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I have been waiting for my PS office to get a new...

I have been waiting for my PS office to get a new laser & I knew they were trying out several different models. They called me a couple of weeks ago & wanted to know if I would like to be one of the test cases for the Scion Laser that they were thinking of purchasing. And I said YES!
I went today for my treatment & it was not without pain. But hopefully it will be worth it.
I had the numbing cream applied to my entire face for an hour & once we (My PS, the technician & myself) had decided that we would be 'aggressive' with the treatment my PS injected freezing into different sections of my face. This did NOT hurt.
However there were still sensitive areas where I felt some pain (about a 6 on the scale of 1-10) and other areas where I felt none.
The treatment took about an hour & my skin was on fire for about an hour after. I have been applying cold to those areas that need it the most: and am now quite comfortable. It just feels like a bad sunburn right now.
I will start the care regime later today & keep everyone posted on my progress.

The morning after

Had a restless night; to be expected as I don't do well sleeping inclined and on my back. But I feel good this morning.The post op regime that I am using (it's called ZO) is great. There is an astringent powder that you mix with water in a jar & keep in a cool place (mine's in the fridge). So when you apply it with gauze pads the coolness feels wonderful. It's followed by a thin layer of soothing cream.
No more heavy, thick vaseline!
My face is swollen this morning & the skin is considerably darker (both these things are normal). And no major pain!!! It just feels like a bad sunburn; and I've had those in my lifetime. Which is part of the reason I'm having to do this:-)
Have a great day everyone!

24 hours later

Wow. This is a lot more than I expected. Having said that; I am extremely happy that this treatment was exactly that. I was/am in for the full on!
I am currently swollen; more so than this morning. And lots of sloughing of dead (I presume) skin. I am currently doing an every 3 hour cleanse with an astringent rinse followed by a soothing cream.
I have found that tonite my skin seems to be drying out faster and getting crustier; which is what we apparently want to avoid.
So I have made an executive decision to use aquaphor at night. I will check with my PS office tomorrow to make sure this is okay; but as of now I think it's a good decision to keep the facial skin protected.
The downsides that I have encountered are as follows:
Sunburnt feeling on face
Constant attention to skin condition
Keeping skin moist
So having said all of this; I am prepared for a great result...but only time will tell.

Before Picture

I just realized that I did not post a before picture. Oops...

Day 3

Feeling great this morning. No more headache & just a very mild burning feeling in small parts of my face (altho they seem to be gone now as well). I find my face is drying out more & there is lots of moist yellow stuff sloughing off or clinging to the cream (I assume this is dead skin). There are also crystal like small bits that are coming off as well. I woke up at midnight last nite & decided to do a antiseptic wash & apply more cream since my skin felt very dry.
I don't find the after care onerous and I actually look forward to the cold water solution...I find it very soothing.
Bonnie from the PS office is in constant contact with me; so I feel very well looked after.
My face is less swollen than yesterday & I think I'm liking my swollen lips. I've always wanted bigger lips; so it's like having a peek into what they would look like. It's always something:-)
Don't let the pictures scare you.

Day 4

Not much sleep last nite. I have a tough time sleeping elevated and on my back. Plus I like to get up at least once in the night to do the face wash & apply more cream. The swelling seems to be lessening as is the slimy yellow goop on my face. I can see small areas of baby pink skin!! And what I can't see are a lot of wrinkles...however this may be due to the swelling. Time will tell. Happy Friday everyone!

Day 4 Photo 2

Trying to post a larger picture


I am so excited this morning. I can see lots of small areas with smooth pink skin peaking through!!!! The picture below shows the area with the most old skin gone. I love the fact that the brown age spot has been zapped. Now this is a great way to start a long weekend:-) Happy Saturday everyone....

Doing the Happy Dance on Day 6

Disclaimer: I am still slightly swollen so these results might be skewed...we will have to wait and see but...
For now I am thrilled. My skin has been gradually sloughing off every time I applied the cleansing solution & last nite most of it came off. I still have some thick covering around my mouth & chin area and some crusty spots here and there; plus I've developed a small bleed on my lip.
And I look like hell:-) I am very tired & it really shows in my eyes in this pic. And my hair...OMG what a gooey mess. Today it gets washed or someone dies:-)
BUT I am so happy with these results. I cannot believe it's not even been one week! Have a great Sunday everyone...I know I will.

Photo #2

A close up image of the last photo I posted

They're Back!

Woke up this morning to those pesky wrinkles reappearing. They're like dandelions. Just when you think you've got em under control; they pop their little heads up when your back is turned. Or in my case, asleep:-)
I think it's because all my swelling is gone. They are still not as bad; and hopefully this procedure will reactivate some of my collagen.
Onwards and upwards!
Happy Queen Victoria day!!

Another photo

Photo for Vee

This is the real before & after. Before my face lift, neck lift, brow lift & laser.
And I am thrilled with the results. I wanted a softer, smoother me & that's what I've accomplished. Well...not really me:-) Couldn't have gotten here without my wonderful Plastic Surgeons.

First Post Op Appointment

I had my first (one week) post op appointment today. I met with Bonnie Craig (Medical Aesthetics Manager), Nancy Laflamme (Aesthetics Technician) and of course Dr. Javidnia (Plastic Surgeon). They were very pleased with my results & how fast I was healing (me too!). She (Dr. Javidnia) said that I would continue to see improvement over the next 3 months & they will continue to monitor my progress. I have to say that I have had an amazing experience with this facility and I would highly recommend them for any & all procedures. My next appointment is in 3 weeks and I will see you all then as well. Cheers, Sandy.

Update June 7th, 2016

It's been more than 4 months since my original procedures & 3 weeks today since my laser treatment. So I thought I would share a few of my thoughts. The upside: I love my skin texture & colour (from the laser treatment), my neck line & my wrinkle free chest area (from the surgery). A lot of my facial wrinkles are gone! All my age spots have disappeared and my skin tone is wonderful (once again the laser). I would do the laser again in a heartbeat but maybe have them do the deepest setting possible on those stubborn wrinkles around my mouth area. My recovery time from all the procedures was minimal (by my standards anyway...everyone is different) My neck is probably the biggest surgery improvement....I am so pleased with that part. The downside: I still have numbness in my right ear and part of the right cheek area. I also have tightness in my neck. And some of my wrinkles are still there:-) I have posted a picture that was taken pre any procedures & one today 3 weeks post laser. I sometimes look at my after photos & I am concerned that I am portraying the results in a better light than what they actually are. So I had my hubby critique the after photo & he said it looks like I look. I hope that makes sense. I will try and copy this onto my laser review as well..hopefully it will work. Cheers, Sandy.

6 months & a bit

I noticed that some of the other 'gals' who had PS at around the same time have posted updated 6 month reviews so I thought I would also do that.
I am for the most part happy with my results.
Neck life= amazing results. Face Lift= good results. Brow Lift=unsure (I think because the difference is so subtle I don't see it).
Laser=would have hoped for more (but since it cost me zero dollars I have nothing to complain about). It improved my skin tone & got rid of a lot of my smaller wrinkles.
I've posted my latest photo (along with a before pic).
My neck still feels tight and my right ear & surrounding area are still numb. But I do notice that the numbness & tightness are gradually (and I do mean slowly) getting better. Having said that I can easily live with a tight neck given the results.
I hope that everyone else is doing well, healing & happy.
Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia M.D. F.R.C.S.

Dr. Javidnia is a very caring person. She was concerned about my level of pain through the procedure. This machine was a learning time for her as well; and from what I can tell she's a fast learner. Also I should mention that everyone at this office is wonderful...

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