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I have been looking at this site, and it is full...

I have been looking at this site, and it is full of wish pics, and has very limited real pictures of people whom have had butt implants. I think that some people are so unrealistic about their results, that they dont bother to upload pictures once they have had the procedure done. I am greatful that this site is here, giving information, but it is for USA mainly. As I am living in Europe, this site does not help on a Dr level, so all i can look at is the pictures to see the results. Please upload more pics of real work that doctors have done, instead of loads of 'wish' pictures.

Buttocks Implants

I have booked my procedure, and now I am thinking about it. Big Time!! Its a massive step, and I feel very brave. I am somewhat frustrated that i am not getting to see many pictures, but I guess ppl only inbox their pics privately in the majority of cases.
I have so many questions, and the company are taking 2 -3 days to get back to me, when I am sending emails. Is this a sign??? The company I am going with is called Comfort Zone, based in Istanbul, as I am trying to take a holiday combined with my procedure.
I have questions, I hope someone out there can answer. You never know, You may answer ealier than the company I am dealing with!!
How soon after surgery, will I be able to dress myself?? Or be flexible enough to put on trousers?? Are Eurosillicone glueal implants any good?? (these are the ones that the company use) I am not sure if they are cohesive gel, or the hard ones……… Do women encounter men that dislike the 'hardness' of their booties?? What are the problems encountered with doing no.2s when ladies go to the bathroom immedietly following surgery?? should I only take dresses with me
for my procedure?? Or can I take sweat suits?? I do get lots of info for this site, but I still have questions lol.

Counting down the days………….

I have been soooo adicted to this site!!!! I am researching like Crazy. I have noticed the prices seem to be alot higher in USA, compared to Europe!! Anyway, it Seems Eurosillicone, are a really good implant, with a lifetime guarantee :) The company have gotton back in contact with me, and have reasured me, that I have nothing to worry about, as they are the best cosmetic surgeons in Turkey!!!! Big talk!!! :) but I like it.
I am planning to start preparing this week, as I will be flying out next week. Need to totally clean the house, get vitamins for the recovery period, some scar gel, and baby wipes etc. I am scared of the pain I am going to encounter, but they say, No pain, No gain :)

Cant Wait for my New Booty

I am now addicted to researching my butt lol. I am scared, as I am being brave, and doing it alone, but I am super excited too. I know I must be getting on the nerves of the guy Engin, whom deals with the emails in relation to this procedure (Butt Implants). I keep looking at every ones results, and some look really good. I guess I am lucky, as I do have butt to begin with, but I want a 'big' butt, and dont want it to look fake, so not super big!!!
I am counting down the days………. I got my visa today!!! its coming together!! :)

Been reading some real horror stories

I have been reading a lot, ever since deciding to go ahead with the procedure, and today has been really emotional, reading about the horrible situaltions other ladies have gone thru. It seems to be Doctor negligence that is causing most of the negligent stories that I am reading. There dont seem to be any ladies getting infections from not cleaning the incision site properly, infections, in general, in my reading so far, seem to be down to sanitary problems withing the clinic/surgery operating room!! Shocking!!! I think some women are incredibly strong, and some have gone thru the mill, just because they wanted a big booty. And why shouldnt they want one?? Big booties are as sexy as hell lol. It is really scary reading all these reviews, and because I cannot find a site like this for my doctor, I am shaking in my boots, realising the trust that I need to have to actually go thru with this procedure. I still have some time to change my mind.

No Drains 'yipee'

My doctor has just confirmed he does not use drains!!!! ;) I am so happy, as everyone complains about them!!! I'm in such a good mood'

High Heels??

I was wondering how long after surgery, you wore your heels?? I know the booty is very relevant in walking in igh heels. No one seems to mention this, please help ladies…………..

Finally got a picture up!!!

