1 Kid, 140 LBS,5'6, FULL TT & BA 445 Inspira,Natrelle, UHP - Europe

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Hiya, I've been just checking out the stories...


I've been just checking out the stories posted up on here and being positive that many ppl had BA & TT altogether. I've been really anxious as 1) I need to spend like 6 hours travelling for my surgery and being in a different country, doesn't make it any easier. So my story is that I while being pregnant I went really big, the scales were showing 231 lbs on my due date, being 5'6, you could only picture me. So in 6 months most of the baby weight dropped, however my breasts are a mess, like rest of the picture. I'm worried that they'll be too small and I wouldn't achieve the look I'm aiming for , but after checking out some stories on here (like this lady https://www.realself.com/review/london-england-breast-implants-42-years-children-excited-boobies ) I'm being positive .
Going further on, year after baby came I was going trough a really bad divorce and I ain't that confident no more as you could see when the clothes come off, the look ain't that nice, as I still have fat left around the abdominal area ... so I finally booked the date, pre-paid my implants and full TT + lypo

Does any one on here have 445 Inspira,Natrelle, UHP? PS said that she needs 410 CC in one of the breasts and 445 CC in the other, the breast aug will be done with an areola incision, so the extra skin could be sorted out she said and nipples corrected. So do you think I'll achieve the look of PussicatEF ?

Also PS said she wouldn't have to do liposuction on the flanks but just on the area above the belly button as there was still fat left there.

Halfway there , 12 day PO,no BA, only FTT+ liposuction of flanks and upper tummy, MommyMakeover


First of all for all of those who still have second thoughts about having a full TT just do it! Although I'm still pretty swollen I haven't seen my tummy looking better since.... I can't honestly remember. I gave birth via C-section, 4 ears ago and since then I had a big pooch in the lower abdomen area, which 'grew' in case I wasn't ultra-careful with my diet or was having a beer. Which was a major let down for me! So on 30-06 I went down for OP, looking foreward for my new pair of boobs and flat tummy, imagine my surprice after 8 hrs of OP, they wake me up and THERE WERE NO BOOBS :( :( OH MY GOD, I've cried like a little gal, they told me reason was that I was bleeding too much and they've decided to sort out the TT and close. I was really dissapointed but I've booked another date in the fall. Let me tell you bout the details of the op- full tummy tuck+lipo(flanks /750 ml from the left flank; 650 ml of the right flank>>>> 200 ml upper stomach, PS said there was also lypo performed of the middle of my back area to avoid extra skin hanging ewwww) , PO day 1, I had my drains in and was really exausted, remained in bed by POD 4- drains removed, PS sent me home on POD5. Not much really happening exept that I was really exausted.
To compare pain when standing up for the first time, it's waaaaaaaaay better than standing up after C-section ( I was prepared for even worse)
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