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Just had BA yesterday. Hadn't ever considered...

Just had BA yesterday. Hadn't ever considered having them done unitl my husband & I went to Jamaica and I met a couple ladies who'd had it done which gave me boob envy. I talked to my hubby on the plane ride home. He was all for it! Said I was beautiful the way I was but of course he was on board if I wanted to do this. But boy you ladies aren't kidding about the tightness! I wouldn't call it pain but my chest feels like its going to spit in two. I was told to wear a Bali Downtime bra for the 1st month and I also have the banduea strap. I took both off today in order to check them out & take a couple pic's- then put them right back on. Think the band is contributing to the tightness cuz it felt so much better when I had it off but supposed to make them drop quicker so I'll keep it on.

Can't shower until tomorrow. I was approx 38C before and have on a 38DD bra right now- I'm 5'9 & 142 lbs- saline submuscle 475 cc's each.. My mouth is still so dry from the anesth & anti-nauseous meds. Any tips to get me through the next few days? I have oxycontin but just 3 tablets and figured I would save those for bedtime when needed. Just taking ibuprofen & muscle relaxer right now & antibiotic . Dr started me on arm lifts in recovery. Doing a modified version at home cuz I can't raise my arms above my head. Could not get comfortable last night. Started out in the bed but had to move to the recliner cuz i didn't want to wake the hubby but still coudn't sleep.. Dr said I could resume normal activities after 24 hours but think I really underestimated how tight my chest would be. I'll try postig pic's later, new to the site and need to figure out how to load them. About how may days did it take for any of you to feel like your self again? I feel pretty useless right now. Know I should be up & moving around which I am some but for the most part my butt has been in the recliner today. I realize I am only 1 day post surgery but feel like I should be doing more.. Thank you to all the posters on this site- I have been reading them since I decided to have the BA and they really helped to alleviate my nervousness before hand.

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