I have finally been able to upload a 'before' pic, I wanted to do multiple pics, but I only seem to be able to load one!! :(

Projection is the key word :)

Thank you for reminding me that the whole of the internet world has access to this site!!! I have changed my name for this purpose………

Only loading 2 wish pics, and this is no.1

Im not going to load lots of wish pics, Im going to load 2. The rest will be all me.

Pics 1 and 2

Wish pics

Counting down

Lord, time is moving. Am I doing the right thing?? I want to do this, but man, with the pain and suffering going on ……………..I have to remain positive. Thankfully there are success stories too.


These names are coming up too many times, in relation to bad craftsmanship. Now Im not saying they are no good, and dont want to offend any of their fans, just want to say be cautious, and read as many reviews as you can. I dont like what im reading about them.


As long as my surgery goes well, and the results are amazing, this will potentially put Turkey on the map for cosmetic surgery. I have not seen anyone else, whom has had their porcedure done there, although, most of the people on here are from the US. This procedure is not widely done in my country, and has indeed been highlighted by famous American women (Kim Kardashian, Niki Minaj). I am hoping that, this platform offers other women from Europe, the opportunity, to make their dreams a reality, at affordable prices, especially compared to the US, where the prices do seem somewhat inflated. This could be because it is far more popular in the US. Well, watch this space, all of you considering this procedure, whom cannot find very much information, even on the internet, of women whom have travelled over seas, but still reletively locally, to get this done.


There is another lady on here called 'shorty' whom gives this implant a good review, she actually has it in. She highlights the fact that it is soft, and makes your butt feel only like you work out. She had her op done in Thailand, and is very very happy with her results. I only want to highlight the implant used, on this occasion.

9 days to go………….

I am hitting the road, to go and purchase vitamins, boppy pillow, and to start buying stacks of water for my recovery period, given that I will not be able to lift anything heavy, or drive (to go do my food shop). I am also taking a week off, to just relax pre surgery, I think this will help in my recovery, and luckily, I am able to do so.

30% :0

Today, I have been reading the Doctors responses on the site. I have not really read these, I have mainly focused on the patient. I decided, I would follow some doctors, whos names are frequently associate with 'good' work, for example Dr Stanton. I just read that 30% of patients that have but implants, have to have them removed, owing to formation of the scar tissue around the implant. I must admit, I am quite shocked at the statistics, as I did not realise it was that high. Yes, alot of doctors wont do the procedure, as they say the complication rate is too high. But I had assumed, that these doctors were just not confident, and had not mastered the technique, as I understand it is a major operation, requiring experience and skill - obtained by doing lots of the operations. I did not assume that even the most well practiced doctors, sometimes fall victim to conjecture (i think it is called) when the scar tissue has a problem forming around the implant. The difficulty is, there is no way to predict whom will suffer from this, and whom will not.
30% is high.

I have copied and paste this information re: hard implants

If done properly, butt implants should not harden. Patients may experience hardening of the butt implant if the implant is placed to superficially in the gluteal tissue. Superficial but implants can cause a significant reaction by your body which will create a tight scar contracture around the implant that may alter the appearance of the plant and cause discomfort. If this occurs, the implant must be removed and placed into a deeper and safer area within the butt.
Keep in mind that butt implants are not like breast implants. Butt implants are actually solid pieces of silicone plastic. They cannot leak or rupture. If placed properly, your body will tolerate the implant well and you will not have problems with excess scarring or displacement of the implants. If done appropriately, your implants should not need to be replaced


This stuff will help in the healing process, it promotes and aids the healing of scars. It will speed up the healing process. Its a little pricy, but so worth it according to what I have read. I was on a mission to get some today, but could note locate it, so had to order them. You are supposed to start taking them a week before your op!!! I will be late then lol


Although not common, seromas can and form after butock implants (or just about any surgery for that matter). In my experience and as long as there is no infection, it is worth draining the seroma initially (and may need several drainings) to see if it resolves the problem. If the seroma becomes chronic/recurrent past several aspirations then it is time to consider either removing the implant(s) or sclerosing (adding a special solution to cause the seroma pocket to scar down) the pocket to eliminate the seroma. It is important to first ask your operating surgeon what s/he recommends. Best of luck…RAS SHOW LESS
I have copy and paste this from the questions and answers in the Doctors section

