Early 40s, Silicon Explantation After 15 Years, Hopefully with Fat Transfer Afterwards - Europe

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Hi everyone. Really happy to find this site, it...

Hi everyone. Really happy to find this site, it has been very helpful reading about everyone else's experiences. It has made me realise that my worsening memory and brain fog is probably attributed to the implants. I had all of my amalgam fillings removed, thinking it was down to them, but it did not help.
I have always liked my shape with my implants, I felt womanly and more in proportion, but I looked at a photo of myself, taken by a friend on holiday, while I was wearing a tight vest, and thought 'oh my goodness, these huge balloons need to go', I had never noticed them looking so large and fake, they have increased by at least one cup size since I had the implants. Having read details on this website, I am not certain about my decision.
I started as a 34A/B, the implants took me to a 34C, and now I actually don't know what size I am because my 34D bras have become too small and uncomfortable, but I have not yet gone to buy a bigger size, because it's time to go small again.
I have a lump inside, some redness and discomfort on one breast, so I am very much looking forward to the scan tomorrow to have some answers, but the doctor I saw yesterday (who completely ignored my concerns about lack of memory and brain fog) thinks there is a rupture.
Over the past few weeks I have been emailing various clinics with my questions, and it seems to take a while to receive answers, so I have not selected a clinic yet. I would be very happy to hear from anyone with good experiences in Europe if you had an explantation, capsulectomy and fat transfer (can they do a fat transfer immediately after a capsulectomy?).

As with many people on this site, my biggest concern is not liking how I look after the explant, which is why I am keen to also have a fat transfer. It seems that the majority are happy with how they look afterwards and are glad to be back to their former self.

Scan done: no rupture! What's causing the pain then?

I had the ultrasound done yesterday and the doctor did not see a rupture. I think he expected me at that point to walk off and forget all about the pain and the redness, but I asked what could be causing that, and he said there could be some irregularities in the gland. Has anyone else been told this? What did it turn out to be?
He also said there may be a small leakage, so my thoughts are that there is an infection there, causing the redness, and that some silicon has made its way into the gland....but I haven't researched this.
The general practitioner has been of very little help (except to reassure me it's not the big C, as this would have been seen on the scan), and accused me today of just imagining the pain! She also dismissed learning anything from the internet. I think it would be useful for her to do some reading on this website...
Still having no luck trying to find a clinic in Europe that fits all of the requirements, or who even replies to my emails, so any advice on a good clinic for explantation + fat transfer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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