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Hi - I am 51 years old and my surgery is scheduled...

Hi - I am 51 years old and my surgery is scheduled for December 11, 2013. I have had large breasts for years. Every year they seem to get bigger. Even when I lose weight, they don't any get smaller. I am very nervous and anxious, but I have wanted this for so long that I cannot back out. I would like to hear positive feedback from all of you, but especially the older women. Thanks in advance for the encouragement!!!

Feeling anxious

OK girls - I need some encouragement!! Please!!!! I was looking at some of the pics on this website and the some of the pics are upsetting me. I know I will be happy I did this. I need to hear encouragement and I know you girls will help!!!!! Thank you in advance!!! 5 days and counting.....

Surgery completed!

Well, I had my surgery yesterday. Everything went pretty well! They look smaller than I thought they would. Look forward to feeling better!

Day 4 post op

Hi - It's day four. The pain meds are making me nauseated. I'm feeling very anxious. I really need some encouragement. I'm resting mostly. I went out and had my hair washed yesterday. I guess I thought this would be easier than it has been - even though it hasn't been terrible. I know I will be happy with the end results, but right now I'm just taking one day at a time. I went to the doctor 2 days ago and he changed my dressing and removed my drains. Tomorrow I go again. I could use some prayers!!!

Best Bra?

Hey ladies! I just got back from the doctor. I am 5 days post op and he told me to get a couple more "supportive" bras. I like to hear what worked best for you ladies. Thanks!

Day 5

So glad to be on the other side of the surgery. I've been mostly resting and watching movies. I'm starting to get excited thinking of all the dresses and beautiful shirts I'm going to be able to wear now. Still need to purchase a few comfortable bras. Right now, I am wearing the Fruit of the Loom bras I purchased at Walmart that latch in the front. I'm ready for a more comfortable one. Any suggestions?

12 day post op

Feeling pretty good today!!!! Still sore, but very pleased!!!! Looking forward when the bruising is gone and the scars fade!!!! : )

4 weeks post op

OK - it's been four weeks now and I'm feeling so much better. I've been back to work for about 10 days. I still have some pain but very tolerable. I did a little too much yesterday which made me hurt more and today I had a tiny leak in might right breast in an area that is almost healed. It's my "problem child" as my husband calls it. (The right breast is the one my suction drain kept messing up right after surgery.) I am starting to feel good about my breasts. I took a "Week 4" picture and I thought "Wow, they are starting to look good." They are not bruised and the surgical wounds are healing nicely. I will post pictures as soon. I am tired of wearing a bra, but that's minor in comparison to carrying around melons. HA HA! For all you ladies considering this surgery, go for it!!!! You will be happy you did it!

4 weeks post op

I am at 4 1/2 weeks post op and I'm starting to like my new shape and look. I am still burning and hurting, but it is tolerable. I went back to work at 3 weeks and I think that I need to be more careful. Overall, I am feeling better and better every day. I will post pics soon. I have started taking more pics of "after" now that they are looking better. Just want to say to all the gals that are considering this surgery, "GO FOR IT!!! and do not wait. You will be so happy that you did"!!!
Evansville Plastic Surgeon

I have only met with him twice, but I know at least 3 ladies who have had breast reductions from him and they all were very pleased with his work!

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