Things to consider before/after implant surgery (copied from forum)

This information is to help you pick the right mix of ideas to help you through butt implant procedure.It is a bit difficult to find real information because most of the information on internet is from surgeons trying to sell their work or patients who got exceptional results, people not happy with their results normally don’t bother to write about it. I wanted to share some of the information I gathered for myself before my butt implant procedurewhich may be helpful to others. Please Google the terms used if not familiar. 1. Know your dimensions :(a) We all watch hundreds of before and after pics to figure out what we wantsome people only know how many cc (volume) they want but sometimes lower volume implants can have higher projection depending on the shape. Shape and projection are more important than volume. your butt size limits the size of pocket that can be created for implants, your doctor can suggest your vertical and horizontal length of your butt based on that u can choose shape, volume and projection to fit in to those lengths. If you haven’t seen a surgeon yet I will explain how to take those dimensions yourself in the last point. 2. Choosing implants : based on desired look you can choose implants, google the gluteal implants from these companies spectrum (hard silicon), AART (hard silicon), sientra (silicon gel), silimed (silicon gel), alliedbiomedical (hard silicon). When you go their websites you should be able to find dimensions and shapes they offer and one that fits your butt dimensions, check with your doctor if he/she can order those for you. Sometimes your doctor can carve a fitting size (mostly from hard silicon types) for you from a different size as well, depending on his/her skills. 3. Desired look : Only way to imagine how the final outcome might look like is to request your surgeon to show you the pics of only those patients who got the same shape (different size is ok)implants as the one he has agreed to use for you. It is very important step as some times shape of implant outside does not give you clear idea of its outcome once its implanted, area of projection shape of edges etc. 4. Implant placement : (a) mostly implants are placed in 3 different ways subcutaneous, subfascial and intramuscular ( Google these terms if not sure!) ask your doctor which method he uses, for myself I prefer intramuscular because it has lower chances of displacement and sagging over the years, as muscles provide stronger support than other two procedures, think long term because sagging can shift projection which is facing horizon to facing ground with aging also choose your shape accordingly. Intramuscular has also lower chance of visible edges from implant. Sometimes doctor uses the first two methods when patient insists on high volume implants for his/her own size ...think long term. 5. Types of procedures ( two cuts vs one cut) Normally doctors make a 4-5 cm cut in the upper part of your crack to insert the implants, some doctors make to cuts close by one for each side considering high complication rate for this procedure I prefer 2 cutsif one side got infected it can be contained or if suture rupture only one side gets exposed which is easier to manage than both, most doctors use stent because body produces fluid because of the cell death during surgery for up to five days , i have seen some right after surgery before and after pics without stent, I would be very cautious of that, also request your surgeon to put stents under the underwear mark so that 2 dots (stent scars ) are not visible over your beach wear later.6. Be aware of complications: Not knowing does not eliminate the risk, fact is complication rate is up to 20 -30% if you are aware of it sooner you can act and less complicated it can get. Doctor will explain post-surgical care in detail but don’t forget to discuss red-flags about complications such as infection, fluid built up, rupture etc. your surgeon can be highly skillful but remember your body has to do healing work and every ones different, some complications arise as long as 2 years after surgery, if you getting the procedure done outside the country , once after you return you should know some plastic surgeons in your area who you can go to in case of emergency, your family doctor may or may not be able to handle it. If you have 15 minutes to educate yourself about complication, diagnosis, management and prevention, I liked this information because it’s a study and not some ones opinion it has 18 pages but most are tables and pictures. Google same words “ complications of buttocks augmentation cirugiaplastica ” this study also provides correlation between implant size and complication rate, have a look.7. Finding right doctor: Find the doctor who meets your chosen criteria of procedure based on above points, someone who does butt implants couple times a month rather than a year, who has better work to show in his website preferably over 10 years of experience, most importantly find how ready doctor is to support if complication arises ask how he/she deals with it!If they say their patients never get complication probably they are not telling the truth. Always go to doctors office with a written list of questions and take notes.8. Taking your dimensions: Dimensions are in centimeter and they are taken along the lines of imaginary plus sign in the middle of a butt cheek. They will be very close to the ones your doctor will give.For vertical length, place measuring tape vertically in the middle of any one of butt cheek tip of tape should be as high as tip of the crack measure number on the tape at the lower crease (not the curve) at the bottom of the cheek minus 2 cm from final number.For horizontal length (width): contract you buttock muscle as hard as you can, you can even bent little backwards. Place measuring tape horizontally in the middle of butt cheek touch the tip at the edge of crack and measure the reading at the curve where cheek starts turning in forward direction it’s more like and angle because you have contracted the muscles, you take the reading at the angle (Not where you cheek meets your hip) because you contracted the muscle here you don’t have to minus anything.If you don’t have visible differentiating lines on butt then ask your doctor for dimensions.Hope this information helps you, I will provide more information when I come across.feel free to ask me if you want me to clarify any point, I am still waiting for my surgery and learning new things about the procedure .One last request from me, sometimes you really like certain shape on someone but it’s frustrating not able to know what type of implants they used, if you finish your surgeryand you post your before and after pictures please provide implants 5 dimensions, length, widthprojection, volume and shape so that other can use it better in decision to aid their surgery.

