Going on 36...curse these genetic eye bags!

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I have low self esteem and have struggled with my...

I have low self esteem and have struggled with my appearance/aging for several years now as I feel I look so much older than my age. I've always focused on my emerging wrinkles, uneven tone etc, but over the Christmas holidays I noticed how baggy my eyes were and now i can't seem to look in the mirror without loathing them.

Found some old makeup-less pics on my phone that I had taken about a year ago to try and document any improvement on my skin from microneedling and I realised now the bags were always there. I don't know if they are getting worse (seems to depend on the lighting) or if I am just obsessed with them now. I also have draping in my uppers (one worse than the other) and unsymmetrical eyes, but I guess I can live with that for now.

There is no longer an occuloplastic surgeon on my area and I don't think I want to make the trek to fly several hours to see one alone. I have a consult later this month with an opthamplogist who performs blephs and hoping to get a better idea of my options then. There at plastic surgeons on my area but none specialize in the eye area...seem better known for breast enhancements and mommy makeovers. Which would you choose?

I am hoping for a transconjnctival bleph with fat repositioning if I can find a surgeon with this experience. I am worried about a hollow look from fat removal as I think my eye sockets and tear troughs are already apparent. I have thin skin under my eyes that bunches especially when I smile... Not sure if a chem peel, laser resurfacing or a skin pinch would be best. Hoping to have any surgery done under local plus Light IV sedation.

I have set aside 2 weeks vacation late in the summer for recovery if I decide to go ahead with surgery. I am very pale and alredy have problems with broken capillaries etc so I am terrified of excessive bruising as I don't plan to tell anyone (aside from my husband...who already thinks I'm crazy to consider this) My kids are going to be away the first week but back the second so hopefully O am not too scary looking!

Sorry for the novel. Welcome any advice, feedback, support etc

Pics below don't show how bad the bags and under eye area is. The first two are older and the last is tonight in the ugliest light imaginable. . Excuse the red and flaky under eyes, I went a little crazy with vitamin c serum. If I tilt my head down they pop out and shadow ????

Another shot in of the bags

Here's another shot of the bags in bathroom lighting, chin tilted down. They aren't as apparent straight on...but there is still permanent puffiness and shadowing near the inside corners.

I requested a consult with a local PS but he prefers the transcutaneous approach - cutting through muscle to access fat from outside. I'm not comfortable with the more complicated and risky approach of that as I have my mind set on s transconjnctival bleph with either chem peel or maybe a skin pinch.

I have a consult with a opthamplogist who preforms blephs in a couple week. He has great ratings but cosmetic procedures are not his main focus of expertise. What questions would you ask?

I am not sure at this point if I will go through with it. Depends on if I can find a local doc I am comfortable with. I found out that there was a very well regarded occuloplastic surgeon in my city a year ago but he has since moved his practice to the Toronto area ????

First referral

I saw an opthamplogist today who Alao does cosmetic blephs. He has excellent reviews and describes both types of lower blephs (transcutaneous and transconjnctival) on his website. After checking my eyes and examining me, he advised he sees the mild endereye fat that bothers me, but he only does transcutaneous lower blephs - usually for much older patients. He didn't feel that he was the right surgeon for me as he doesn't think the approach he uses is a good fit, that a scar, even mild, may bother me. I appreciated his time and honesty as well as the referral to a colleague of his that does lower blephs from the inside. Unfortunately it seems from online info that this other surgeon has about a 6 month surgery wait times, and that time may not include the time waiting to be initially seen by him. Kind of bummed...looks like I am stuck with the bags for awhile!
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