Not Too Happy After Facelift. My Eyes Look Wierd.

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I recently got my face lifted and i am so not...

I recently got my face lifted and i am so not happy with the results. My skin is so stretched now that my eyes look so strange and stretched. It is hard  to make facial expressions now and my skin feels too stretched. As a result, the area around the eyes is always dry and looks bizzare. I am really not happy at all. My facelift was performed under locl anesthesia although i was heavily sedated and almost fast asleep throughout the procedure. During consultation, the doctor had tole me that he would make me look young and give me a great face. However, i not only look awful now, but far from young as it looks like i have had multiple face lifts done.  I had swelling and bruising for 3 weeks after the surgery and i was given some antibiotics to keep infection away. I stay at home so i had no deadline to recover in. I have some scars but they are getting lighter by the day. It took me more than 2 months to be normal enough to step out again, or so i thought. After the third month, i realised that my face lift had not been so great afterall. I dont know how to explain it, but my face looks like the skin has been pulled back a little too much. My appreance has changed dramatically and not for the good.

I thought a face lift would lift my self confidence but it has done the opposite for me. I look awful.

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