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I am having my endo today and my surgery is set...

I am having my endo today and my surgery is set for 12/12. I was completely behind my decision a weeks ago and as the day gets closer I am growing more and more anxious.
This little baby in the picture is my 7 week old granddaughter and one of my main motivators. I want to be healthy for her.
I have struggles with weight since the birth of my daughter 26 years ago.
In 2013 I got divorced, which was devastating, dealt with the financial upheaval that goes along with that, turned 50, and became a grandmother.
I want 2014 to be the year I make a lifelong change. So tired of the weight struggle.
Anyway, you've all been there...I just need some like-minded people to be able to share with. The only person who knows I am having the surgery is my daughter and while she doesn't understand, she is supportive.
I'm taking 4 days off work, I had a very sedentary job, will that be enough?

9 days to go...getting mentally ready

My surgery is a week from Thursday. I start my pre-op diet in two days and I find myself wanting to eat the things I will never be able to eat again. The list is long and there is no way I'll be able to fit it all in (Thank God)!
I have a trip this weekend and am a little stressed about staying on track while out of town but it's been planned for a long time so I will make it work!
Excited...will update you all next week and post before pics.

Before photo

Pics are hard to come by because I delete them as fast as I can!

I'm committed...or should be committed!

I decided to scrap my trip this weekend. I was just too stressed I would find it hard to stick to the pre-op meal plan. It was a trip to see my beloved Seahawks play in San Francisco but the group I was going with are partiers and I know it would be "come on, ONE beer, it's the HAWKS!"
So I canceled my flight and will try to sell the ticket.
I think staying home this weekend and mentally preparing, getting the house clean, wrapping presents makes much more sense.
Day Two of the pre-op diet and I am determined to get this right!
Anyway, Go Hawks!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll start the day tomorrow...

Check-in time 10am.
Last day of the pre-op diet and I'm about protein shaked OUT!
Down 8 since last Thursday so hopefully another two by tomorrow morning.
Any Day Before tips?

Today's the day!

Not nervous at all, slept fine. I just must be ready.
Getting ready to take my second hibiclens shower and be on my way.
They have wi-if so I'll update you once I'm awake. Thanks for all the support!

There's got to be a morning after...

Remember that song? I'm doing well. Not a whole lot of sleep but I feel fine.
Should be going home in about an hour and a half.
So far, so good!

Feeling great!

First night back home and everything is good! Slept okay, way better than at the clinic! Able to keep everything down, really no issues at all. Been up and about doing normal activity level. I plan to go back to work Monday.
TIP: do not weigh the day you get home! I was up TEN pounds!

Soft Foods! Two weeks post-op and down 18!

It's ridiculous how excited a person could be over a poached egg. But it was amazing to feel good in my mouth after three weeks of liquids!
Feeling good and heading to the store to buy stuff on the soft foods list. Fish and cottage cheese, canned vegetables and fruit, tomatoes!!
The only issue I'm having is protein. Milk-based shakes are not sitting well with my stomach so I need to find some unflavored protein powder to add to soups. It's a challenge getting in all the protein.
But hey, how about those poached eggs!!!

Three weeks post-op and cruisin' along

Three weeks, 21 pounds, a healthier life!
I'm feeling good, off BP meds, losing at a steady rate.
The only minor issues are trying to get in enough protein and calories. I know it will come in time but I stress over it when my food diary shows 350 cals and 40g protein at the end of the day.
Hope everyone has a great 2014! We can do this!

30 pounds lost- forever!

Already halfway to my goal weight and feeling great. Feel like I'm in a groove although sometimes I forget and eat and eat too fast, still a learning curve on that one. Just wanted to check-in, hope you all are doing well!

8 weeks - 35 pounds

Chugging along, no complaints! Feeling good and starting to actually SEE a difference. Trying on clothes I think won't fit and they do!

4 months - 53 pounds

Haven't updated in awhile so wanted to check-in. I'm not winning any weight loss races but I'm happy with the results! Went from wearing 16-18 to wearing size 10. I've got about 15 more pounds to lose but am feeling great!

Six months today and GOAL!!

Today is my 6 month post-op anniversary and I down 68 pounds and at my goal weight of 145!

I'm so excited to go in for my follow-up visit today and be done with the weight loss portion of this journey and move on to maintenance.

So freakin' happy!

At goal and Cholesterol is 308! What???

Lost 68 pounds and my cholesterol jumped over 100 points! The surgery center insists it's genetic (no history) but I'm quite certain it's all the protein.
Going to try switching from animal-based protein, bye bye eggs and beef. Really frustrating. And scary....
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