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After years and years of mulling over the idea of...

After years and years of mulling over the idea of breast augmentation, I have finally decided to take the plunge and dive headfirst into it! My surgery is set for October 19th, and while it seems so FAR away to me (I don't even think I truly understand the impact that it will have on the rest of my life), I know the date will creep up before I know. Especially since I am planning to keep busy until the time leading up to the surgery. Otherwise, I'm going to go crazy!

I am slender and relatively tiny, only 5'5 and approximately 113-115 lbs (it fluctuates). I am not even sure what my REAL bra size should be. I know I should go get sized but I'm too embarassed to ever go to Victoria's Secret to get it done. But currently, I seem to fit in a 32B or a 34A. I will post up pictures of my "BEFORE" and subsequently, my "AFTER" pictures as the surgery approaches and is done with. I'm really nervous! There are about a million and one things running through my mind. And I find this site so helpful in assuaging my well as mentally preparing me for the after-math of getting my breast implants.

The reason why I titled my post as "Keeping my promise" is because I made a promise to my family that I would wait until I was out of college to get any type of surgery like this done. (I either wanted to get my breasts done or my nose, but I feel as though a nose surgery would dramatically change my appearance. And for the most part, I love how I look!) I am at a point in my life where I feel BOTH emotionally and financially stable. Hence, this is why I am getting the surgery that I have always wanted! :)
I haven't told them about my decision since I know they will be disapointed in my choice. I'm not too worried about it because I am a grown woman, and I have control over my life now. I have paid all of it off in cash, with MY OWN money so I don't feel as though I owe anyone an explanation and am not seeking anybody's approval.

That is all for now. I will continue to update as the date soon approaches with more of my thoughts and feelings. Thank you, ladies, for being such a loving and supportive community. I don't feel nearly as alone as I had before I found this wonderful community! Much love

10/4/12 Well, it's only 2 more weeks until my...


Well, it's only 2 more weeks until my big day. The odd thing is that I have only told 5 people about my surgery thus far. That's not what is so odd. What's strange is that only 1 of the five people is a girl. The rest are my close guy friends. I don't know about you ladies but I don't feel quite comfortable telling my girl friends yet (I don't have very many to begin with, most of my friends are male). I don't want to have to deal with the eye rolling or the "Why? Your body is fine the way it is!" How many times have we told another female that to be polite? I don't want any sympathy or hostility directed toward me. This is something that has been on my mind for a VERY LONG time. It's not as though I rushed into this Breast Augmentation without any research or thought. I have uploaded my "Before" shots today. As you can see, I'm flat as a pancake. Can't wait to try the same sports bra on AFTER the surgery is done! I'm sure the bra will be a much better fit. :)

Ok, so I'm a bit worried. About a week ago, I...

Ok, so I'm a bit worried. About a week ago, I stopped doing any type of upper body exercises. However, one of my uncles was doing "winter cleaning" and decided to get rid of a lot of his furniture and exercise equipment. Stupid me. I decided to ask him if I could have his ab roller (those things are ancient from the 90's!) Anyway, I had used it about three or four times and somehow managed to pull the tendons in my chest. I'm in so much pain right now. I have iced it for about a week and now I have large patches of Salonpas patches all over it as I type. I'm worried. My surgery is less than a week (it's this upcoming Friday 10/19). I hope this doesn't exacerbate my post-op healing process. I don't know what else to do. I Googled how long this sore of soreness/stiffness will last, and some ppl have said it took them about 2 months to heal up!!!! I mean, normally, I would care since I know the body has its own natural way of healing. But COMBINED with my BA surgery, I know it's going to take a lot longer. Has anyone been in this predicament before? Where their chest muscles were already sore and tender COMING INTO their surgery? Any advice (or even words of sympathy) would be appreciated. I really feel so stupid. What the heck was I thinking doing chest exercises right before my surgery? :( :(

Holy snaps. My surgery is in less than 11 hours!...

Holy snaps. My surgery is in less than 11 hours! I'm excited. But nervous, as expected. I hope everything goes off without a hitch and I recover quickly and painlessly. Will keep you all updated! :)

Day of Surgery (backtracking) Hi, lovelies! Sorry...

Day of Surgery (backtracking)
Hi, lovelies! Sorry I was unable to update you guys right after my surgery on Friday, 10/19. But as any of you that have been through the BA procedure, most of you know how LOOPY you get from the anesthesia they place you under. Myself included. So let's backtrack for a on the morning of my BA, I wasn't nervous. Is that weird to say? I think it's because I have been talking to my gf who had it done in April and she pretty much painted a CLEAR picture of what was to come, plus I had this forum which is so thorough and informative! I knew pretty much what to expect. The only thing that had me worried was the AFTERMATH of the procedure. So I was at the hospital by 615am (surgery was not until 730am) but they had to run Pre-Op registration with me, signed a whole bunch of paperwork and did a urine test to verify I was not pregnant. The nurse hooked me up to IV. I wasn't scared of the pain because Ive had to get blood drawn monthly for 6 months in the past back when I was on Accutane. Then it was just sit n' wait for the doc to show up. The staff was really nice. I heard another patient in the room next to me, and she was getting a BA as well. For some reason, that was comforting to know that this type of surgery is more common than I previously thought. My doctor comes in, we chat a bit about any last minute concerns and questions I have. We decide to go with 375cc's. I'm worried I'll look too big. He grins and tells me, "For god's sakes! You're in your 20's. You're at your prime! Have some fun! You've earned it!" So 375 it is, and we roll with that.

