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It's been months since I went to a consultation...

It's been months since I went to a consultation with Dr. Widder. My initial thoughts were to immediately post about my experience, but to be honest, I didn't even know where to start. I don't want to talk about the appearance of the office ,because it's irrelevant, or about lots of minor details that seemed out of place. My main concerns were about the staff and Dr. Widder himself. Everything was rushed ( even though I was on time to my consultation). Dr. Widder was kind- but I felt like he just wouldn't listen to me! He kept interrupting me and looking at my husband whenever I was talking. After a quick consultation, I was told to redress. Before I could pick my clothing up off the chair, a women came in the room ( no knock) walked right up to me, and pulled the robe off that I was wearing and said " get dressed!". I can't even make this up guys. I was mortified! Not professional at all. I stated I would feel more comfortable getting redressed in private and she laughed and said " she's seen it all" and remained standing their watching me dress. We were then shuffled into a office to discuss the cost by a different young lady wearing medical latex gloves which were too large and had a film of dirt on them. I was so confused as to why she was wearing the gloves as she was just going over paperwork with us. I didn't want to touch anything that she handed us with the dirty gloves! I left knowing that I would never have this doctor do the augmentation, and continued to find another doctor with whom I felt comfortable, and he did a great job. I decided to write this today because I got a phone call from their office- not a follow up or anything- asking if I would like to schedule my surgery for TOMORROW. It was very bizarre. Knowing what I know having had the surgery with another doctor, I know this can't possibly be safe. They don't have my medical history, what medications I take, nothing. They just want to make money. I was flabbergasted. I informed the lady I had already had the surgery and she asked me why I hadn't gone with Dr. Widder- I told her that I had found another doctor who better suited me and the look I was going for. She responded with " oh, so it was cheaper." I was so confused! She seemed to be bullying me over the phone. Just want other people to know what happened to me so they can make a good decision about their surgeon.
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