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Ok so I've wanted to have a BA since I was 18years...

Ok so I've wanted to have a BA since I was 18years old! 10 years have flown by and I'm ready to get them done now.

I live in the UK but I'm travelling to Europe 'Turkey' to have my surgery, why? Because I've had a friend that has visited the same surgeon with excellent results.

My goals of what I want to achieve are a very natural looking pair of boobies.
My experience so far hasn't been bad, problem is I had visited 3 different surgeons who have told me 3 different things that left me really confused. 1 being I need a lift, 2 I only need a nipple lift, 3 I can get away with not having a lift. At the end of the day it's down to my decision, after all I'm going to be stuck with them.
I don't want a lift, reason being scaring. I just want fullness back in my breast.

My stats are 5'9 height, I weigh 13st '182lbs' size 10-12 uk sizing my butts big lol
So I'm torn between sizes... 500 or 550 cc???
Will it look natural on me, will it make my body look more proportionate? Will that give me a
Look of full D's to DD?

I was told at my consultation to go with high profile, allergen, naturalle silicon implants. I didn't think the sizers really help me decide.
So it's between 500-550cc

Another major concern of mine is the anesthetic part, how to keep my nerves calm before hand??? Help!!?

OMG!!! Just got out of surgery!!!! Thank full to God..it went well!

Hey guys! So I'm writing this message from my hospital bed!

Just got out of surgery! I was meant to do it tomorrow but the surgeon told me It was today! I was like what???

Thought I wasn't ready...but I came in, the patient care co ordinator is soooo lovely here! All the staff are amazing! The made me feel at home! As I was really anxious.

So surgeon came in went through everything with me, we discussed sizing again...I originally wanted 500-550cc but he told me to put in 600cc, I told him I didn't want that as didn't want them too big...now I wish I did #boobgreed lol
He ended up putting 560cc so we'll see how it looks when everything is off.

My main concern was the anaesthetic part, the anaesthetist made me feel really comfortable, which eased my nerves.
I don't remember being put to sleep I only remember waking up...lol

Right now I feel comfortable...I was shivering when I got out! I was sooooo cold! But now I'm okay...I'm not in any pain, just having a few aches.
I don't feel sick right now...as a lot of reviews I read a lot of women said they were nauseous..they've said I can't eat for the next 2hrs or so..so I don't feel sick, I'm okay with that as I'm not hungry anyway.

So my incision is under my boob, he went for the ultra high, allergan, naturelle implants silicon textured I believe he used the sub facial method.

I'm going to try and rest now...hopefully I still feel as good as I do now... I hope the size is what I want!

My surgeon. Said they are DD which is my end goal....so let's wait and see! X

OMG just got out of surgery THANKFUL TO GOD it went well!!!

So I just got out! I'm Sooo happy it went well and no complications! Thank God!!!

I was feeling very groggy when I woke up from the anaesthetic.
I was sooooo cold!!! Like shivering like mad! But I'm much better now.
I don't feel sick at the moment, hopefully I stay that way!

So I was meant to have my surgery done tomorrow the 4th. My surgeon called me yesterday and told me it was today I was like omg!!! Anyway I was cool with it...not actually that nervous...my nerves and anxiety went out the window tbh.

So the procedure...my main concern was sizing and the anaesthetic part.
My paitent coordinator was amazing!! She made me feel really relaxed! And comfortable!! The staff here made me feel at home.
The Anaesthetist came to see me before surgery, he made me comfortable as I expressed my concerns about being put to sleep...he just told me the procedure.

My surgeon came in! Amazing guy! We went through sizing..he told me to go for 600cc I wasn't comfy with that...and told
Him I wanted between 500-550cc as I didn't really want large huge breasts.. So he ended up putting 560cc sub facial technique, he put in ultra high, silicon allergan naturelle implants. Under the boob.

I'm actually not that tired right now...just relaxing...I don't feel sick..a lot of ladies on here said that they had felt nauseous after surgery, the nurse advised me not to eat for the next 2hours to prevent sickness, I'm fine with that as I'm not hungry.
My throat isn't soar 'yet' I hope it doesn't I'm okay.
So I'm praying I stay this way!!!!

And also hoping I'm happy with my size!!
Btw I showed my surgeon pictures of how I wanted my breast to look like...so fingers crossed!!

Oh and my surgeon said they are a DD so let's wait and see!
Will update again...xxxx

DAY 3!! Sleeping is Mare!!!

Sleeping is a Nightmare!!!
I'm a side sleeper..but do occasionally sleep on my back..it's so difficult sleeping on a bed! Especially when the bed is low.

My first night I stayed in the hospital which was the best sleep I've had so far, as the hospital beds recline. I stayed there out of choice...hospital staff were amazing!!! Thank God for them!

I'm not in that much pain..thank God, the pain is quite bearable, nothing beats tooth pain as far as I'm concerned!!! So I'm dealing with it well.

I'm only taking the prescribed medicine the surgeon gave me which is an anti biotic and a pain killer.
Haven't had to take anything else yet..hopefully I won't.

I'm able to move my arms well...but was instructed not to lift them above my head.

I'm nervous about removing my bandages today, because of the pain...I'll update pics later when it's off...can't wait to see them properly!!!


Day 3 Bandages Off!!

So I visited my surgeon today, to remove the bandages.

They are 560cc ultra high profile as I had saggy tits.
I'm not in any major pain..just feeling achy and sore which is normal.

My left boob has always been bigger than my right boob..
"Boobs are more fraternal twins than identical" lol

They are swollen and will settle with time. My surgeon has intsructed me to massage them daily.
Clean the wound 'incision' with an antiseptic solution daily. Using sterile hydrophilic gauze.
To wear my surgical bra for the next 6 weeks I think..? 'Will ask him again'.

I am happy with my results so far..excited to see what the next few days, weeks, months will look like...I'm just praying and hoping I heel up well!

Btw sleeping on my back is a real nightmare!! So uncomfy!!!

Week 1+ Update

Hey guys...just been trying to adjust to boob life lol.

So I'm still sleeping on my back...don't mind it now though as I'm used to it.
My boobs are still swollen and sore..just finished my meds so I'm not taking any drugs that are prescribed.. Just the odd paracetamol here and there.

I've started massaging my breasts daily, I have to do it for a month..so far I'm loving how they look..but I think I'm wishing I went for 600! I'll see what they look like in the coming weeks...well by the 3rd month.

Week 2!

This week my nipples have been so sore!

My right boob feels a bit softer than my left boob..nothing much has changed in how I'm feeling though..still sleeping on my back.

It's difficult to shower as I try to not get the scar wet.
So use a wet soapy towel to wash my breasts then use a squeezed clean damp one to rinse off...it's long! But had to be done!

I'm still massaging them..I'm not really using any oils..but i use Shea butter or Aveeno..which makes them feel really nice.

Still loving how they look..still unsure about the size...but given them a chance to heal up! Before I make a decision to go bigger!

Just a reminder..I was told by a few surgeons I needed an uplift..but my PS use ultra high silicon on me 560 cc.. Love how my nipples look on them...x
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