Next thing you know, another nurse comes and takes me to the surgical room. Mind you, I'm blind at this point. Another nurse made me take off my glasses and I'm blind as a bat! (I kid you not, my prescription is -7.50!) So I lay on the table, next thing you know. I wake up and it's hard to breathe. I hear the nurse talking with my bf but I can't join in on the conversation. I just feel so sickenly nauseated. I start crying and babbling. I blame this on the anesthesia. I'm not myself at this point. They make sure I wake up completely before they wheel me out of the hospital into the car. The ride home was a b*tch!! Roads were bumpy. Traffic was backed up on the way home, even thought it was only 2pm! President Obama was at George Mason University for a speech so cops was everywhere. The bf couldn't speed home quick, but I yelled at him thru my sleepy haze to SLOW DOWN. Bumps hurt! He listened and complied so longest car ride home ever. I feel nauseous. Want to throw up but won't allow myself. If you know me, you know I hate throwing up! All that burning acid up my throat makes me hyperventilate and freak out.

When we get home, I have no choice. I run to the sink and throw up. I'm crying at this point. But boy does it feel good to throw up. Nothing comes out but the stomach acid though because I haven't eaten in 14 hours or so. At this point, bf takes me to the bed and I sleep the rest of the day away. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP the anesthesia away. Still nauseous. He places the Sea Bands on my wrist. I don't know if it helps since I still feel naueous but at least I don't throw up.

Day 1

Still in so much pain. Looked down on my new boobs. Why do they look so small?? I thought we went with 375cc's. Now I'm glad I took up the doc's suggestion. I probably could have gone up to 400cc's. Oh well. Not trying to judge anything yet because I keep hearing everyone say that it'll take months and months before my boobs look the way they should, the finalized result. I hope I get bigger! Because right now, I feel like I look so small. Bf helped me take a shower yesterday and he kept telling me that I looked big enough. I guess different perspective...for the amount of pain and money I had to go through, I guess I was thinking I'd be bigger in size. Lol. Only time will tell, right? I'm going to have to be patient, at least when it comes to this.

Day 2 (today!)

Still doing my Rapid Recovery arm stretch exercises. It's weird. Sometimes I can get my hands all the way up and over my head. Sometimes, I can only get it halfway and bf has to help me bring/elevate it up fully. I really want to go outside today and do normral things but it's somewhat difficult to walk. I get winded out of breath pretty quickly. I don't know how some of you ladies were able to do laundry and drive right after. But I'm just going to have to take it slow. I see the doctor tomorrow for my post-op. Usually, you'd see the doctor the day or so after the actual surgery. But since I got it done on Friday, he's off on weekends. So Monday it is. Will continue to update you guys! I'll have the pics up when I can. Adios! :-)

Day 3 Post Op I am so miserable. Here I am...

Day 3 Post Op

I am so miserable. Here I am lying in bed. My left boob feels like it's on fire!! Went to the doctor's today for the first follow-up. He says I have to wear this stupid strap over my bra for a week. I don't get to see him again until next Monday. I know I'm being a baby, but my body is so damn sore. My left boob is going to be my annoying boob, I can tell. Doc says that everyone usually has that situation where one boob gives them more trouble than the other. The reason why the left one hurts more because he said I had some unusual anatomy in the left breast. Therefore, he had to cut into more muscle there during the surgery. I know I should be happy, but time and time again...I'm wondering if I did the right thing by going through this BA. Am I that selfish? Maybe I should have just settled with what God gave me. But I know it's probably all the meds I'm doped up on in me talking..I really hope things get better in the next few days. I have to be back to work by Friday. Will that be enough time? Really feeling unsure about things right now.... =(

10 days Post-Op Ok, sorry for lack of update....

10 days Post-Op

Ok, sorry for lack of update. I've just been quite miserable. And this "misery" here didn't want any company. I'm finally back to work. I told everyone that I pulled my back out to explain why I have been walking so funny and short out of breath. I went to the Doctor today for another post-op checkup (despite the stupid Hurricane Sandy pouring down on us here on the East Coast). It made driving a bit scary but I just drove slow and steady.

The BEST NEWS of all today??? I was allowed to take off my surgical bra with the stupid damn strap (ohhh you KNOW what I'm talking about ladies. The evil strap that everyone speaks of). No more strap! I'm a happy gal. But now it feels even more strange not to have something really supporting my breasts tightly or pushing it down. I guess this is where the process of D&F should take place.

One quick question....when should I start putting scar cream on my incisions? They still look really angry and nasty right now and I'm afraid to touch that area with anything. I bought the scar cream for $85 (yikes!) at the office today and supposedly he said I can start right away. But I'm a bit hesitant. Any input would be greatly appreciated...

Btw, put some pics up of the boobies. you know how I felt that my boobs were too small? Well, now I feel like they're so HUGE!!!!!! I have a slight feeling I will be vacillating in between these two ideas for awhile until my breasts have finally settled....ta-ta, ladies. Until next time!!!
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