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Hi Dolls, I have been addicted to this website for...

Hi Dolls,
I have been addicted to this website for several weeks now, since I finally decided that I want/ need an BBL. I have never been happy with my body, but I never thought about doing anything about it, since it isnt THAT bad and I live in Holland, where any kind of aesthetic procedure is frowned upon...
My muffin top got so much worse, I cannot even wear jeans, because they sag down to the point where I would like my hips to be.

Like everyone here, I have a lot of worries, concerns how to plan and do this.
Most important are:
* Wich doctor?
In Europe the BBL is not very populair yet and new.
I have been considering Dr. de Mahieu (Belgium) , Dr. Don (Holland), Dr. Velez Pombo (Belgium), Dr. Niessen (Holland), Dr. Aslani (Spain), or maybe travel to Turkey... (no specific names yet).
I am still considering all of them and just gathering info so I can make a complete pro/ con list for each of them. Traveling to DR or USA is a way to expensive option- and very scary....
If ANY of you Dolls has any experience with these doctors, or other suggestions, PLEASE let me know!!!
* Pregnancy:
I would like to become pregnant, in time. Now the time isnt right for me and I would love to take this time for myself and do the procedures.... But obviously I dont want to completely ruin my BBL when (if) I get pregnant in two years or so... Two doctors I spoke to said that the lipofilling is just permanent, and it is important to stay in shape overall... also before pregnancy.
* the outcome versus recovery time:
I am very scared to get lumps or other things i dont desire... Or having too little or to much result... ( I want to look very, very sexy, and not like some ridiculous porn star!). And of course I am scared of the pain... And I am afraid that the " 4 weeks no sitting" will drive me INSANE!
This is my story so far; hoping that some of you out there can give me hints and tips (especially for doctors please) and that maybe I can be an inspiration for other girls in Holland/ Europe.
Good luck to ALL of you out there!!!
Lots of love <3
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