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Since my obgyn was going to have to make a a big...

Since my obgyn was going to have to make a a big incision for my hysterectomy, I decided to see if I could do a TT at the same time. I've lost 100+ lbs and am ready for this extra to be GONE.

I've had 4 abdominal surgeries over the past 6 years, so I am not very nervous as I have been down this road before. However, due to the previous surgeries, I've been warned that it is very likely that I will lose my belly button in the process. I've already started thinking about how I will deal with that - piercing, tattoo or something.

I am so appreciative that my PS and obgyn were happy to coordinate to allow me a single procedure. They are both located in the same hospital and I've been told this is how it will go:
PS will come in and make incision
OB will then take over and do hysto
PS will come in and do TT and close me up

Spent 2 nights in the hospital as I was still...

Spent 2 nights in the hospital as I was still feeling faint when I walked yesterday. I live alone and the last thing I needed was to pass out with no one here to help!

I did, as expected, lose my belly button as apparently the one I had was sort of a fake done (quite impressively) by my previous surgeon.

Pain is much better. I find only the getting up and down really bothers me though the ends of the incision sting.

I have a follow up appt. tomorrow and am hoping 2 of the 4 drains will come out. I want to wash my hair!!!

My appetite is also returning.

Oh, and I love my PS even more now. She's a doll and funny! I did forget to ask how much the removed skin weighed - I'm dying to know!

First follow up was today. Still have all 4 drains...

First follow up was today. Still have all 4 drains - boo! But I go back Monday and they're hopeful a couple of them may come out then.

Pain is quite manageable. The left end of my incision is a little painful but I think it's just super sensitive.

I washed my hair in the kitchen sink this morning - feels much better. After my appointment today I was able to stop for a little lunch (key: little!) with my friend that was driving me. Came home tired.

The "weepies" started today. I am hoping it's just my body's hormone levels all off. I have had a few surgeries previously and know the body can respond in odd ways. Usually I end up starting my period a few days after surgery and since I no longer have a uterus, perhaps this is the equivalent.

Overall, so far so good!

PCP's office called to check on me this morning -...

PCP's office called to check on me this morning - very nice. This afternoon the PS office called for a status check on my drains. They asked if I wanted to come in, which I did and was able to have one of the 4 removed! Yay!

I will go back Monday morning and hopefully lose another.

I love leaving the dr's office all nice and tightly wrapped up. The MA and ARNP I've seen for follow ups have been wonderful. I'm very happy with the PS I chose.

I pooped! Hooray! (Day 5 Post-op)

I pooped! Hooray!
(Day 5 Post-op)

So far things have been going well. I had my...

So far things have been going well. I had my drains and stitches removed at my 2 week appointment on April 29th. Being drain free meant SHOWERS! Yay!

I will be 3 weeks Post tomorrow and overall I feel pretty good and then I end up overdoing it and am exhausted. I have to remind myself that my body endured LOTS of cutting. Parts were removed! As one of the nurses in the hospital told me, the procedure was "very vascular" since I had the combo (TT & hysto).

A little itchy with the healing and I am eager for the swelling to go down! So far my post-op appointments have been with the ARNP and I see the surgeon on Tuesday. She was just back from vaca last week so I didn't feel it was necessary to go in again to see her after I'd just seen the nurse.

More details to come....

Oh! Also - I was told that the skin that was...

Oh! Also - I was told that the skin that was removed weighed 20lbs! Holy crap! But as you can see from my before photos, there was lots there left over from losing 100+lbs. Amazing.

Dr. Marble does plastic and reconstructive surgery - she's not a cosmetic surgery "boutique." Her office is located right in the hospital. These are the reasons I decided to consult with her. I liked her immediately. She took the time to review (with me) the surgical notes from my 2 previous surgeries done in that hospital and discussed them with me to make sure we both had a clear understanding of how they could impact this new procedure. Office staff has been very nice and responsive. So far, so good!

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