28, Mama makeover happening...just not sure when as it's very pricey! Eek! - Everett, WA

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I have had three cute sons and have come to the...

I have had three cute sons and have come to the realization that I have ZERO elasticity in my stomach region. It is shocking to see that I have the exact same mid section that "severe weight loss" people have! It's crazy! I was 210 in April '14 when I gave birth to my youngest son. At 5'2" that is a lot of weight but it was all in my abdomen! Eek!
So now I am down to 174 and have a lot of excess skin (roughly 10 lbs) on my abdomen.

I qualify for a panniculectomy (my husband used to authorize these kinds of things for insurance) because of super low skin and rashes and infections and what not from the folds. I can't work out and I can't even wear jeans since giving birth! It's either painful, causes severe irritation or they fall of because below the skin I am a size 6 but above the skin I am a size 12! So if I wear pants on the belly stuff if they dip below it they fall straight down! It's happened once or twice! :/

I am going to have the doctor add the tummy tuck extra stuff, that doesn't come with a panni. during surgery to give me a normal looking flatt-er abdomen. I am not looking for perfection but I am looking for a normal even soft tummy. Right now it is painful for my back, irritated, smelly and so unbelievably gross.
My goal weight to get down to before sx is 165 so when they take the excess stuff off it will take me down to 150 or 155 which is very close to my ideal weight of 145. :)

My youngest son is 4 months old right now. Yes, I am nursing, yes I will still get sx and pump for 24 hours and go back to nursing. While he is this young it will make it WAY more doable for surgery since my older two are in school. My hubs will be helping me out. I didn't need narcotics at all after my last cesarean and I am allergic to most narcotics anyway so the meds passing to him won't be an issue.

I am soooo ready.
Consult is on Aug 18th.

Stay tuned...

Picture of ick area

This is a photo of the area I would like gone.

This type of skin flap and lack of elasticity is something that every single woman (and a few men) on my maternal side (sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother) all have after having children.
It's horrible!!!

I just want to look less baggy in front! I am so petite everywhere else. Under that skin I could wear a 6 or 8 and over it a 12/14!

Another two photos of ick area

Before Weight: 210-ish lbs
Current Weight: 175 lbs
Goal before sx: 165 lbs
Weight after surgery and removal of excess: 150/155 lbs
Goal weight (one year post surgery): 140 lbs

Current weight 165!


Current weight is 165! I met my initial goal weight prior to surgery!

I want to get to 155 before I go ahead with surgery though and I have no funds at this time for it yet. So I need to spend time saving up! Maybe a couple years for a $14-20k procedure.

Here is a current photo of the area! It is smaller for sure but even MORE saggy! Ick!

I believe I am also going to go in for a mommy makeover with reduction of course not a augmentation. :)

Another few photos

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