Lipodissolve for Double Chin - Exton, PA

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I had lipdissolve to get rid of my double chin. My...

I had lipdissolve to get rid of my double chin. My doctor told me that lipodissolve would be a good choice for me because I'm relatively young (early 40's) and the procedure was cheaper and less invasive than lip suction surgery. My doctor typically does 3 treatments, depending on what part of the body is being worked on. He anticipated that my chin area would need 2 treatments.

The first round was three injections. The shots themselves didn't hurt at all. However, the first three days after I was very uncomfortable. The area under my chin and neck swelled up to 4 times the normal size and I was very sore. I wondered if I'd made a mistake in even having the procedure. I drank lots of water, as I was instructed and I massaged my chin and neck area five times a day for minutes at a time, for five days. (The 5-5-5 rule of lipodissolve, my doctor called it).

A week later I looked fine and by the 4th week after my first injection there was already a noticable difference. Coworkers kept asking me if I was losing weight and told me I looked great. My second round of injections were 4 weeks after the first. My doctor evaluated the progress I'd already made and determined that this second round would be my last and that a third round wouldn't be needed.

On the second round of injections he focused on the same areas under my chin, and also along my jawline to target my slight jowls. He told me that this time around I would probably not swell at much as the first time. He was correct. After the second round of injections I wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I was after the first. I guess there was less fat being targeted and melted.

Anyway, it's been 2 weeks since my second and final lipdissolve injections and my double chin is gone. I feel 15 years younger. My doctor charged $350 for each round of injections. For me, lipodissolve was worth every penny I spent.

I added a pic to show my chin and jawline before...

I added a pic to show my chin and jawline before and after lipodissolve. As of this update I'm only 2 weeks healed from my second treatment, so I expect I'll see even a little bit more shrinkage as the weeks go on and I continue to heal. I'm still very pleased with the results I got from lipodissolve.
Dr. Gambihr, Couture Laser and Skin

He told me exactly what to expect and exactly what to do to get the best result I could. He also explained the risks and possible side effects. He is an all-around first-rate doctor. Very patient, knowledgeable and communicative.

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