18 Years Old, 32A, Tuberous Breast Deformity, 400cc saline - Fairfax, VA

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Hi, I'm 18 years old and a senior in high school....

Hi, I'm 18 years old and a senior in high school. I'm 4'11 and a 32 A. I live in the suburbs 45 minutes away from D.C. and I am getting my breast augmentation on April 14th! I remember how excited all of my friends and I were when we started developing boobs in middle school. Everyone goes through that stage of development where their boobs look like pointy cones. Well, I never grew out of that stage. From the beginning of development all the way up to the present, I watched all my friends develop nice, rounded boobs while mine remained small and cone-shaped. I was super self-conscious and I often expressed this insecurity to my mother, who has relatively large boobs. I had no clue that I had a congenital deformity until I did some googling about the shape of my boobs back in December. Turns out I have tubular boobs, which means basically the under part of my boob is missing, haha. I brought this up to my mom and how the shape of my boobs would never become normal naturally. Her response surprised me: "It's okay, darling! Its a cosmetic fix!" I never thought my Middle Eastern mother would suggest cosmetic surgery so nonchalantly. That's when I first started looking seriously into breast augmentation. I did hours and hours of research and then proposed the idea to my father (which I was sure he would laugh in my face). My dad was onboard immediately. I did some more research and found out that there is a top-rated plastic surgeon only 25 minutes away from me who deals with tuberous breast correction regularly! At my consultation, I instantly liked him, so did my mother. My dad wanted me to see other surgeons but I was very confident in my choice. So he agreed, and we booked my surgery for April 14th (over my spring break, giving me a week for recovery).

My pre-op appointment is April 2nd, and that's when I choose size and what not. I would like to be a full C, but I'm going to see what my surgeon thinks will be proportionate. Dr. Hess told me I had to get saline implants since I'm under 18, and he's going to place them under the muscle. And also, he's going to make bilateral cuts in the constricted tissue in order to fix the tuberous shape of my breasts. I cannot believe this is happening! I'm so excited and it's all I think about and want to talk about!

My boobs

So here are some pictures of my biggest insecurity


Today was my pre-op. I went in with my dad and a close friend. Everything got paid for. I tried on a bunch of different sizers and settled on one.. I just can't remember the ccs.... i think 375?? Idk. I'll update that info when I know. I've been taking vitamin c twice day starting last week, as well as a multivitamin. I'm planning on buying some cocoa butter, laxatives, and frozen pea ice packs this weekend! My surgery is less than 2 weeks away and I am beyond excited (:

Did some shopping!!

So, today I went out with my mom and bought new sports bras (to wear for everyday, ps said no underwire for 3 months!!), a front-clasp surgical bra, cocoa butter, stool softener, and laxatives. Oh, and we also got "frozen peas" icepacks from CVS, I would recommend these icepacks because they can be easily shaped! All that I have left to do is to fill my prescriptions at the pharmacy and then I will be all ready! I cannot believe my surgery date snuck up on me like this... only 10 more days left. This upcoming week will be my last week with my little, cone boobies. I'm kinda gonna miss them, in a strange way lol. Ugh, I don't know how I will make it through 5 days of school when all I'm going to be doing is day dreaming about boobs!!! Soooooo anxious!!!!!

3 more days!!

Wow, I cannot believe that my surgery date is a short 3 days away... this week of school was soooo slow considering how much I kept thinking about my boobs. My surgery is on Monday at 1:00 pm. I have to be there no later than 12:00 pm. My dad will be driving me and staying with me. Also, Dr. Hess uses the rapid recovery program, which starts immediately after surgery! I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I know it will fly by. I got my nails and eyebrows done today so I won't have to worry about them during the intense recovery days. Ahhhh I'm sosososo excited!!


So I had my surgery yesterday afternoon, and boy am I sore. This surgical bra with the chest strap is definitely not helping as far as comfort goes. Honestly, the worst part of this is having to sleep on my back. I've had such a restless night and I can't wait for that tight feeling in my chest to go away. I'll post op day 1 pics later today, right now I'll upload the pic I took yesterday

Post-op day 1

Here are some pictures!


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the type of implant I got: smooth round mod+ saline sub muscular 350cc filled to 400cc. I had no clue that he was gonna fill it to 400 cc but I'm glad he did because I think I would've been disappointed with size if I got 350 cc. Anyways, it's post op day 2, and my chest is still extremely tight and the implants feel like rocks. I saw my surgeon today and he said everything looks good and I can stop wearing the surgical bra if it's bothering me too much and switch to anything that is wireless. In 2 weeks he wants me to go to a department store and get sized by them so I can wear a underwire bra that fits. I'm glad that I don't have to wait too long to wear underwire!! Question: when did the extreme tightness/soreness go away for y'all? I'll keep updated by posting weekly progress pics!!

1 week post-op

Finally, i can kinda sleep on my side!! The tightness and soreness has definitely improved. I'm completely fine in school, I don't get tired. Also, I went to the gym today and did legs and some cardio. I didn't run, but i did the bike, stair master, and speed walking at an incline on the treadmill. Basically, I'm back to a normal routine. My boobs are still hard, but I can feel them softening up a bit. They have dropped a little too. My doctor doesn't believe in massaging or anything like that, he just told me to wear a sports bra during this time. Anyways, by post-op day four, I had the energy to go out with my friends. That's around the time I stopped using the percocet too. Vicodin did nothing for me except make me nauseous. Oh and my first bowel movement since surgery was at about 5 days post-op... I even took laxatives before that and to no avail. All in all, the recovery really isn't that bad. You just gotta push through those first 3 days. My doctor also uses the rapid recovery program, you can google it for more info, but the stretches/exercises were a huge help. I didn't really go through the boobie blues... maybe a little during the first three days. But, right now I am beyond happy. My boobs look so good in clothes!! I can't wait until they drop and look nice and natural naked. No one at school has noticed besides the few friends I told. I will post pictures later tonight!

1 week post-op pics

You can tell one of my nipples has regained full sensitivity while the other is still numb!

2 weeks post-op!!

So this past week has been great. I'm running at the gym again and the implants are starting to feel more and more like a natural part of my body. They are softening up and I can squeeze them together now. They still need to soften more and drop, but I'm so happy with them. I bought a 34 C wireless bra from Calvin Klein and I've been wearing that. I'm gonna go get sized sometime this week. I can sleep on my side again (: One of my nipples is still numb, but other than that, no problems!!

Got sized...

So I went to nordstroms and got sized like my surgeon told me to do... Aaaaand I'm a 30 DDD. That sounds huge and I don't really think I look like even a D, but I guess band size changes everything!

6 weeks post op

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I am not 6 weeks and 1 day post op. My boobs do not hurt at all and they have dropped quite a bit. They have softened up much more too but they still feel slightly firm. I still have numbness on the underside of both boobs and my right nipple. I am all cleared to resume upper body workouts and to use the pool! I am really satisfied with my results so far. It's awesome to have boobs :)
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon

At my consultation, Dr. Hess was super friendly and I immediately felt comfortable with him. He was informative and made sure all of my questions were answered.

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