Facelift Review: Lifting off 15 Years

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I had a lower face/neck lift last month. The...

I had a lower face/neck lift last month. The surgery required two incisions, one behind my ear and one in front of it. I was under general anesthesia and had no idea what was going on but my husband said it took 3+ hours. I came out of it and woke up bandaged like a mummy with gauze and tape around my entire head. This surprised me a little but was to keep me from ripping the fresh incisions open and also to help the skin heal in the right place. There was some pain but it wasn’t actually as bad as most people describe it. I got to leave late in the afternoon and go home. I slept a lot for the first few days but was surprised that I felt like eating and moving around as much as I did. My husband took care of the big tasks like cooking and helping me bathe, which really made things easier for me. After a week I went to get my stitches out and they also cleaned up everything from where it had bled and oozed. I had minimal bandages at this point.
My neck was swollen for a while (my face wasn’t too bad) and I was concerned that all this bloating would be stretching the skin back to the way it was pre-facelift. Thankfully the swelling is so minimal now that only I notice and the skin has tightened up really well. I am very happy with it so far and feel like I have lost 15 years.
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