42 Years Old, 40G - 2 Children - I'm Ready to Start the Process - Fairfax, VA

I will finally make the leap of faith to get the...

I will finally make the leap of faith to get the ball rolling on having my breasts reduced. Based on my own measurements, I'm a 40G and I was told that my breasts weight approx 5 - 5 1/2 lbs each. I've been working on weight loss for the past 2 months (down 12 lbs) as I want to reach a healthy weight range prior to my reduction.

I have Kaiser Permanent insurance which will cover the procedure if it's deemed necessary. I will make sure it is! I've mentioned my shoulder, neck and back pain to my doctor several times and finally changed doctors 3 months ago when I felt she was ignoring my issues and only wanted to prescribe medication and get me out the door as quickly as possible.

I will start by visiting a plastic surgeon next week for advice, photos, etc... I can honestly say that it's been about 10 years since I've been able to wear a bra that offered any comfort and I'm now at the point where I have indentations in my shoulders and black marks from the bra rubbing as well as constant numbness and a burning sensation.

I have browsed this site for several months and thank you all for sharing your stories. They're what's made me excited to finally take the first step towards my breast reduction!
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