Did a neckline facelift and chin lipo!

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Hiya all I've decided that I'm ready for a lower...

Hiya all
I've decided that I'm ready for a lower facelift lift . After reading all your reviews I've decided that I'll go for other. So now I'm interviewing doctors. As I live in Switzerland I'm thinking of Germany Czech Republic or North Carolina. Switzerland is too expensive. I saw asklepion in Prague as a possibility or a doctor in Munich (dr. Koeppel) or Dr Harley in the USA. Thing is after 2 Weeks I must be for for work. Also I'm worried if I'll be recognisable or not. Would appreciate your feedback!
I'm curious what you say and also a bit anxious

Waiting for the appointments

Dear colleagues
So... I have sent the paperwork to the doctors. I have an appointment in Prague (Asklepion) and in Munich (Dr Köppels) and am waiting for a phone consultation with Dr Harvey.
I will keep you posted as time goes by!

Just a price update

Price difference is huge
About Eur 2800 Prague
About Eur 10000 Munich
Asheville TBD
But I only have one face and I show it every day!

first skype consultation with Dr Prendiville today!

I've been going all over this site reading your reviews and wanted to update you... today I scheduled a first skype consultation with Dr Prendiville. His reviews are great and I like it that the photogallery shows people you can recognize between before and after.
He was great, explaining everything in detail, also suggesting a chin implant.
It was like talking to a knowledgeable friend -very informative and very straightforward.
The price mentioned was higher than what I had hoped for (way more than USD 8000) but then again - I only have one face and want to feel good.
so let's see what happens now - still waiting for Dr Harvey - will see the dr in Munich in 3 weeks. Am now targeting 7th November or so...

Decision time

Hi y all! After doing face interviewso by Skype now with various doctors (never made it to Dr Harvey though) of was thrilled to have an appointment by Skype with Dr Nakhdjevani. He's also feature in a BBC documentary on facelifts. I liked his friendly straightforward no frills side and also the idea that the facelift is done under local anaesthesia. Although Prague would be more affordable I don't like the fact that I can't find reviews and that getting a Skype consultation is so complicated with them. I only have one face so it's a about trust in the end!
Target date November 9. What I also like is the Dr Nakhdjevani does many of these lifts so he has a lot of routine. Last but not least it's not too far away from home... if there an issue I can quickly fly over which is not the case with the USA.

The documentary I was referring to

The doctor now longer shares a practive with Darren and is 40 min south of London


so, I booked my operation on November 9th now... very excited! for those who have been through this - how was it? how long did you stay in Kent? how/when could you do sports again after the operation? when can you wash your hair etc?

It's November 9th

Date with Dr Amir fixed.. he provides you with Obagi products that should prepare your skin for the procedure.
So I'm doing this now and trying to lose those 5 kgs I've always wanted to lose before the procedure. I only need to stay one day there so I was thinking of going to a place with a mild climate like gran canaria afterwards for a rest. I'm excited!


Have been taking Obagi as a prep for the operation. My skin is not liking it and it was very visable. However Lisa comforted me and sent me hydration cream which is helping get a lot. 4 days prior to the operation I should stop some of the evening creams. Let's see!

3 days,to go

3 days to go and getting very excited...also a bit of anguish concerning the first injections!

Last before photos!

I lost 3 kg the last weeks as I thought it would be better. Also I have been eating healthy .

Operation day

Hi everyone... what a day! I saw Amir his charming and sweet nurse Catherine and Beau. All were very friendly. The whole thing took about 3.5 hours.
OK I have to be honest ... the pain was not a ride in the park! The anaesthetic injections were very painful especially the ones on the top of the ear where the ear attaches to the head. Those were pretty terrible. Amir was always kind but also saw to it that we moved on which was helpful.
I then had the chin lipo. It fekt like my chin was a bit like gardening . There was a very straightforward digging going on - or so I felt !
The facelift then started. It was not always pleasant or easy Amir was always making you feel as if you can ask for anything. I really appreciated this .
Then during the facelift procedure this intense feeling of pulling. . It was awkward but not unpleasant !

Day 1 postop

Saw Dr Amir this morning while was very kind and reassuring saying that there's no need to worry the swelling will subside.
In the morning I was OK on the pain side but during the day I felt my ears burning and quite some discomfort. Am taking the painkillers regularly now. On the plane I took I met someone I know but tried to rush by as I have tape under my chin (which I'll take off by the weekend) plus am swolen still!;)

Day 2

More swelling today so staying close to my deep frozen pea bags ... the best! Pain manageable so ok . Paid attention to sleeping rather upright . How long did it take for others to start seeing results? Also - thanks to all for your kind messages ! Just wanted to say I'm not a sissy I gave birth without epidural but yes it was tough. However of course local anaesthesia entails a speedy recovery generally . I still feel like a chipmunk with huge cheeks send eating only little bites haha

Day 3

Today was not too great. Both temples swolen and the scars hurting and pulling. Am on painkillers.thank heavens for icepacks! Waiting ..

Day 4 post op

Swelling this morning a bit better . Hoping the pleats beside the eyes will subside. I shower everyday but scars still quite visible. Hope that I'll be ok to go to work .

Day 5

This morning things were better but as the day went on the pulsing started so I went to see a doctor here . They said the scars are infected so I now have a cream plus anti inflammatory pills to take.

Day 7

Dear all
It's going better today for sure! Swelling still there but less... the jawline is really GREAT!
I'm glad though that im only going to work Monday because I still have a pleat on the top of my cheekbone where the incision was.
Im keeping the ice on ;)

15 day. Post op update

Dear all
Thanks for your kind comments and messages. Things are better, i only take meds in the evening now.
The jawline is awesome. The cheeks are no longer as swollen and I'm still waiting for the rest to settle. Some scabs have fallen off partially. The pleat on eye level owing to the tightening is a bit more prominent as the cheek swelling is going down .
I do need to cover up around my ears though

Photos ..now 3 weeks later

Great jawline still some healing to do on the scar side. Very happy! Getting a lot of compliments. Looking forward to being able to sleep normally

Infection again

Had to go to the clinic after the scars were red angry and pulsing. Came back with antibiotics and advice to go to a specialised clinic Monday. .

It's been about 6 weeks

The infection has subsided .. thanks to all for your caring comments. 1 week of antibiotics did the trick. I still have thick crusts though but am confident they will heal.
Amir Nakhdjevani

Amir and his team are warm and caring professionals with a lot of experience. I trust them and am very pleased with the results. For sure going for local surgery means that you will feel more (there are a number of shots which I found quite painful) but this coupled with Amir's technique allows you to heal quicker.

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