Whats the realistic amount of time I will be off work??

No one is mentioning how much time they had off work, or even that work was an issue at all!! I am very worried about this. I have booked 2 weeks, but from my readying this seems very unrealistic???

Mr Doctor is too busy, and is not getting back to me :(((

I had to send a pissed off email to my Dr office yesterday, as I am fed up with no response to my emails. I have been told that my surgery is on the 10th of October, one week before my surgery, and I have had no confirmation in writing, no confimation whom will be meeting me at the airport, nothing. It frightens me, because if this is the behaviour pre op, I definitely can not expect any better post operative, if I encounter problems. I am a bit of a worrier, so will need the support of my doctors office, especially because so many people do not have straight forward recoveries.
I have asked for previous customer contact, so that I can find out what I learn on here about other doctors, and they have not gotton back to me. Hmmmmm I dont like that. I am not feeling good about it all today. At all.

Doctor Still has not got back to me following receipt of 'angry' email

Well, no response. Hmmmm. I can look at it positively, and say that he is trying to obtain patients reports, and get confirmation of what is happening in writing before getting back to me! But I guess, its not a good look. Its not really the right way to conduct business. Hmmmmmm.

Update: Dr Office has email problems:

I Whatsapp'd the company representative this morning, and got a response straight away. Engin states that he has not received my email, and asked, did I receive his!!! Well, No! I have no email, he asked for my private email address, and forwarded details, of whom will be picking me up etc. He has asked me not to worry, and advised that 3 girls from London had the procedure yesterday, and gave me an email address to contact one. He has reassured me that everything will be ok, and has begged me not to worry. I emailed the patient straight away, and I await her response. I do feel better, but I want to hear from former patients, whom have had the implants for at least a few months. They insist I see the before and after pictures when I arrive, and advise I have no commitment to go thru with the procedure, but who wants to fly to the destination, and not have the surgery?? I better be quiet, beccause that could very well be me!! lol
Well, it is all on again. at least until I arrive in Turkey. Thankfully it is a great shopping area lol, so if I dont go thru with it, I will spend the money shopping :)

Doctor confirms I can still stay at the luxury villa as a guest, if I decide not to have surgery :)))

I feel alot better now, as If I decide to not have the surgery, I can still go shopping, and stay in the Villa as a guest!!! This kind of demonstrates the confidence of the company representative, he is quietly confident, that once I see the surgeons work, I will be up for the procedure!! The representative - Engin- has reassured me that I am in good hands, and that I should not worry. He is confident it will all work out good in the end. I like it :)))

I am totally unsatisfied with the doctors responses

I have asked several doctors questions, and each time, I get a 'copied and paste' response. My questions are not fully addressed, and now I have received the same response to two different questions. Couldnt be more unhelpful. More help from the patients, than the doctor!! Not a good look.

