Breast Augmentation 325cc Saline Implants - Evansville, IN

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I had my breast augmentation 8:00 this morning....

I had my breast augmentation 8:00 this morning.
I've always been small and petite and felt unproportional because I have a big ass lol. And the rest me is tiny.
I realized by high school My boobs weren't gonna get any bigger. I couldn't stand the jokes or insults people made about my size and proportions. It gave me very low self esteem and even made me paranoid to meet new people. For some silly reason boobs seem to be the first thing everyone notices.
I tried to take the natural route. Pills, cream, breast pump, and even soy milk. (Someone told me soy milk helps gain size). Nothing worked. I wasted a lot of money on all those things.
So I decided to take the surgical route.
I had 2 consultations with Dr. Conkright. He is a great plastic surgeon. He had some bad reviews about his personality. Said he was cocky and arrogant. He was not like that with me. He was polite and very nice. Answered all my questions and reassured me everything will be perfect.
We originally decided on 350cc high profile saline implants. At my second consultation I decided on 375-400cc because I was scared I would regret the size and want to go bigger.
Well this morning I woke up, no cig and no coffee. Was so depressed without my caffeine and nicotine. XD
Went to St. Marys Surgicare and they got me ready and put me to sleep. When I woke up I was already in my sports bra and soooo thirsty.
They told me I got 325ccs. I guess my frame was too small or my chest didn't have enough skin to go bigger. I haven't been able to look at them. I'm too scared to break the 48hr rule but I wanna look so bad lol.
So far I feel fine. Got all my meds. Antibiotics, muscle relaxers, nausea meds, and pain killers. Luckily, no nausea! My chest feels tight. Like I'm wearing a really tight bra.
I can't wait to see how they look! So far this has been a pleasent experience.
I'm 5'1" 96-100lbs. I got 325cc high profile mentor implants.

Post Op Day 2

My boobs are sore. Dr prescribed me 4 hydros. 4 is definitely not enough!! Lastnight sucked. Kept waking up in discomfort. -.- I hope this doesn't last much longer.

To Peak Or Not Peak

So I was told to keep bra and strap on for 48 hours. I want to take a peak at my new boobies! Has anyone else taken off their bra for a quick peak? Does it cause anything bad to happen?


To try to relieve some pain I got a bigger sports bra. Unfortunately it was too big. I know it's important to have a snug fit. It was a relief to have a minute topless though.
Took some pics for post op day 2. So far I'm very happy with the results! :D

Post Op Day 3

I had to get a bigger sports bra today. The other one started feeling too tight on my ribs and inscisions.
My dr only prescribed me enough hydrocodone for one day. Today's pain was worse than yesterday and the day of surgery. I don't know if I overworked myself or because I ran out of hydros. Tried calling my dr to ask for more but no answer and his voice mail is full. Fortunately, a friend had some pain killers to share. So now I feel much better.
My boobs look nice so far. I'm really liking the results and I can't wait to see how they look when they drop.


I just wanna go around topless. I hate this strap thingy and the sports bra is cute but I feel so constricted!
And I'm so bored which makes me wanna smoke more and I know it's not healthy before and after augmentation.
I'm so impatient lol.


When is it okay to sleep on my side?? I feel so sleep deprived cus I can't get comfy on my back. :/

Post Op Day 4

The pain hasn't been too bad today. Still can't use my arms for anything. I thought it'd be easier to use my arms since I had the under inscision. I was able to wash my hair but could not shave my arm pits. It's hard to reach my arms all the way up and my boobs actually got in the way lol. Never had that problem before XD.
When will I ever be able to lift my arms all the way straight up??

