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I am a 43 old 5'5 female 123 pounds with a very...

I am a 43 old 5'5 female 123 pounds with a very petite frame. Last year I was involved in a very serious car accident which left me with many scars and a broken back and shattered spine. I have been thinking about implants for over 10 years and did have one procedure scheduled 10 years. The reason for me not doing it back then was my girlfriend had done it and one of her implants had to be redone, it shifted on her. The pain that has feeling put me Into panic mode and I canceled my surgery. Now having been In the worse pain I have ever experienced I am ready for this.
I went to 5 different plastic surgeons, and it has taken me 7 months to find the right one and doing my research.
I have to say, don't believe all this crap you read on the Internet.. If that was the case, I would never have picked out the 500cc silicon high profile 45 implants.
I have one son, he is 23 and supports my choice, along with my ortho. Surgeon and my pain doctor and my family doctor. I have a great support group. But enough of that, lets talk implants..
500cc will take me to a 32D, I am currently a 32A. I am nervous that they will look to BIG, but with my research and the help of 5 different Plastic Surgeons, my feelings of nervous -are gone. Here are before pictures.
I will come back the night before my surgery and give you updates and through out this process.
Remember I also have PT that I am scheduled to do 2 xs a week.

My before photos

Here are a few more before pictures

Getting closer

Tomorrow I will be getting my scripts filled. I am starting to get very excited..


Well my Meds for surgery are filled. I went to target and bought my sports bras. Ladies, I was told to make sure to get one that fits your frame before your implants. I am a small. The first month to two months are very important and you want to keep those Babies high and tight. That's were those babies will be sitting. My GF informed that her cousin didn't listen to her surgeon and wore a regular bra 2 weeks after her surgery and she had to have them redone. Very important to wear your sports bras and keep your babies lifted.


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Well this is it, no backing out. I am going to be heading to the grocery and getting my food for the weekend. Going to my PS to make sure I have all my info and all my medicines. I am sure my PS thinks I am crazy, but this is a very serious operation. It's life changing.
I will come back later today and tell you my grocery list and my doctors last minute instructions..
Excited excited excited

The night before

Well ok, it's 10:30 here in evansville, Indiana. I have all my Meds filled, have my clothes ready for tomorrow, showered and shaved my "needed" places. I am having a glass of wine and taking one of my nerve pills. ( I am so anxious ).. I stopped by my PS this morning to make sure I had all my information ready. ( I think they probably think I am crazy ) but to me, it's not being crazy, it's just making sure I have everything ready. Julie ( his wife ) she works for my PS, went over all of it again, she really is wonderful. I have my GF over, she is suppose to be here to help, but she decided she would get drunk. Not happy with that at all. I have my mother and well, my best male friend will be taking my mom and I in the morning. ( the GF is kicked to the curb!!) but anyway, getting back to me and tomorrow.. I am getting up at 5:30 and leaving my home @ 6:30. Check in is at 7am and surgery is @ 8:30.. Said it would take 45 minutes and recovery 1-2 hours. I will have my mother taking pictures after the procedure and I will be keeping you posted..


Well it's 5:30 am.. Getting ready to do my final preps before we leave to the hospital.
Be back when we are at the hospital.. Bring on the boobies

At the hospital

Checked in, great staff here Methodist Hospital in Henderson
Blood pressure was good and now ready for the next steps..


Iv started.. Nausea patch, now just waiting for the doctor
They gave me a Valium and some Pepcid..
Nurses here are amazing..

My Boobies

Well it's been 4 and. A half hours
I am back home and sitting in the sun with my friends and feel AMAZING!! This is wonderful.. I have no pain
Just tightness
The doctor said it was a little harder because I didn't have a lot of tissue with my small frame..
After looking at them I wish I would of went bigger.. Crazy huh.
Just took my pain medicine and muscle relaxer .. Had chicken sandwich already and feel AMAZING. This isn't hard all.. Wow

My new Boobies



Just amazing how feel

10 hours into it

Well it's almost 10 hours into it...-And I am just on awe that I am running around and not feeling any pain.. My boobies are just tight and, hard as heck...
Just say down after cleaning up some stuff ( my laundry ) and put a ice pack on and having a glass of wine .. I know it's a no no.. But I think I should be ok with one.. ( my mom popped open a good one ) how could I say no..
Have family and friends over and they are all in shock because I am up running around like nothing happen.
I pray it stays this way

