Face Distorted After Restylane in Naso Folds

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I "treated" myself to restylane in the...

I "treated" myself to restylane in the naso folds, which honestly weren't even bad to start with. I have high cheekbones used to have a nice smile. Almost 6 weeks and still have pulsating and burning in my cheeks, though the filler was in the naso folds. Sometimes a burning down the naso fold line. Whether it's swelling or misplacement of the filler, I now have huge creases under my eyes when I smile. Doctor said I probably always had them. I said I feel like I have chipmunk cheeks. I returned a week later and showed photos, no creases/bags when I smile before the restylane. It looks horrible, I am horrified by the way I look. I have always taken great care of my skin and looked 10 years younger, now with bags at rest and huge creases when I smile. Did a week of prednisone, no change to the swelling or pulsating. Making matters worse, my smile is now semi paralyzed. I can only smile about 1/2 of what I used to. It's like my face is frozen and the smile is very small. No matter how hard to try to "big smile", no such thing. Anyone had any similar issues? I am horrified. Considering the enzyme to remove since my body clearly is rejecting it with the pulsating and burning sensations. And I hope it will resolve the bags and awful looking creases, and restore my smile. But concerned with all the bad experiences I've read about using the enzyme to break down the restylane. Also paranoid by folks who say their restylane did not dissolve in 6 months. I want to look like "me" again. Absolutely devastated. So far two plastic surgeons would not do the dissolving. The original doctor will but I do not want to go there. I am seeing yet another plastic surgeon next week for another opinion. Any advise or input would be appreciated.

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