A new long journey ..:)

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First of all i wanna say Im happy I've found this...

First of all i wanna say Im happy I've found this website and I think i read all the reviews here :P I havent broke my nose or anything I just dont like it...I have threee things I would like to fix in my outlook. My teeth ,my nose , grow my hair longer and make a nice body. Ive fixed my teeth with braces and im in process of growing hair but the only way I can fix my nose is by having surgery. I know I have no money (cause im 19 and i live with my parents) which by the way disagree my decision ,but i really want this thing done!

Ive never been a popular girl or a beautiful girl ,and ive always wished some magic could happen and my nose get fixed...

posted some photos


Sometimes i think my nose its just too fat and it cant get fixed the way I want to! and it looks to me like everyone i know its just focused in my nose not the other things :(

got to make a decision

I would love to do the rhino but im so scared I cant find a right surgeon in here. I would like to do it in America ,but it would cost me like 10.000$ including the airplane and the cost of the surgery (where the hell am I gonna find all these money) By the other hand I can do it in my country and ive seen some great results here but im still not convinced ,i mean i dont wanna end up worse than this !

Of course i can wait a few years ,find a job and collect money and make the surgery in the usa ,but that would take like forever :((( and i cant stand this nose anymore ...I would rather prefer having a bump or something than this fat ugly front nose.

cant find a doctor who is good at fixing the front of the nose ,not just profile :(

Any recomendation for a good surgeon who is good at fixing front look of the nose...cause all i've seen are profile photos before and after :@


Ok so Im in between two fires now. A surgery in here at the best doctors costs around 2000 euro ( may not seem a high price for someone but for my country living standart is pretty high) and I can afford that with a bigg help from my parents. Ive seen some work of the doctors and they are really good but most of the pictures I've seen are of nose profiles , front wasnt a bigg difference, thats why Im not sure about them

My second option would be this Dr. Grigoryants whose result I loveee, he seems pretty good at changing front of the nose and ive seen some good reviews here bout him. The problem here is that he lives and works in California and the price is so high! Including everything ( ticket fee , cost of surgery , cost of visa , cost of living there for like 1 month ) the price would be 10.000$ . I dont have that kind of money and Im sure it will take some good time to collect that amount .

Do you guys think the same way my parents think ,that going to america just for a surgery and spending all that money is wothless? I know they dont understand me and the issue I have with my actual nose...i hate it. I want to do it ,but i wanna do it right and with a doctor im sure its gonna do a good result.
I would like some opinions...should I wait and collect the money( even though its gonna take lots of time) or do it in my country without beeing sure?

...collecting money

Still havent made up my mind what am I going to do ...but im starting to collect some money for ''the usa plan'' lol

i bought this new cam and it looks like she does magic to my nose and makes it look perfect...no idea why

Nose its the most important feature!

Its doesnt matter if you have beautiful hair ,or lips ,or eyes if you have an ugly nose! It will ruin everything...the worst part is if you have a wide and bulbous nose which affects the front view of the face...Im hell tired of worrying if someone is looking at my nose everytime I walk in the strets , also hell tired of making 100 photos in a trip but not being able to like not a single one of them ,cause this stupid nose just ruins them..


forgot to add the original photo :))

saving saving

Im never gona get 10.000 $ for the surgery. Never. :(

I have the money finally :D

So its been 2 years since I created this review and now after 2 years of me being unhappy ,feeling ugly ect ,...I finally have the money :D funny thing is I made the money in 2 months cause I find this great idea .bought things from ebay and sold them in a higher price in my country ( 80% of the population doesnt even know ebay exists) lol . So back to the main point. Now I just have to find a good doctor to perform my surgery, I already have my favourite (which is the one i visited two years ago) but I think I should make some other consults too..see some other doctors..who knows maybe I change my mind ..
I hope everything goes well cause Ive dreamed about this surgery for sooo long. One thing is for sure. In august im going to have a new nose.

I dont have many photos of myself (cause I hate my nose ofc) so I ll do some late

Oh my god.

So tomorrow I ll have my surgery done. I dont even know how things went so fast. I just went for a consultation and the doctor was really good. I saw lots of patients coming in and out of his room and they all had some great noses (all done by him) He was kind of in a rush ..not a very talkative person. Had a lot of people waiting to do a consult with himsince he comes in ym country 2 times a month. I dont know but i felt sure so i booked the surgery for tomorrow! There were two options : tomorrow or in september , so Ive been waiting for this my whole life and i will not wait more.

Now that im home,,im just too scared. What if it turns bad? or what if I die during the surgery lol...I dont know I just wish everything turns out good with the help of God..

last photos with this tomatoe in my face

Last photos before my surgery! Im half an hour apart ????

Im drowning in my own face

i have never felt this bad in my whole life. Can people die from sore throat? I didnt felt nothing in the surgery room. Everything went great but now 24 hours later my throat hurts as hell and i got some bruises omg i can barely open my eyes. I am so worried even thoug the doc said it had a lot of job to do in my nose thats why i have bruises...i hope i can survive tonight

recovery time

hello everyone! So now Im back home and this is the second day after my surgery. I have to stay all the week in my room cause its terribly hot outside and i cant expose much in the sun..well since im not a very social person I dont really mind staying home and reading some books. Right now i was reading some reviews here and i got so scared :( maybe my nose will turn out to be worse than it was before!! I noticed i have uneven nostrils and a big tip . I hope its just swelling from the amount of work the doctor did in my face :). Thank you all for your kind words ! I appreciate them all

Cast off :D

Hello beautiful people!
I just got my cast off and removed my stiches. It was really uncomfortable and I cried a little :p but mostly cause I was nervous the whole time. The doc removed the cast and said he was really happy and that he did a wonderful job (modest guy lol) He told me i was too swollen in the tip and in the brigde and it would take a year for my final result bla bla i already knew this. I took the mirror and I couldnt recognize myself I swear!! I was shocked (in a good way) . I really really liked what I saw even knowing i have swelling. I wont say I love it yet , but I hope I can say that in a short time! I am happy i did this!


