cons etc. After listening to my concerns and goals, agreed that Coolscultping would work best, didn't try to seel me on more expensive peocedures. (or figured "she'll be back later", I am not sure..). Either was, with $500 per area it was much more affordable. I made the appt right then, for 5 areas back to back in one day - lower abdomen, sides and inner thighs. On appointment day check in went smooth, the nurse was attentive and addressed all details. The one thing I feel the clinic can invest in is a better bed, maybe an adjustable hospital bed, not the little narrow exam table-looking thing. when getting sides done, there isn't much room, and you can't more or shift for an hour. Besides that, they were ready, took picures and measurements. Then got down to business. ?They tried the smaller applicator on the stomach but it wouldn't suction enough. So they moved on to the thigh. I am glad. Whoever tells you it doesn't hurt is either 1. lying. 2 has a superhumanly high threashold of pai, 3. has no nerve endings in their fat. 4. is lying. it effing hurts, but not for 5-7 minutes the reviews say. 30 seconds to a minute, then it's cold enough to go numb. They did the thighs, then back to the stomach. With a wider applicator, it fit well. I was impressed with they skill of positioning the applicators, they got the exact "problem" areas targeted. Anyway, the reason I was glad they did the thighs first is because it prepared me for the stomach. The pain was much worse...The doc kept talking to me and helped to distract till it went numb. He said stomachs are the worst, upper worse that lower even. The only way I can prepare you is ask your friend to pull the fat area you thinking of treating, tell them to squeeze and pull hard and not to let go for 60 secords, no matter what you might get an idea. if them doing it doesn't hurt you will be alright...After the 5 hours I was done, they gave me some general post-care insteuctions and I went home. I might say one area over lunch hour is doable, but after almost 6 hours all together, I was beat and happy to have a long weekend ahead to relax.

Day 5, not too bad

...typing on the phone while tired makes for a lot of spelling errors, I see that now...But I digress. Day 5 - doing pretty good. I am thinking based on all the reviews it should get worse soon for about a week or so, but I am enjoying the calm before the storm, I guess. Days 1-4 were pretty normal, met up with a friend for an outing day 1, no problems, then lounged around the house days 2-4. The areas are bruised, I am guessing more from the applicators and suction of the skin. The areas are also numb, think dental Novocaine-type sensation. Day 4 things started to happen, dull pain as if of a bruise on top of more dull pain as if of sore muscles, all covered by weird burning/tingling feeling on the skin as if of a sunburn... none of it is bad, 2-3 out of 10 at most. Every once in a while there is a sharp stinging pain as of a needle, for a few seconds, then it's gone. I have not had to resort to any pain meds or ice, and slept pretty well. Day 5 - on top of all the above pain sensations, I have now incredible itching, which is mostly on my stomach but sides and thighs itch too. But, the problem that it's WAY inside the skin and no way for me to actually get to it. So massaging the area is the only option...
I will update again in a few days. In case the pain starts after day 5 as it did for few other reviewers, I will jump the gun and recommend not doing this procedure on a Friday before a long weekend (like I did), but on a Monday of a week before a long weekend...that way the first few good days are not wasted at home and then the bad days you're back at work...but time will tell.

Day 8 - First Week Update

Not much is happening since last update. Same type of dull bruise-like pains, some sharp needles and sunburn sensations that come and go. The sides are having the least reaction, some minor bruising. The inner thighs itch and have the burning/tingling sensations. The lower abdomen is the most active. Over the last week I think I have felt everything possible (these are varieties of pain that I can equate to something people can relate to) - bruise, sore muscles, sunburn, period pains/cramps, constipation, heartburn, itching - I think I covered the range. Keep in mind, I didn't experience any of the actual events, those are the TYPES of pain I felt in my treated stomach area, inside the fat. I am guessing the sensations are of such variety as the process affects several layers and types of tissue plus the brain probably is processing this new procedure as best as it can...I haven't resorted to meds or ice as of yet, massaging the area helps to calm the burning/itching/sharp stabbing pains on the surface. The dull cramping/heartburn-type pains I can't seem to do nothing about, they seem to be deeper into the skin. The overall discomfort is 2 out of 10, I seriously have had periods and stomach upsets that were more miserable than this...So I count that as doing well. Side note, I have been avoiding the temptation to obsess over the treated areas, I am not examining them every day or measuring for changes. The first week was mostly focused on eating healthy (as I do), drinking tons of water (as I don't....), throwing in some small workouts for good measure. I did look at my stomach yesterday and almost wanted to say I saw a reduction in size, however after a week it's not realistic to expect it or have any change, so I attributed it to my healthy lifestyle and decided not to worry about results for few more weeks. Till next update, ask me any questions you have.

Day 10

This is a short update, not much is happening, there is still some numbness and itching in the treatment areas, although I did realize I was itching a mosquito bite at one point, this is a point of reference for intensity, I guess...there is no pain, bruising is gone, very little in terms of all the other sensations, some burning very randomly and for short periods, goes away with rubbing of the area. I am slowing forgetting to even think about these areas, back to normal routine, eating healthy and exercising. Hoping to not obsess over this, and after a few weeks to be very impressed with the difference as I finally by accident look at those areas in the mirror, or try a pair of pants known for not fitting before... or at the very least, will have some idea at two months follow up.

1 Month Update

As with other reviewers, as time goes on, less and less to report on. At this point, all effects of the actual procedures are pretty much gone. Some barely noticeable numbness remains, and a weird tingling sensation if I poke the treated areas repeatedly. Not sure what it means. One thing to mention first, there is an obvious psychological effect to this (as I suspect with any procedure) - I eat better and try to maintain the weight, I actually lost 4 lbs. After spending this kind of cash, one does not want to ruin the results with cake... at least I don't.
The results so far - the lower abdomen is showing the most progress. The area is noticeably smaller, the pants fit better and the overall look is flatter and smoother. While I do suck in my stomach most of the time as a habit, I was never able to suck it in to flatness before. Now it's easier. The sides and inner thighs are showing less change, visually, although the pants feel looser around my legs, so maybe there is a change. I will know the exact differences in a month when I have a 2 month follow up. Will have pictures then too.
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