Post Op Day 5

Not much has changed. I'm supposed to wear sports bra and bandeau strap. I have to keep panty liners in the sports bra cups to protect the incision. This is so uncomfortable. I was a 34a or 34b before surgery. I have no idea what I am now so we got 36c 38c 36d and they kinda fit but they are so tight I now have bruising around my incisions. I'm kinda freaking out cus I just want to be comfortable. My appt is Wednesday so I'm hoping he tells me I don't need the bandeu anymore. And I hope I can take a break from the bra too... Or at least find one that fits right. -.-

Bored & Uncomfy

This whole experience hasn't bern so bad. I'd have to say the only bad parts for me are:
Discomfort- can't find a comfy sports bra and can't sleep the way I want.
Pain- been having back aches either from bra being too tight or just not used to bigger boobs.
Immobile- the worst of all of this. I'm a neat freak. I clean my house everyday. I have 2 boys(2 and 5 yrs old) and I'm always cleaning up after them. I miss cleaning. I have help but I'm the type of person who has to do it myself. I don't like being so needy. I'm a mom and I'm sure all the other mommies on here know exactly how I feel. I'm a stay at home mom so doing and caring for my family is what I do. Im so not used to just sitting around and doing nothing. -.-
I don't know if it's the meds or maybe this is what they call "boobie Blues" but I feel so blah. I keep thinking I made the wrong decision. Or what if I don't heal properly and I can't afford to fix it? If so will I have to live with improperly healed boobs forever til I have the $ to fix it? Was this a mistake? Was I being to selfish? Is all this worth it? It's not like I can just go in and say "hey dr I don't think I want this anymore, take them out" lol.
Ugh. I think I'm just impatient. I'm such a worry wart sometimes XD

Post Op 1 Week

Had my appt this morning. I feel so relieved now! Everything is fine. I'm healing well and I don't have to wear that strap anymore! Every morning I have to push my boobies together and try to make them touch. If I heard correctly, it's cus there's still swelling in the middle and we want my boobs to heal closer together. I haven't even attempted to move them at all and when he pushed them together I bout freaked out XD I had no idea they were movable yet lol!
So I must say I feel a lot better now knowing I'm healing the way I'm supposed to. I was so worried that me smoking was going to cause some type of damage. I still smoke but very very little. I'm allowed to lift within reason. I'm allowed to resume activities within reason. Obviously if there's any pain, don't do it.
I'm gonna post my one week pics tonight :)

1 Week Post Op

Finally showered and shaved. Felt so gross this week. I washed my hair day 3 post op but I wasn't able to shave.
Feeling more active today. Changing diapers is easier now. Still can't pick up my 2 yr old :( makes me sad. Doesn't hurt to lift light things like a gallon of milk. I can finally reach upwards without pain. I don't need help getting shirts or hoodies on anymore. And I think tomorrow I should be able to straighten my hair! I haven't been able to clean my house yet. So my fung shui is way off!! It's driving me nuts! All the bending and scrubbing is still too much for me right now. But hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do a little bit.
I am still bloated -.- not happy bout that.

Post Op Day 9

Last night I was able to sleep on my side. Felt great except it kinda hurt my boobs after a while. I guess cus they are still a bit tender. It's getting easier to get out of bed now. This morning was the first morning I didn't get stuck and have to wiggle out of bed lol. Before today I couldn't use my arms to push myself up without pain. Starting to feel like my old self again. The blahs are finally gone too! And my husband helped me get the house clean last night. Fung shui is all good now. :) I feel bad for him. He works 10hr shifts everyday and has been helping so much with the kids and housework. Now he knows being a stay at home mommy is not easy!! :p
I wish it were nicer weather. Now I feel like getting out of the house!
Smoking update: before augmentation I was smoking half a pack a day. Now I'm down to 4-5 cigs a day. Hoping I've cut down enough to not cause any harm to the healing process. So far everything looks and feels fine. I think they are starting to drop cus one looks different. It's noticeable in my pics too. Kinda weird lookin lol.

