Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

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I had surgery Tuesday January 20, 2015 so as I...

I had surgery Tuesday January 20, 2015 so as I begin this review am at 11 days post op. This experience is just too crazy not to write about it. I can't tell you how many times I looked in the mirror last week and said "What the hell did I do to my face?!" Thankfully I thought to prepare my 12 year old daughter by showing her a few photos I found in other's reviews, so she wasn't too freaked out by my appearance post op.

I also had breast augmentation at the same time but the only thing I'll say about that in this review is I have some distraction, which I'm thinking is a good thing since I'm not totally focused on my face.

My upper lids were not too bad but I wanted to do this now so it was a subtle change. I really don't want everyone to know I did it, other than immediate family and 2 close friends. Plus, I was going in for the BA regardless and figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone. So I did this under general anesthesia. Hospital fee included both surgeries so I'll try to average out later and update price of my surgery.

My dad did his uppers last year, at age 73 his insurance covered it due to hindering vision. It was pretty bad so I knew what I had coming. At 47 years old my right was becoming heavier than my left. I thought I may as well attempt to fix some of the wrinkles under while I'm at it. Notice in my before photo, left under almost appears as if I already had a scar, and I never even noticed the small puff under my left eye until I started dissecting my recovery. Will get back to that...

Day of surgery - I kept the Refresh PM ointment on my eyes and used snack baggies filled with frozen peas. The size of that baggie was perfect to cover both my eyes. The peas settle perfectly into the contour of my eyes. I set the bag on top a layer of gauze. I slept elevated until 6 days post op, when at my doctor's visit they told me I really only needed to do it a few days. I also iced with the peas periodically up to 5 days post op. It just felt good so why not? I was prescribed Nucynta for pain, although that was probably just for my BA. My eyes are numb. I took one this evening. Also prescribed Ambien but didn't take it the first night. Wish I had though. My back was killing me from being elevated. I didn't sleep much.

Day after surgery - doctor had to remove bandages from BA, so not sure if I would have normally gone the day after for just the blepharoplasty. He told me to stop using the ointment, as some people can have a reaction to it. I thought I was supposed to keep the stitches moist but he said I don't need anything on it after that first day. After he left, his nurse explained that I could shower, but I was too afraid of getting water and soap in my eyes so waited.

So, I knew my daughter-in-law was going to induce labor the day after my surgery. Immediately after leaving the doctor 1 day post op, I headed to the hospital to await the delivery of my granddaughter. In large dark sunglasses of course. That was a long day but I made it, and took my 2 year old grandson home with me. For 2 nights... yup I'm a trooper.

2 days post op, Thursday - the bruising is really setting in. I didn't think I would bruise this bad since I didn't do fat removal. Boy was I wrong! My daughter has a competition on the 7th so I'm getting nervous about this bruising. My lids are totally numb. I'm worried about keeping them germ free so using gauze to dab and cleaning with q-tips. My husband helped me wash my hair in the tub tonight (I didn't submerge my BA stitches).

3 days post op - So after I take my grandson home Friday I have more time to search this site, and a few doctors recommend warm compress for the bruising. Although I also read all the controversy, but figured it can't hurt. I just held a warm rag over my eyes and let me tell you, that was the best thing I ever did. It felt so good. Forget the bruising, just over my stitches was such a relief! Yes, still a freak over germs/excess detergent so prior I rinse the rag out a few times with hot water.

4 days post op - I had my husband buy Arnicare Arnica Gel for bruising Saturday morning and started this routine 3 times/day. Directions say to avoid contact with damaged skin or wounds. It's small print and hard to read when eyes are not at their best, so FYI. Just put it on bruise and keep off suture line. I braved the shower today and wish I hadn't been such a scaredy cat before. I did cover my eyes with a dry rag while I rinsed shampoo out of hair though.

6 days post op - I get my stitches out today! I was told to lubricate with the Refresh PM before my appointment. Hopefully those stitches will just slide right out. There is a bump I've noticed on my left upper lid along the suture line. I actually rubbed it a couple days ago and the skin separated a bit between stitches. This is different than the other little bumps that are starting to appear. I'm worried the scar will have a bump. I've been using a wet q-tip to just press it a little, which probably isn't doing a damn thing but makes me feel like I'm helping it to seal back properly. Of course, the nurse that removed my stitches said not to worry about it. All the bumps will eventually go away. She was so gentle removing my stitches. It really didn't hurt at all. She told me bruising always gets worse before it gets better, and today is the darkest my bruises have been. The side views on my photos show it well. I've got 11 days to fade enough to cover with make up, and I normally just wear powder foundation. So I'm afraid heavy make up is going to look hideous on me at this competition next weekend.

I asked the doctor what I can do to speed up the bruising and he said I just have to be patient. It's part of the process and there isn't much I can do. He did tell me to get the Arnica Gel and explained what it is (already ahead of that one). I asked him about the pulsed dye laser treatment I read about on this site somewhere. His response "PLEASE do not go somewhere else and have that done. It will just make it worse." So, patience... (sigh).

7 - 9 days post op - Stitches out make all the difference in the world! I'm starting to see what I actually may look like. I am very happy with the upper lids. Skin is still tight and a little swollen. You can barely see the scar line on one eye. There are still some bumps although they are getting smaller. I rubbed vitamin E oil on suture line night before last and noticed one of those little bumps got bigger. I'm just going to wait and not put anything at all on them for now. Follow doctor's orders right?

