20 Years Old. 5ft4. 125lbs. A Cup. 300cc HP - Devon, GB

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I've had my initial consultation with my PS and we...

I've had my initial consultation with my PS and we have booked a surgery date for just over a month away. I initially wanted anatomical implants but have since changed my mind to round to get the fullness at the top that I'm looking for. I'm fairly petite so I don't want the implants to swamp me as I'm looking to achieve a natural look which is why I was considering 275cc. Although as I'm only an A cup I'm worried that the sizing will come out smaller than I would like with 275 so I'm considering pushing it up to 295 but no bigger than that. I am planning on calling my PS after I receive my letter of confirmation from the practice to see what he thinks. I currently have a 275 and a 240 implant that the PS gave me to take home and the 275 is the right size but I know they fall smaller after they're under the muscle so I'm thinking more seriously for 295. Any tips or help would be great!!

Pre op photos

I currently have an A cup and I'm looking for a full C

I have moderately Tuberous breasts which my PS believes he can fix during the surgery

Why I need new boobs!!

My boobs have never made me exceptionally self conscious or had any impact on my relationships but I've never been happy with them. Especially in bikinis etc. I've always wanted that curve or cleavage that so many women take for granted! No matter how many push up bras I have tried on, I still have never been able to achieve 'cleavage' and I can't wait to be able to wear things I have always shied away from.

Some more shots ready for before and afters!

I'm off to Croatia in August for a festival holiday so I've started to buy swimwear ready for the new boobs! The holiday will be a couple of days under 2 months after the surgery so I'm hoping they will have softened and dropped a bit by then!

New size choice!

As I've said previously I was unsure about whether to go for the 275cc or 300cc implants.
I booked another consultation with my PS who took another look and measured my breasts again and confirmed that rhe width of implant would fit well and close the gap between my breasts giving me some nautural cleavage. I'm still a teeny bit unsure but with the PS's reassurance and the fact that he was visibly happy that I'd decided on the larger size I'm feeling confident about it. At the end of the day it's a 25ml difference but it might give me that extra volume and fullness that I will love. I do not want to regret going too small!!

Still obsessing

I'm not in the slightest bit nervous about surgery or recovery, the one thing that's keeping me up at night is sizing!! After a revisit to my PS we decided on 300cc which would fit my breast width absolutely fine but I'm so confused by the proportion of a 300cc on different women. On some it looks huge and others petite and small! I know it has a lot to do with their shape and height but I've seen large differences between women with the same stats!

My PS has mentioned that I'm more than welcome to visit again before the surgery which is in 17 days, and I think I'll bring my mum this time for an extra perspective.

One week!!

The surgery is one week away and I'm still obsessing about 275 vs 300

The sizers I have on under my post op bra are 275 so I think 300 will account for the loss under muscle. I feel like I look genuinely proportional with them! Although I do feel like my bum looks smaller so I'm definitely going to have to take care of that in the gym!

My PS has ordered 300cc for the surgery and I think that any smaller than that and I would regret it

P.s the post op bra is a 32 C and it fits the implants perfectly

Day of surgery

Had my surgery at 4pm today!
It's now 10:30 and I'm back home.
The pain is moderate, mostly just aching but nothing too bad. I'll update with photos and more info tomorrow

8 hours post op

I'm off all the heavy pain medication and just on paracetamol and ibuprofen now. In some pain but feeling very tired so I'm hoping I'll just head straight off to sleep

Day 2 post op

All the local anaesthetic and strong painkillers they gave me must have worn off because last night was pretty painful! Managed to get some sleep on my back with ice packs between my sides and the pillows! Ice packs are the only thing that give me proper relief at the moment as the ibuprofen and paracetamol don't really seem to be touching the sides!! I have some asymmetry with the swelling where the right side of my chest (where my bra strap falls) seems to be much more swollen and tender and had a lot more bruising! I'm loving how they look already and just can't wait for all th swelling to go down

Day 3 post op

Swelling has gone down soooo much since yesterday and the bruises are starting to yellow and heal a bit.

Still tender but the ice is working wonders. I've noticed some asymmetry between the nipples and the right side seems to be smaller but it always was a bit before.

Hoping it'll be less noticeable when they start to drop and fluff!

Day 4 post op

Healing is going swimmingly. Less pain and softer every day! Can almost see the curve of the breast now the skin across my sternum is stretching!

I'm annoyed at myself for putting on so much weight already post op (I put weight on very quickly) and I'm planning to start on a healthy eating plan as of Monday. It's just the last thing I want to eat when I'm feeling groggy and tired is a salad!!!

Day 6 post op

Feeling so so much better! Loving how they're looking already!!!

Day 7 post op

Had my post op yesterday. Surgeon said that they look as good as they possibly could at this stage which I'm pleased about! I'm off painkillers apart from one set in the evening when they start to get sore. The surgeon mentioned I have some puckering of my scars but he didn't seem to worried about it so I guess he thinks it will flatten out! (Photos attached)

11 days post op

Been going through all my old bikinis and I'm almost happy about how many I have to throw away!! This one used to gape and not do anything for me and now it barely covers the nipple!!!

Almost 2 weeks post op

I went out last night and I felt so confident with my new additions! Pain is pretty much nonexistent. They just get sore and a bit achey but completely off painkillers now!

2 and a half weeks post op

2 weeks post op

The scars are looking so much better now. I've been using the scar strips for 1 week and I can already see an improvement. I'm so happy with how they're coming along. Still need to get measured though!!!
Exeter Plastic Surgeon

From the initial consultation I am very happy to have mr Oliver as my PS. He is confident in his work but also quick to explain any risk of complications and was very helpful in describing shape and size.

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