64 YO with 34 YO Saline Implants, Above the Muscle. Everett, WA

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I am booked for surgery May 24, 2016, and it can't...

I am booked for surgery May 24, 2016, and it can't come soon enough. This is my second set of saline implants, replacements in place for 12 years. Other than slight capsular contraction in right breast, I've had no problems, but just don't want to grow any older with foreign objects in my body. Funny, I'm really only mildly interested in what I will look like after the explantation. A total reversal of the thoughts that drive me to implants all those years ago.

3 days post explant

Had my surgery May 24 to remove saline above the muscle implants. Over 36 years, I had two sets of saline implants. My surgery was on time, with very skilled professionals who kept me comfortable and well informed. The only discomfort I feel today is from one of my drain sites. Otherwise I have no pain, and really haven't since the first day. I have more breast tissue than I thought I would have, however I have a rather large horizontal dent above my right nipple that feels as though there is some attachment to the chest wall. I have seen other references to massaging the breast to release, but not sure if that is appropriate this early in the healing process. Any thoughts? The most significant change to my body is complete relief of pain to my right shoulder and neck. I'd read other comments that noted this type of pain relief but did not really believe it could be implant related. I have had constant pain to that shoulder and neck for six months, and now it is gone! The right side had capsular contraction and my surgeon said there was significant scar tissue there, so I'm wondering if there is a connection to the neck/shoulder pain? Over all, I feel great, and oh so happy to have the implants out:-)
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