Extreme Multiple Breast Surgery Complications

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I underwent cosmetic breast surgery in March 2008,...

I underwent cosmetic breast surgery in March 2008, consulted 3 surgeons before making the final decision for a breast uplift with implants.

The incision was a lollipop effect. 2 weeks after surgery I went to my follow up appointment, where some of the stitches where removed. 24 hours after this the wound started opening and continued to open to the extent where the implant was nearly visable. Dressings were applied and no antibiotics, a brownish gauze placed on the wounds and allowed to heal of their own accord. prognosis was I had a reaction to the internal stitches. Follow up procedure to be done in October 2008.

Procedure carried out was an uplift and scar removal from previous surgery, using the same implants, 3 weeks after the 2nd surgery I got severe swelling in the right breast and a temprature. I went back to see the surgeon and his collegue who advised that it may need draining. Went back to surgery, implant was removed due to what I was told was an abscess, the incision was closed and within 5 days a hole appeared and a dense straw coloured fluid came gushing out. Over the next few days the hole got bigger and more of this gunge came out. Constant visits to the hospital and self dressing with broadspectrum antibiotics.

Three months later the hole finally closed. The left breast starts to get CC the use of ultrasonic frequence self applied to try break the cc as it would not break by external manipulation. So far 3 surgerys.

In April 2009 I went back to surgery and had the left implant removed and replaced (under my own instruction) and the left implant inserted. immidiatley after surgery left breast has sever swelling and pain, and a severe burning sentation. I left the hospital, 10 days later I had a fever and chills, called the surgeon and advised that I didnt feel well the swelling and pain was very uncomfortable, finished the antibiotics, and was advised to take anti inflamatory pain killers, hours after this conversation the incision started to weep a milky substance, with in an hour a small hole appreared and a green like dense gunge again gushed out (approx 400ml) of the wound covering me from head to toe. I called to the surgeon who was out of the country and advised to see his nurse and go have a wound check. I called her and she was off duty and it would have to be the following day.

During the remainder of the day gunge kept pouring out and no amount of dressings where going to stop it, I felt weak, in pain, eventually taken to the A&E admitted and was seen by a general surgeon who advised that I had an infection. No plastic surgeon would treat me and advised to see my own surgeon.

I went to see my surgeons collegue the following day where he examinded the wound and advised that he could see the implant and the hole had now become the size of 1.5cm in dia. He flushed the wound and packed it and said that I needed to see my surgeon on Tuesday ( today) on the saturday I needed to change the dressing and when I looked all the packing from the previous day had fallen out of the wound, so I took pictures to send my surgeon, and said that I didnt think that the implant would wait for him, as the wound was now completely along the crease incision and more or less hanging out with this green gunge pouring out.

Consiquently I went to see him on the sunday and basically the implant more or less fell out on to his hand. Anyway so far I have had antibiotics via I.V. and orally and the gunge is still coming out after being suctioned and flushed. What is causing me to have all these complications? I think that they should not have inserted the same implant due to possible infection, from the 1st surgery, and why would I have this gunk pouring out of my body a second time round, it is horrific.

I now have to go for another period of time with only 1 breast implant and it is making me feel like I have had my hole breast removed. I did not have big implants put in at the beginning only 280 cc, as I just wanted the to have a little volume in an already sized breast 34D. Can you please guide me, help me in finding some answers, before I go any further. Kind Regards Michelle

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