Asclepion Laser - Treatment of Post-op Scars Gone Bad

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I had fractional laser treatment (Asclepion laser,...

I had fractional laser treatment (Asclepion laser, made in Germany) of the scar I had after breast augmentation, which had slided below the breast fold. The scar wasn't bad, merely white and not raised, but visible because of its position. I expected that the laser treatment would even out the skin tone and make it less visible (the doctor persuaded me to treat the other scar too, so that they both look better). Unfortunately, nearly three months after the procedure not only are they are not better (now they are both visible, instead of only one!) - first the skin was really burnt, now the burns and the red have faded but the skin around both is still brownish, which is quite visible on my very white skin.

Needless to say, I wish I had never meddled with anythinhg and just left it as it was, since it looks worse currently than it did before :-( - and I only wish things could be back as they were.

The hyperpigmentation is slowly fading away but I wish I could use something that would make a full recovery certain (and faster!).

i had laser treatment of my post-breast-augmentation scars to even out the skin tone, but three months later the skin is still brownish and the traces are fading away very slowly. I am currently using rosehip oil, since I read it was a natural source of retinol etc. - but would be very thankful for any suggestion for speeding up this process! Thanks a lot in advance!
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results currently worse than before treatment

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