RS Doctors responses

sorry the above post (the one before this one) is in realtion to RS doctors, not my surgeon !!!!

OMG the time is drawing nearer……………Excited!! :)))))

I went out and got 42 litres of water lol I wont be able to carry it when I get home. I love fresh food, so I will have to walk and go and get that. I am a clean freak, so Im cleaning down the house, as I wont be able to do it for maybe a couple of weeks when I get back. I am going to the hairdressers tomorrow, and Im going blonde!!!! That will go with my new Butt lol. I spent today getting a pedicure, waxed all my bits, and had a facial, had a lovely day :) Packing. No heels :( but only for 6 weeks I hope. In 4 days i am gonna be in so much pain, and still, Im looking forward to it.

The ladies on here are my ROCK

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the lovely ladies that are supporting me. You are all very beautiful, with fantastic asses!!! looool


whole day doing my hair!!! But it feels real good!!! So I came home, and thought….My Butt is going to be different in a couple days………PHOTO SHOOT!!!

Getting Ready

I am packing, my passport is ready, my tickets are in my hand luggage, and all I got to do, is clean the house, AGAIN!! lol I am abit of a clean freak, and I am making sure everything is done! Im cleaning the doors, and all the paintwork in my house……Im polishing, even thou the dust is going to accumulate whilst Im away……..I have moped the floors 3 times!!! shocking!!! it must be nerves lol :)

I have Arrived!!!

We'll, I made it to Turkey!!! And I must say, the Villa is lovely. And super clean (massively important) I met a girl whom had her butt implants done yesterday, and thank god I met her!!! She is up hobbling around lol and in good spirits!!! She gave me the whole run down of what's going to happen to me!!! I am really calm, is the penny gonna drop when I go to hospital at 7 am in the morning???? Loooool
I'm nearly there. I am expecting mad pain tomorrow, just got to remind myself that it is temporary.........

I'm forgot to post the good bye photo shoot

So here goes......... Bye.........



In hospital

I have arrived!!! They have taken my blood. I was shouting 'dracula' at the nurse!!! But she didn't understand lol

Post opp

I finally crossed over

I am still in hospital

But with my new baby, yes my butt!! Lol it looks great!!! I am really happy with it!!! Lots of pain, but I already understood that it was the price I had to pay!! £3000 and worth every last penny!!! Engin is fantastic, he has been with me every step of the way!!! And even a total stranger was feeding me at the hospital, can a girl ask for more???

My ass looks great

I haven't seen it live yet, but the pictures look good

Back at the villa

Well, I spent the last 24 hours in hospital, and went to a party last night!!! Yes! A party!!! The patients were the clientele so there were people with bandaged noses, breasts, and with corsets following liposuction I was laying on my tummy the majority of the time, but I did do quite abit of walking!!! We then laughed a joked around until 5am!!! I had my opp that same day!!! I will never forget that!!! The surgeon came round at 7am, telling me what am I doing in bed. And why was I laying on my tummy, he has told me it's fine to lay on my back, and that I should start sitting!!!!!
I am amazed I have not read that anywhere , and I am not about to argue with a plastic surgeon whom has high rates of success in butt surgery!!! So I have been sitting today!!!! On day 2!!! I have to keep moving!! And hNot sit around all day, yes, SIT!!! This man is telling me to do stuff that I have not read, I have no drains, and no pain from the butt, only in my back, that he lipo"d for free, just so I would achieve the results I wanted!!!! Is this a dream??? I can officially state that the surgeon gave me what I want, and I am shocked at the rate of recovery. This surgeon is very, very good. If anyone is considering butt implants in Turkey, rest assured, the surgeon is brilliant!!!!

