Breast Implant Revision from Capsular Contracture, Bottoming out and Extrusion - Fairfax, VA

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I just had revision surgery 4 days ago. My...

I just had revision surgery 4 days ago. My original implants were eight years old. This who debacle started a year ago. My dog yanked on her chain and pulled me down steps. This forced a tear in my implant pocket and cause a capsular contracture. I let it go as it wasn't horrible and I pushed through the pain. I'm an athlete and in September I re-injured that chest muscle again. At this point I knew I needed to plan to get it fixed. I went to several consultations and settled on my surgeon. I picked him because he didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. He actually had opinions on the subject. That told me he knew what he was doing.
I set up my surgery for February.
We budgeted for it and realized we had the money saved sooner so bumped my surgery date up to mid January. This was right before Christmas. During Christmas something happened and all of a sudden I had a bruise forming under my breast with the CC. It felt like my implant was trying to push out of me. Over the next few days it only got worse. My skin was so thin I could see the implant through it. This was particularly upsetting because my original surgery was through the underarm... No incisions under my breast. I was blowing up my surgeons office. He was in vacation for the holidays. I finally emailed him and he wrote me back. Telling me to calm down that implant extrusions were very rare but to come into the office the day he got back from vacation.
I did and as soon as he saw me, he confirmed I was right. And he was a little surprised. Of course I would have a complication only 1% of people have... I can't win the lottery or something good like that!
He booked me in to his first available surgery slot and in I went, not really knowing what the outcome would be.
Turns out he cleaned out the scar tissue, replaced my implants from 470ccs to 400ccs. And he had to cut off a half moon of skin he was unable to save because of the extrusion. The other breast that was "fine"actually needed a lot of work when he got in there. Without saying it, he gave me the impression that he was not impressed with the work of my original surgeon. A 1.5 hour surgery turned out to be 3 hours long.
The pain has been worse then my last surgery and I've had to be put in a compression bra and ace bandages. Unable to see my own chest I went into my post op today anxious to see what was under all this.
When he took off the bandages I was presently surprised. My breasts are significantly smaller, but sitting up high and perky. One of the pluses to the skin being removed was that I got a mini lift too. The breast that had the CC looks a little funky right now. It's dented underneath where he sewed the skin back together. But I can see how that will even out once my breast heals and drops.
To be honest... My breast shape now is much more flattering then they were before this surgery. I still have a long time of healing to go. I have to stay fully bandaged for at least the next two weeks. I can't workout for the next month.... Which to me is torture. But I'll suck it up to have my breast look beautiful and be pain free again.
I couldn't be more grateful to my surgeon. I have complete faith in him and his ability. I know he did the best with my situation. Now I just gotta hope everything heals like it should!

Photo update

Thought I'd add the original photos

Pushed too hard too quick

I went back to work on tuesday and that was too much. I felt my boobs tweak a bit especially when I was driving. I was ok in the morning but as the day wore on, I was tighter and more uncomfortable. When I got home I have a bit of fluid seepage from my left breast.
So I stayed home from work yesterday and today again. Everyone is really understanding at work... but I'm an over-achiever and I hate feeling like I'm not doing my job the best I can... even though I'm still doing everything from home still. One of the issues I have in my own mind. Even the owners of my company are telling me to stay home and heal... "that they want me for the long haul" and would rather I heel now to be good for the long term.
They're right... I know they are. But it's still difficult for me to hit the breaks when I'm used to working 60-70 hours a week.

Anyway. Last night my husband bought me a body pillow so I was able to hug it an lay somewhat on my side to sleep... which made a HUGE difference! OMG I actually slept through the night without getting up 15 times for the first time in a week. I needed that.

Chest is looking ok. Same as a few days ago. I still have the marker for surgery all over the place. My doctor told me specifically not to scrub it off and just let it wear off over time. Looks stupid which is why I haven't taken any photos. But maybe I'll take a pic so I have something to look at to compare as it heals.

One week post op photos

Here we are a week later. As you can see, my incisions are really long. And if you compare them to my previous photos, my breasts are a lit smaller. But like I said, sitting higher, which is nice. Healing pretty well though I only have them outside the bandages long enough to take a shower. My nipples are beyond sensitive. As soon as I unwrap them my breasts tingle and hurt. I don't feel the pain when I'm wrapped tight. Hoping to get back to normal soon.

3 weeks post op

Here we go! Three weeks post surgery and my breasts are looks SO much better! I still have the surgical tape on them due to the length of the incisions but they're settling nicely. I have another check up with my doc on feb 7th. I'm hoping he'll clear me to get back to working out again.
I was able to wear a bra other then my surgical bra for the first time a couple days ago without any pain.
I did try to mop yesterday and my chest super sore afterward, so I know I'm not all the way healed yet. One more week and I'm hoping that tape can come off!

Last week's photos 7 weeks post op

Here we go; these pics were from last week. I'm settling into my new shape and size. It is weird to have them so much smaller then they use to be... But I like them this way. I found out at my last post op that my husband must have heard my surgeon wrong... I originally had 475cc implants and now I have 300ccs. So it is a BIG difference in size. i thought they looked smaller then 400cc, but I just listened to what my husband told me after the surgery. Anyway... I like this look better. these new ones are proportional to my frame and they look and feel better then my old ones. Before I always felt like my boobs entered the room before I did. Now I feel like people see me first. It is hard to get use to to sometimes because I don't fill out shirts like I use to. But I also don't feel like I'm going to bust out of shirts like I use to.
Right now the only issue I'm having is I have a couple of my disposable stitches sticking out. They're suppose to just fall off; but they haven't. So they're annoying. But I have another doc appt on monday so I'm going to get him to take them out then.
I'm back to almost normal in the gym. I'm working with a trainer when I do upper body workouts and I'm not pushing as hard as I know I could. I just don't want to push my luck!
The incisions are healing very well! They just itch right now as they're healing.
My coach says I'll be ready for my Pro debut in May!

After my Post-op! 2 months

Went in for my last post up at 2 months after surgery. Everything is healing great. My doc had to remove two stitches that had worked their way to the surface. That hurt like a bitch, but they're out so that's good! My next check up will be in June.
Now it's about managing my scarring. I'm using scargaurd to try to get them to fade as much as possible. Every day my breasts look a little better; a little more even, and hurt a little less. The healing scars do itch like a mother f-er. But I'll deal with it.
Overall this has been a great improvement to my body and my life. Looking forward to the next few months!
I'd rather not say right now

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