25 Years Old, Two Kids, 5ft5, 124lb Going from 32A to 32DD WITH 460cc HP - Exeter, GB

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I had my first consultation with my PS yesterday....

I had my first consultation with my PS yesterday. I got to try on some sizer's and talk about the right implants for me, I'm going for under the muscle round hp 390cc i think. Still so unsure on the 390cc, it sounds so big! Hubby came with me and was able to have his input, it was great to have some support and to have another opinion on the size, he's been amazing and very supportive. I already want to try the gel sizer's on again to be sure. Waiting to book my surgery date as i need to move holidays around at work, hopefully i wont have to wait to long as i'm so excited.

So i made rice sizer's...

Last night i got thinking about the 390cc hp implants. I'm worried that they will be to big for my frame. As i didn't take any photo's at my consultation i was struggling to vision what they would look like and how they would fit in my current wardrobe. So i found myself looking at all the great photo's on this amazing site, realizing it wont really help me know what my implants will look like on my frame. So in came the rice and tight's. Hehehe! It was so much fun! my PS recommended i made the rice sizer's to 375cc to see how the 390cc would feel as i'm going under the muscle, but in the excitement i forgot this detail and made the rice sizer's to the full 390cc and they felt great. So now i'm not sure weather 390cc will be enough. So i then made the sizer's up to 400cc and they still felt great. Am i getting a case of boob greed already? Finally i made them up to 420cc but i'm still so unsure if they suit my frame or not. What do you ladies think? Hubby thinks the bigger cc looks good and says i should go for the bigger size as most women wish they went bigger. Also the gel sizer's my PS has are sooo much better than the rice sizer's. So i'm going back and i'm going to take pictures before i make my finial decision.

It's all booked and confirmed!

Hey ladies, I'm so happy to say I've booked my BA for the 4th of october. Only 3 week's away Eeek! I'm so excited it all coming together. Just a few more thing's to get organized and one more consultation to discuss size. BA day will be here before i know it.

Changed my mind at second consultation and decided to go for 460cc and I've had my Pre-op appointment.

I can't believe that two week's from today i'll finally have Boobies! The nerves are kicking in a little. I had my Pre-op today and everything went well. I was really nervous yesterday but felt fine this morning, and now after a second consultation about sizing i feel so excited! With a little reassurance from the hubby I've decided to go for 460cc, they fitted my 32 dd post-op bra perfectly. I also took some of my own top's and dresses to try on and they all looked good if not better. Woop! Woop! We forgot to take photo's but never mind it's only two weeks away!

1 week to go!

I think i'm all ready! Everything is paid for. I've brought some post op bras from m&s and I tried on the 32dd with the 430cc gel sizer's at my second consultation and it looked good. I'm definitely getting nervous now, mostly about the size and a little about my recovery.

Sorry for the late update!

Hi ladies, sorry i haven't posted much, no excuses just been plain lazy. I had my BA as planed on the 4th of october with 460cc silicone implants and everything went really well. I'm 3 weeks post opp now and have been back to work for 1 1/2 weeks. I'm really loving my new boobies. Today was the first day I've looked back at my before photos and its made me even happier with my results. My recovery was hard for the first few days, I found the drugs they gave me really knocked me out and made me feel quite weak, and i felt so helpless not being able to do much. I came off of the codeine on day 4 and once i was over the first hump its been a lot better. My left boob dropped quite quickly but my right boob has been a little stubborn but has finally dropped so i have more movement back in my arm, and i am so thankful for it. (I felt like a T-Rex with little tiny arms for about a week Hehehe!) My surgeon is great, i really felt like i was in good hands. He was very informative and helped me to understand the results id be likely to have (I have a wide gap between my boobies and also a small breast width) On the day of my BA i felt so relax and everyone was so nice and professional. I would definitely recommend Mr. David Oliver. I'm currently wearing a 34DD, non-wired lace bra and it fits perfectly although I'm aware they will probably be different when i go to be measured in a few months.
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