Expensive Lesson in Invisalign

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I got really excited at the idea of finally...

I got really excited at the idea of finally straightening up my teeth without ugly braces. I'm 44 and can't imagine being around work mates wearing big metal bands and wires.

I watched a video about invisalign and it seemed pretty awesome. Clear retainers custom shaped would move teeth back into proper alignment.

I decided to go for it. I won't mention my NY ortho who sold me Invisalign, but I really think he misrepresented the product as far as working for my situation. I have bite problems which invisalign--I later learned--doesn't address. I did close some gaps and get some improvement in my smile, but it felt very subtle considering the thousands I spent and numerous trips it required to the doctor.

I can't say it's a terrible product, but be aware that you may not be a good candidate for invisalign and you could end up spending a bunch of money for meager results.

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