Eyelid Retraction Repair - Beverly Hills, CA

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Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

I was suffering from lower eyelid retraction ever since I had a bad blepharoplasty several years ago. Two years ago I had a surgery in NYC where the surgeon tried to fix the retraction by putting hard palate grafts in my lower eyelids. The initial results from that surgery where pretty good but unfortunately my eyelids started dropping down again after a few months. Thankfully I found Dr. Taban on the Internet and after a consultation with him I scheduled an appointment for a retraction repair surgery that would use skin grafts from my upper eyelids to fix the retraction. Now several months after the surgery I'm very happy with the results. Both lower eyelids are raised and the scars from the skin grafts are pretty much invisible. The color match of the skin grafts from my upper eyelids are great so they blend into the lower eyelids very well. I am glad that I picked Dr. Taban as my surgeon.

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