Eyebags Removal Overseas

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I have been reading up a lot on this site and...

I have been reading up a lot on this site and thought I should give back by posting this review.

My eye bags are genetic and I had had them since I was as young as twelve (if not younger). The older I am, the worse it got with all the late nights and stress. I was also sick of people commenting on it and how tired it made me look so I decided to get rid of it, for good.

My procedure was done oversea thus, very economical but you also have to take the plane ticket and accommodation into account. The experience was rather different, I had my consultation, payment, procedures, all done within ONE day. It was done under local anesthetic which freaked me out because I was not informed of this and I did not get to talk to the doctor properly but thank Goodness everything went well.

There was no pain, little bruising and reasonable swelling (since I only had skin removed so my recovery was a lot faster than having fat and skin removed). I took whatever medicine they prescribed but did not need paracetamol as there was no pain and I also had arnica montana a week before and continue post op to help with bruising. They told me to use icepack for the first couple of days but i used the transdermal pads from makemeheal.com instead as it was more convenient and something I could sleep with.

Overall, the experience was quite easy, a little scary at the time it was done but everything went well so I would give this one a yes. If there was any advice I could give, it would be: don't be stingy with your supplements. Look up what you need and invest in it as it will decide how fast your recovery will be. Also with other aids and do NOT forget to ask your surgeon when you can start applying scar gel (we all know the sooner the better but trust me, some forget to tell you). And get plenty of rest of course, I would recommend AT LEAST two weeks and a month if you can. If you were gonna do this during your holiday, pick the long one. You want to come back looking different and beautiful, so give yourself enough time to heal and hide as much trace from the surgery as possible. Hope this review helps. Good luck.

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