My Experience As I Go Through the Process

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I rated the procedure "Yes! It's worth it!" thus...

I rated the procedure "Yes! It's worth it!" thus far. I am not sure yet if the procedure has worked or not. Target Area: Love Handles Starting Measurement: 32.5” Price per Procedure: $350 Day 1 (Friday) – Procedure Day Changed my clothes at work into yoga pants and liberally applied numbing cream given to me by my practitioner. Once in the office my practitioner iced me then injected with 30 cc in each area. The process was virtually painless and took about 30 minutes in total. I think put on my spanx and left. My practitioner gave me very clear advice and I was very prepared for what the next few days would hold for me. She also level set my expectation, she was clear that I may not see any results after the first treatment – I might but I might not. She told me:
  • You will swell up – you will be huge.
  • It will hurt, possible a lot.
  • Don’t go anywhere for the next two day. It will only make it worse. Even if you feel fine – just rest.
She also gave me very clear instructions of what to do:
  • Wear a support garment day and night for 1 week
  • Ice for at least the first 48 hrs
  • Elevate the area (hard since it was my sides)
  • Take Ibuprofen and benadryl to help with swelling and pain.
  • After 4 days heat and massage for the next few weeks.
Drove home and settled in for the weekend. I was very bruised and beginning to swell, so I started to ice and relax. As the night went on the swelling continue to increase and the pain worsen. When I say the pain worsened, the only pain medication I took was 2 Ibuprofen ever four hours… so it was VERY manageable. Once in bed, it took me longer to get comfortable, but I was able to sleep comfortably. Day 2 (Saturday) Day 2 Measurement: 37” Incredibly swollen. The target area felt very heavy. The area was very painful to touch and movement was very difficult. Again, though painful still was only taking 2 ibuprofens every 4 hours. I spent most of the day trying to get comfortable and iced all day. I was swollen from the top of my thighs up to me shoulder blades and all the way around my body. I was a little scared and little depressed and anxious. I felt that there was no way I would be able to go to work on Monday. I was huge and heavy, the exact opposite of what I wanted from this procedure. I just kept reminding myself that swelling was normal and all the other things my practitioner had told me. Day 3 (Sunday) Day 3 Measurement: 34.5” The swelling was way down as well as the pain. Movement was much easier. I started to really feel better. I began to believe that going to work on Monday would actually be possible. Day 4 (Monday) Day 4 Measurement: 34.” I returned to work. Wore my spanx, nylons and a umpire waist dress. I looked normal-ish. The pain was pretty much gone. Day 4 (Tuesday) Day 4 Measurement: 33.5” Felt really normal. Tried to wear jeans – bad idea way too tight felt huge and miserable. Returned to the gym. Working out was easy and not painful. Started massage and heat. Still tender at times still feel a little heavy in the area. Day 5 (Wednesday) to Day 9 (Sunday) Measurement: 33.5” Getting really sick of being bigger than before I started. Day 10 (Monday) Day 4 Measurement: 32.5” Yeah Normal! As thing change I will update
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