Looking for a Surgeon Who Can Give Me That Latino Style Bbl in Europe!! Europe, EU

So I've been browsing real self and can't seem to...

So I've been browsing real self and can't seem to find answers to who can perform a great bbl in Europe. Apart from for dr Alsani.

I live in the uk and don't wavy travel more than 4 hours.
I would like more choices other than dr Alsani,
Has anyone been to the following clinics to get a bbl and what's your opinion?
Wellnies Klinic Belgium
Splinberg clinic Belgium
Mediface turkey
Dr hamza

It's looking most likely like Mediface right now!
Any other suggestions.

its looking like turkey or Miami

So I've revived quotes and consultations from the doctors I previously mentioned. Dr Alsani in Spain only can give me a bbl with implants which is a big no no for me, I'm not even skinny so I'm confused why he cannot use my fat that I have. So he's out of the question. Dr hamza he's in. The U.K. And he has said he can insert up to 1000 cc in each butt,but costs £6000/£7000 which is expensive, especially for someone who doesn't have much reviews. Vanity clinic with dr fisher and dr hassan looks appealing they both know how to snatch that waist, however customer service is poor!!!!! I'm not willing to risk travelling to Miami and there playing about with schedules and cancellations. Spectrum clinic in Miami looks good, With dr Llorente and dr otega. Reviews are good, and price is good! Mediface clinic in turkey there customer service is great,and they have a greate package which includes accommodation and surgery, however I don't like the fact of staying in a hotel which is part of the package. They said they can insert up to 1500cc in each buttock which sounds good, but also sounds unrealistic. And lastly which looks like what I'm going with, is elite aftercare in turkey,customer service is amazing, the price is resonance which includes accomadation with a nurse for 7 days, meals medication and garments. And not to forget transport. I've seen one picture on here and I've seen a picture the lady sent me via email. It's looks good. So I just need to figure out which one! Any pointers ladies?!?
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