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San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

My primary physician discovered that my abdominal discomfort is due to a herniated umbilical cord that needs to be repaired soon. The only surgeon I trust is Dr. Lawton, because he has experience as a gastroenterologist and has operated on family, friends, and me with success. Prior to my recent consultation, I anticipated that maybe muscle damage from pregnancies contributed to my situation. Dr. Lawton wanted to take a more conservative approach as he did months ago when I asked if my 11-year-old breast implants needed to be removed, and he advised against it since there are no problems. To help me, Dr. Lawton will suction small areas of fat cells that are pushing on my belly button and repair related tissues of my umbilical cord; my thoughts that muscles needed to be laced together, too, were discussed and explained in detail as not necessary. Thank you, Dr. Lawton, for being the exceptional, cautious, and caring physician that you are!

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