Please upload pictures


My new booty details

round euro silicone implants placed intra muscular. The doctor also contoured my back, taking fat out, and placing it in my hips and butt, creating a very natural looking big booty, and the fat taken from my back has reduced my waiste and enhancing the hour glass look!! This surgeon is a true artist, whom uses the most current techniques, so that no drain is needed. I am encouraged, and able to sit, and lay on my back!!! I am post opp day 3, and I have been to the Mall, albeit slowly, and went out to a restaurant to eat this evening, slowly getting in and out of a range rover, and a 6 seater people carrier to do so. All in all, after reading everything I possibly could, from this and other sites, this doctor has made things I did not think possible, happen. I found myself saying, he is the surgeon, so if he is saying I can lay on my back, ( which is how I woke up from my opp) then you can do it!!!
I have 6 more days in Turkey, and I am feeling good :)

New pictures

I'm a little stiff, but I'm trying

First Poo

Well!! This booty thinks it's too hot to poo!!! I was on the toilet all night!!! And 2 pebbles came out!!! I was too scared to strain, and the ordeal did not commence until 1am, following a big eat at a lively restaurant. I felt like it was going to come out any minute, but no, it just hanged out and wouldn't budge!!! It was half way out, only a pebble, so I couldn't return to my bed, for fear I might cough, and it might fly out!!!! After 6.5 hours in the toilet I heard the In house nurse get up, so I asked her for laxative!!! She didn't understand!!! Of all the words in the Emglish language, that's the one she didn't understand!!!! So me and my poo, went to my room, got my phone, downloaded the translator app, and showed her, then, thank goodness, I took some laxative, and sat on the toilet for a further 2 hours!!!! Finally, the eagle has landed lol!!! I felt so good!! I cleaned up with antibacterial wipes. And went to bed, it was now 10am! I just woke it's 5:50pm, got up, washed myself, but I still can't reach my feet! Got dressed, did my make up, and my hair, and I feel great :))). Just hope poo no.2 will be more straight forward lol

Happy Tuesday!!!

I'm going to get someone to take pics of me, I think it will be better!!
But here are some selfies of today. I have not taken pain killers today, just so I can feel what's going on. Taking heavy antibiotics, and they are needed as the laxative is still working on me!!! The doctor will be taking off my dressing, and looking at my wound today. My waist seems to be getting smaller, and the soreness of the lipo is reducing, my bum still feels tight, but that's to be expected with 450cc of extra kapazzzz in there!! ;))

Day 4 post opp

Today I have not taken any pain medication, was feeling brave, and wanted to get a general idea of what is going on. I also told Engin I wanted to go shopping, so he summonsed the driver to pick me up and take me. We'll brave isn't it? No pain meds, and looking to take on quite a bit of walking!! But I am feeling brave and confident today :).
I claimed into the car ok, sat down ok, got to the shopping area, and walked up and down. I was a little paranoid that the laxative was still working its wonders, and even if I fart, poo wants to come out!!! The joys....... I didn't let that put me off! Just made sure I had antibacterial wipes in my bag, to ensure I keep myself clean. I walked along the shopping stip, staring at myself in every type of reflection possible, I look different!! I'm not used to it yet, because at the villa, there are people whom have had all different surgeries, and we all talk about our experiences, but you don't really get a chance to look at yourself. I was quite lucky, because on the day I arrived at the villa, the night before my opp, I met a girl whom had butt implants the day before. She was up and hobbling around, but I was quite shocked that she could do this. She told me she woke up on her back, and panicked, because like me, she had been reading real Self, and this was a 'no no' position. She then went on to say, the doctor had told her she could sit, and lay on her back, and that she was really pleased with her results. She stressed that she could not feel any pain from the butt implants, only from the lipo, which mirrors what I have experienced. She was a breath of fresh air, as what she had said, was very good advice, and prepared me well. She looks amazing, and like me, she feels better in her skin. She told me that she removed her bandages, and could not find the incision!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee :))))))))