More photos

First night to sleep with these new boobies

As I was looking at all of the pictures on here with everyone's post op
I noticed they had bandages wrapped around them. I walked out with no bra and a jacket!!
I am wearing a sports bra.. And was not told to sleep up or to even wear a sports bra or my medical bra
Any advice on that?
I am going to sleep sitting up and wearing a sports bra..
Again any advice

1st night

Well slept for 3 hours
Awake now,, had to move to the recliner
My bed wasn't made for sleeping sitting up.. So now I am in the recliner .. Took some pain Meds and muscle relaxers.. Keep you posted

2nd morning / day

It's 630 and and I am feeling the pressure.. I feel they look a little different, but everyone say the will settle... Slept better on recliner.. Took my Meds again a few minutes ago.. Keeping ahead of the pain. Which isn't that bad it's just the tight ness
Have ice packs on again..
Will keep you posted

Post op. day 2

Starting to feel the pressure
Need to rest now I guess
Been up doing stuff and I Can tell that it's starting to be to much
Here are my day 2 pictures

Sports bras

Here are the sports bras I purchased

2nd day

More pictures

2nd day

Not really taking a lot of my pain Meds.. I really am not feeling pain
It's more of the pressure.. Loving very minute of it.. Can't wait to the swelling goes down
Love all of you that are following! Means a lot

2nd night / time for bed

All is well
Ice packs and muscle relaxer
Tomorrow is shower and bandage day!!
Will keep you posted
Photos and all

Day 3

Woke up a couple of times in the night.. Took my muscle relaxer and went right back to sleep.
Today is shower day..
Woke up this morning with a lot of tightness and have ice on them now.. Keep you posted after shower
Love you guys so much
Great website


Drove yesterday and actually went out on the boat. Hardly no pain.. Just still swollen and sore
The pictures in am posting are from yesterday
I will post today's photos later after church
But I drone from evansville to Louisville ky yesterday all by myself..

Day 3 photos

Here are my boobies
Day 3

Day 6/ boobies and laser

My implants are doing fantastic
No need to wear a bra, no need to cover the incision site. Go Friday to have them looked at. Yesterday I had a sciton deep laser peel and wow,,, PS said I was a tough girl. It didn't hurt till he was finished. The cold air that his assistant ( wife ) kept blowing onto my face was worse then the actual whole procedure.
It burns badly, it's a 2nd degree burn. I took a pain pill, Valium and muscle relaxer and came home. Say in the recliner and did nothing. Waited 6 hours and washed my face with the product they gave me and it was so painful!! That hurt worse then my BA.. Slept half ass.. Not really a good nights sleep. Woke up @ 7 and called it a night and made my coffee. Eyes were swollen like they said and my breast felt fine. Iced my breast and still have not used the bathroom ( yes,, I am clogged. Lol )
Called the doctor ( because I am that kind of girl ) and asked about icing my eyes. They said yes.. So I have iced my eyes, iced my breasts and washed my face 3 xs already. Face doesn't. Hurt it's just a sunburn. Will keep you posted..

One week check up

Well my breast are doing fabulous and my face is healing nicely. Not any of my friends are willing to have the laser done.. Chickens, lol.. Here are my boobies one week out and my face at 5 days.. I am very happy with both. With my BA I was Informed that hey used the Keller Funnel and it's really amazing, if you get a chance google it and they had a story on the Doctors about it.. Well worth the extra 200$. I can get back to my Phyiscal therapy and start doing all the things I have before the surgery. The swelling is just the hardest thing right now, they feel as if they are about to bust out of my skin. I just didn't have a lot of skin to work with is what he told me. But the results are fabulous and I can't wait for the swelling and my face to heal..

Been a while

Been reading all the new boobie stories, amazing!! Congrats to all of you.. I am going to take some pictures today of my boobies and post them and of my face..

Today's pictures

Doctors office

Always telling me that it takes time. So I am now going to give it another month and see how if it fades.. It has some what, but like I said, I am not a person who wears makeup.. Having boobies looked at also today.. Keep you posted
I really do like my PS & don't have anything negative to say, it's just praying that the laser went well.. Thanks for your support

Almost 2 months

They are starting to fall and they feel great. Probably the only thing this PS can do.. Anything else he sucks.

Love them

Went to VS was told I am now a DD
Love them

4 months

Tomorrow will be my 4 month checkup
Love my breasts .. Maybe a little too big, but I do have to say he did get that right..
Need to find a good Botox doctor now.. They are too expensive


Recent photos

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