Day 10

My husband took this pic. Definitely made me feel pretty. :)

Post Op Day 15

They're starting to feel kinda squishable! Not much but a little bit :)
My nips are suuuuper sensitive though! XD Everything feels like sandpaper on them. I really hope this goes away soon.
They're still tender too. Mostly on the sides and the bottom of my boobs. Hopefully that's normal.
I can finally pick up my 2 yr old. Probably not supposed to but sometimes I can't resist lol. He's just too cute not to hold!
So just to be safe I did some research bout having "relations". My PS didn't say anything bout not doing it so I was curious. And I learned that it's best to keep blood pressure down to prevent hematoma. So that kinda scared me cus I've already been "active". So hopefully alls good. Maybe I should slow down on the fun stuff lol.
Pics later :)

Post Op 2 Weeks Pics

Post Op Day 20

I think it's been 20 days lol.
I don't know if I pulled a muscle or what but my left boob is sore. Which is weird cus I do more with my right arm. Appointment tomorrow so I hope it's nothing serious.

Day 20 Pics

Getting squishier :) not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited bout playing with them after they're all squishy haha! XD

Omg ><

Wow so I just realized this website actually keeps track of the post op days. Apparently my calculations were wrong. I am 19 days post op. The day of surgery(even tho it was super freakin early in the AM) does not count. Well. Silly me. -.- Haha XD


My appointment went well yesterday! Such a relief! He said the bruise is most likely from my clothes rubbing on the tape which could have created a blister that bruised. I never thought of that. He said everything looks and feels fine. The pain I've been feeling in lefty is normal. If anything worsens I just gotta give him a call. :) I'm thinking the pain was due to overworking myself. I took a couple lazy days and now I'm feeling just fine. Boobs still sensitive but that's normal.
And a bit of more good news, they are dropping and I can now shave my armpits! Haha XD boobs really do get in the way of things :p
Next appt is in 2 months. Oh and the tape has finally been removed! I made the mistake of touching my incision. Totally grossed me out lol. Alls good though :)

Feelin Good

I've been gaining so much confidence and my self esteem has been pretty good ???? I dyed my hair red and now I look like the little mermaid lol ????


Tomorrow should be one month post op! That's so exciting :D will have to post pics!
I'm pretty much back to normal. Lefty is still more sensitive than righty. I'm sleeping on my sides more comfortably. I haven't yet tried to really do any heavy lifting. To me heavy lifting is anything over 5-10lbs lol :p
But yea I don't know what else to say. Just been feeling great. My self esteem is amazing. I have no idea what bra size I am tho. It's frustrating cus different sites give different answers. According to Victoria secret site I'm a 30B. Another site says 32DD. And another said 32D. And another said 32C. Lol!


Went to wal mart last night and bought a wire free bra. 34C. It's almost too small so I'm thinking I'm a 32D.
Not gonna lie, I do have the boobie greed. -.- I feel like I could've gone bigger. We agreed on 350-400cc but instead I got 325cc. He didn't tell me why. I forgot to ask. I guess I didn't have enough tissue but considering he's been a PS for years and has a lot of BA experience I figured he would've been able to tell by looking. Maybe someday in the future I'll go bigger. But for right now I am VERY happy with my results. I guess it's just stuck in my head how much $$ was spent and I feel like I should have a huge size difference to show for it. Ugh the boob greed does suck but I am still happy. :)


Finally wearing regular bras. Size 34D! Yay :)

Almost 3 Months!

It's bikini weather and I'm lovin it! First time I have ever felt comfortable and confident in a non padded bikini top!!
Still fitting a 34D bra. Boobies are squishier and bouncy finally! They bounce when I run or jump haha.
I don't know if I should expect anymore changes. I'm almost 3 months post op and they seem like they are done dropping. I have an appointment tomorrow and will ask the PS if I should expect more changes.
I love my boobs now haha!


Its been 4 months now I think. And I'm very happy with my boobs but I really want to go bigger. Going from an A/B cup to a D cup was so drastic for me in the beginning. Now I'm comfortable with them and wish I would've gone bigger instead of being "safe". My advice to women, don't be afraid to go huge! Lol. Maybe some day in the future(when I have a lot of extra $) I'll get a revision to go bigger. :)


They're lookin so good :)
Evansville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Conkright is amazing! He has a lot of experience, and he knew exactly what I wanted. I was indecisive on the size I wanted. I trusted his judgment more than mine cus the cc thing confused me. He said "don't worry, I'll make them perfect." And he did! He's polite, sweet, listens well, answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable, and knows what he's doing.

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