My hospital stay

When I went to do my 24 hours in hospital, it was all very daunting, because at that stage it was real. The fact that English was not the first language, in a hospital did play on my mind. The nurse, that god obviously sent, did speak English, and she was very attentive, I will never forget her, because when you are going thru this alone, she, is what you need. She had worked a long day, but although tired, she made sure I was warm, watered, medicated, and fed. She even moved me out of the room I was in by myself, into her room, because she said I was alone, and she wanted to make sure I did not feel that way....... She then let me rest for a few hours, then came and got me up, and walked me up and down!!! She was amazing, and made my stay in hospital one I will not forget!!! If you come to turkey ask for nurse pinar. She is the most caring human being, and speaks English . If you are not lucky enough to get her, make sure you download the google translator, and you will be fine. The wifi code us given to you by Engin on arrival

Day 5 post Opp

I am still not sleeping thru the night properly, but because I'm taking naps in the day time, that could be the reason. went to the doctors office today, and Omg plush!!! Beautiful offices, in a very upmarket area......
I had all my dressings removed today. It was sore, because I no longer take pain meds, and that lipo is painful!!!! My incision is healed enough for me to shower, but I must dry my wound with a hair dryer lol yippee !!!!!!!
I am allowed to drive, and sitting down is no problem, but I have been doing it from day 2, and it's still slow, but a lot easier. I was able to climb in and out of the car a lot easier than only a few days ago.
I feel good. Shocked that my journey has been so different to everyone else's, apart from Newbodyxo whom had hers done by the same surgeon, her story is nearly identical to mine. Isn't it it amazing how different each surgeon is? And how the art work of each surgeon differs?? I am in discomfort, it's only 5 days post opp, and I have encountered real pain, but I think from lipo. I also think, for the results obtained, it is so worth it.
I have a track suit on today, I'm waiting for my fitted dresses to come out the wash(the lady took them to wash them today) I thought I would be in so much pain, I bought flowing loose dresses, but I only want to wear the ones that 'print out' my booty lol and I know they are the pics that you guys want to see, so no pics today, but all in all a really good day. I have 2 more days in Istanbul, then I fly home. I know I will be fine on the plane, as sitting is no problem. I'm ok walking too, I'm off to the market tomorrow, then the Mall on Friday :))))).

Still very swollen

My doctor said it will be 20 days for my back/tummy swelling to go down. I had a major surgery on my tummy, not cosmetic, a year ago, and am still not allowed to work on it, how ever my sides have been lipo'd so they and my tummy are super swollen. Don't look at the belly for now, just the butt!!!
I will put up pics of the bare butt, very soon!! :))

Day 6 post opp

I went to the mall today, bought a few bits, didn't over do it, as I want to go out to dinner tonight. It's my last full day in Turkey..... Time went so quickly. My journey is about to enter a new phase. Those dam laxatives still have not worn off, and I am scared of the toilets on the plane, so we see what happens. My butt is behaving a lot better poo wize, so I'm confident it will be ok!!! Still stiff, and difficult to get dressed, my feet are dry and crusty, because I can't reach them to wash, or moisturise, but this is the price I must pay. When I get home it's different because I will have help. It was quite sad saying bye to my plastic surgery family. I have asked when can I have sex, wear a g string, wear heels, and the response is coming via what's app tomorrow, so I will update you.
I'm still feeling good, and have to wear my corset for 20 days. I will also have to dry my bum with the hair dryer for this duration, and I have been given antibacterial spray, that I must spray in between my butt cheeks before blow drying it. I have taken antibiotics ever since surgery, and have been given a very strong 5 day course to go home with. I must keep the butt clean and dry.
So I'm not sleeping tonight, too excited about going home!!!
A big thank you to all the women that have made sure I'm ok, and made me feel that I was not alone. This is the bravest thing I have ever done, and I feel very proud of myself for doing it. I actually never felt alone!!! Thanks. Girls xxxxxx