I have a question for something thats bothering me ..In the inside of my nose I still have lots of dried blood and I cant really breathe very well from my nose :( Should I try te remove these dried blood inside of my nose now that I am 10 days post op? Or should I wait? Does anyone has them too or is it just me?

My nose is still swollen and feels numb to the touch specially in the tip. I hope it gets better and the tip doesnt drop much :D

Forgot the photos

decided to hide some features since I got a really disturbing inbox ..whatever...my front is so swollen i hope it looks better with time????

feeling good

This is the first photo in which I havent edited my nose for instagram or facebook ???? I am really happy I just hope the front could get a little more refined , even if it doesnt I dont care ...its much better than before! Hope you are all healing well

The photo

18 days update

hello everyone! I hope you are all having great vacations! Its been almost 3 weeks since surgery and the time has passed so quickly,it seems like it happened yesterday! My nose looks good , sometimes I love her more ,sometimes I dont love it that much :p but its such a big improvement ,one time I cried looking at myself in the mirror lol( so silly) i was so happy! People who dont have ugly noses dont understand how much this means to me, now I can talk to people without hiding my face , I didnt ever had a boyfriend cause I thought my nose maked me look so ugly and I put all my effort into collectiong the money for surgery ,i had no time for nothing alse! I deserve to be happy ,and everyone who goes through a nose job deserves to be happy. We all suffer and we all deserve to like what we see in the mirror.
I was a student in a small country with conservative parents who didnt even allow me to work in a shop or any other job , they thought nose job was a celebrity thing...i still didnt gave up and I created a job I could do from home from my computer! So anyone can do it, just never lose hope..

I made some before afters just to see how much my nose has changed. I know its not perfect and it still needs to refine and its swollen in the tip. It will get better I hope. Funny thing is that I havent been careful with salt foods ,i havent taped it and I sleept like I always did lol didnt show too much care :p

Sorry for my writing cause english is not my native language and its a little hard to express all my feelings in english. I love you all and If I can be help to anyone please contact me ,i will try my best!

Its been a month!

Hello everyone! Its been a month already. Sometimes I even forgot I did it ..sometimes It seems like yesterday. My nose has her good and bad days. The tip is still numb and swollen, it feels like a ball in there...but anyways I still like it . Its the best decision I ever took..the only regrett Is that I didnt do it earlier. It gave me so much confidence ,i could never believe i could feel this pretty..When I used to have my old nose i didnt use make up cause I feelt like it couldnt make any big difference , now I like doing make up even though I cant do It very good but thanks god there are youtube tutorials lol .. This week Im going to the beach for vacations..should I put my head in water? Im kind if scared o.O


hello everyone ! I forgot to update my review ...so my nose is looking good, it still has her bad and good days (in the morning i look like a potatoe) lol . What bothers me is the tip cause its hard as rock. I know its normal in the beggining but now its been almost 6 weeks and its still the same! Whatever im still so soooo happyy , I know it could be better but I didnt seek perfection so im good. I wont press the "its worth it" button till at least 6 months cause maybe my nose gets worse :p

I notice that now im not afraid to see people in their eyes and i dont hide my nose like I used to. Its amazing!

Almost 3 months post op

hello beautiful people! Its been a while since mu last update but ive been very busy. My nose still has her bad and good days..its still swollen in the tip and i Think it has droped a little which I dont want to happen :p . I have not reggret my decision ,its one of the best things i have done for myself. Im waiting for six months to pass so I can see the final result ???? lots of huggss for everyone

8 months post op!

Hello everyone!
Its crazy how before having my nose done i used to visit realself every day and after i did my surgery i forgot it even existed lol ????
- Im doing a quick update cause I am 8 month post op! Everything is going great, sometimes I forget I had surgery..it feels like I was born with this nose. I havent had any problems, I love my profile and lately I started to like the front too :) I still have a strong tip, like a ball :/ is this normal? Doesnt bothers me much but I still want it gonne ????
- i cant believe how much confident I feel now... Before i couldn't even see anyone without being ashamed of my old nose( rip to that bit*h) ????
- i wish everyone happiness and please choose your doctor wisely and dont wait to much! There are good doctors that dont cost a fortune

Best wishes huggss for alll xxoxoxo

Before and afters.

I did some before and afters and now I realise how much of a difference there is :) once again for everyone who asked me, the total cost was 1500$ . My doctor said that my nose was one of his best jobs even though some days i dont like it...but there are days i love it.
I am in 8 months post op. It was worth it and i dont regret spending money on it ( i choose my nose instead of saving the money for school) lol

Its been a year and 2 months!!

Hello everyone!
I just realised its been more than a year since I did my nose job! Time flies.. I think this was the best decision of my life so far, it has changed my life and my confidence.. i cant thank my doctor enough. Im happy with it even though some days it feels like a potatoe lol
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