Facelift in Bangkok

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I had a full facelift in Bangkok, Thailand two...

I had a full facelift in Bangkok, Thailand two years ago and would recommend it to anyone. I looked into so-called “medical tourism” because of the costs of having surgery here in the States, particularly if you live in a big city.

The hospital specializes in medical tourism and having foreigners in for treatment so I was treated fantastically. The accommodations were lovely and my whole family (they were on vacation, I was there for surgery) was treated great. There were many Americans there too and I don’t blame them given the cost of health care in this country!

Age had really started to show on my face and I wanted a dramatic change. I’m not happy with the idea (or the costs) of those injectables that last for a few months, cost a few hundred, and then you have to go back for more.

My doctor was extremely conscientious and thoughtful. He was also enthusiastic, which I liked. I wasn’t just another patient to him (at least I didn’t feel that way). Also, I went into it expecting the worst and preparing to back out but the facilities were actually cleaner than any American hospital I’ve been to!

I am most definitely pleased with the treatment there. I was given three weeks to recuperate fully on-site with the doctors only a phone call away if I had so much as a question. The pain management was great too and I expected a lot worse than I actually felt. Coming out of it and flying home as the new me, I felt revitalized. The whole trip - my stay, the pre and post-op, and the surgery itself - only cost me $3,500. I would never have paid that here in the US.

To those who are worried about going overseas: Consider it. You can minimize your risk if you do your research and check all of their credentials. It certainly deserves to be an option.

There is a high-profile lawsuit pending against the hospital I went to so I am hesitant to recommend it by name right now (I was there two years ago and circumstances can change anywhere). I don’t want to contribute to anyone’s suffering, but I do know that their standard of care and their methods worked for me.
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