Now that lower lid swelling has gone down I see that my wrinkles are still there. I'm very thankful he didn't take too much, as I understand doing so can greatly alter the shape of your eye, and trying not to jump the gun. I know I'm still healing. You can barely see the suture line under my right eye, although my left is more visible. That left suture line is actually right where I had a natural crease in my before photo. The little puff that I never noticed until now, is still there too. I think I notice it more because that is where the darkest of my bruising is.

Wow this turned out to be a long review summarizing in one post. Sorry! I'll be back tomorrow with some photos. My bruising is actually looking better today. 6 days left to show my face to the world!

Bruising getting better

Side by side photos from Monday definitely show improvement. I'm hopeful I can cover with make up this coming weekend.

Speaking of make up... I applied mascara yesterday for the first time. My eyelashes in left outside corner were cut! I didn't even notice before. Not sure if from removing stitches or needed to be done during surgery. Thank goodness I can wear glasses this weekend to help camouflage.

So far so good.

Bruising should be completely gone in the next day or two. Was able to cover it with a lot of make up last weekend and wear some plastic framed glasses to help camouflage. I'm so thankful I work out of my house because that bruising has kept me from going anywhere. Nurse said some people have no bruising at all. Lucky dogs!

I can barely see the scar on my upper left lid, and the right upper where skin had separated between stitches and formed a bump is completely flat now and looking good. Can't see lower right scar either and only 3 weeks! I'm concerned about lower left scar though. It looks as if incision was placed in a natural crease I already had so it's healing differently and still purple. Just have a little swelling left.

Saw doctor today and he wants me back in two weeks to see how the lower left is healing. I really like my doctor by the way. He said I can put a little vitamin E oil on a q-tip to massage the tiny bumps in corners and scars now.

I was comparing to photos in my twenties and my upper lids look amazing! Will post a photo next week.

Photo update!

I really like my results so far. My doctor was conservative, and for that I am extremely thankful. I'm not sure if the lower was worth it yet though. I was only trying to smooth out some wrinkles, no fat removed. Now that I am more familiar with the risks on lower bleph (as I scour this site with a different concern each day through my recovery), as well as know the recovery is far more stressful than the upper lids, I'm not so sure it was worth the risk. I see a small improvement each day. Love my upper lids though!

Left lower scar hasn't faded like the others yet, and that area feels a little swollen still. Probably from over massaging the scar trying to speed it along! I stopped using the vitamin E oil to massage with again due to irritating. I just wet a q-tip or use finger. Have a small bump on each outside corner, and when I stretch my skin can see a small white line on the scar at corner too. I have some new growth were my lashes were cut in the left corner!

3 months later

and still wishing I hadn't done the lower. For anyone looking to just smooth out wrinkles, here's a photo of how it doesn't work. Now have to live with scars. I still have a darker scar under right and tiny raised white scar outer corner of left. The outer corner of right is just a raised white dot that I'm sure will disappear. Not so sure about the white line on left. You can't see these in photos though.

Still extremely happy about the uppers though! I finally tried botox for crows feet on 03/07/15. I didn't like my smile with it. The botox kept them from squinting when I smiled and it just didn't look right. Already wearing off too but I'm glad.

I did confirm he removed a little fat under the eye. I'm still trying to accept that, as we never discussed prior to surgery. Nothing I can do about it now.

There was a day I never noticed the differences in my eyes. Now it is the first thing I see, but they have always been there.

It's difficult not to focus on it and so easy to blame the surgery. The photos we take are not 3 dimensional, the lighting also plays a big part, and I've take photos with camera and smartphone that look completely different. You can go crazy comparing photos!

I think it's time to stop. I do indeed regret doing the lowers because it didn't really do anything and I now have scars (that you can barely see, but I can). However I sometimes convince myself the wrinkles ARE slightly smoother when not smiling.

I still love my uppers though!

There are so many people on here that have had truly bad experiences and I feel so sad for them. It's not always a simple surgery. No more complaining from me. I had the surgery and I'm going to have scars and I am going to see slight differences - end of story.

I'm uploading a photo taken last year smiling as well as one taken last week smiling, sort of at the same angle. I have the same indention under left eye, it's not from fat removal like I convinced myself it was. I don't expect to look the same 1 year later either.. I'm 2 years shy of 50!

How come I never read of anyone mentioning scars in outer corners from lower lid surgery?

Does everyone have a scar in outer corners from lower lid surgery, and knew they would, so accept? When I researched this surgery I never read anything about that, and still never see anything.

My doctor told me there would only be an incision under lashes. NEVER once mentioned a scar extending 1/4 inch from outer corners. Do they intentionally not divulge this info so you'll do the surgery? One year later and they are still white and I'm very self conscious of them. Will this ever fade enough that I feel comfortable not wearing makeup?

I also have vertical creases in each outer corner. Almost looks like webbing when I raise my brow.

My doctor recommended this to smooth out wrinkles. I didn't have any fat pockets. We never discussed removing fat. I thought he was doing a skin pinch. Now my wrinkles are deeper because he removed fat.

ONE YEAR LATER AND I REGRET THE SURGERY EVEN MORE. (I got frustrated and removed all my photos a few months ago.)
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