10 days post opp

After such a hectic day travelling back to the UK, my feet were totally swollen, probably from lifting that heavy case, and I just chilled when I got home, hoped being off my feet would reduce the swelling. I saw a msg today which indicated that the USA do a different procedure to the one conducted in Europe!!! May I just highlight that I did not get mine done in Europe, it was done in Turkey. This country is not in Europe. I have definitely learned that every surgeon does their thing differently, but people do need to be careful when passing fleeting comments with no evidence, as people reading our comments are making a difficult decision and need as much personal information as possible. When I first looked at this site. I was looking for information. And some very kind ladies offered information, and more importantly support. I have shared my journey, trying to address things that we're not addressed on the site, so that other women, can make an informed decision.
That being said, I'm still abit stiff, as in I can't put my shoes on, can't put a pair of jeans on yet, but I'm going to attempt leggings later on tonight. Can't tie shoe laces, have great difficulty getting into my boots, winter is fast approaching. The good news is I am ready to go back to work, and could easily have gone in tomorrow, but booked off a further week, as I had thought I would not yet be able to sit down!!! But I can, and do. I drove my car today, with no problems, that was a beautiful feeling, normality is not far away.
I took some pictures.........

Day 11 Post Opp

Home sweet home!! I have been doing light housework, going shopping, attending appointments, and generally slowly getting back to normal. I have been taking oxyprolane since I got back from Turkey. I do not shower every day, I shower every 2 days, and wash on alternate days. when I shower, I was given anti bacterial spray, which I spray inbetween my butt cheeks, and blow dry it dry, with the hair dryer. I am to update with nude pics of my butt, however My period has come, so I have to wait 7 days. It is for the fact my period is here, and i am advised not to wear tampax, but a towel, and this does create wet conditions, so that is why I am not compounding the 'wetness' by shower too frequently. This plays havac with my OCD, but I understand it is a process, and is a temporary situation, and that I must not risk any problems whilst in the healing process.

All this has not stopped me taking some new pics though :)))))

14 days Post Opp

Hello, I had a review, that i was itching to respond to, but for some reason could not. A lady said that my review was basically too long winded!!! Well, I have not only documented my day to day thought, anxieties, and actions, but have copied a paste, information that I regard as relevant, to help people whom are considering the surgery. I have not written a breif summary, as I have not found that in my experience on this site, that it was helpful. Anyway, I won't dwell on that, just wanted to respond to it, and was unable to.

I have also been unable to update my pics, I have taken quite a few, but am having problems loading them. I will continue to try.

I am nearly feeling back to normal, and next week this time my corset comes off!! whoop whoop!! I am loving how people look at my booty, I went to the mall yesterday, and a woman said my butt was so nice, it looked like I bought it! lool, a man was singing "babies got back" and I could feel the stares, which made me feel great :) I am back to work a week on Monday, and I have been sorting through the clothes that will and will not fit anymore. I have called my girls to come help themselves, and boy are they over the moon!!!
My new booty looks great, and the swelling in my back reduces daily. I hope it will subside completely by next week, but we will see :))))

Ok photo shoot :))))


Ok here goes again

So much trouble uploading pics

I did too many photos in one go

So I'm loading them slowly




I have been taking my booth out to party!!! :)) it's a complete hit lol

Thanks for all the possitive comments

Nothing to report!!! Back to work today, corset off tomorrow, a new chapter in my life has begun......

Tapes off today, corset off today

I'm free of the corset, and literarally cannot see the wound after removing the tapes. It's day 25 :))))))
Dr. Mete Aksu

This Dr is absolutely amazing, the technique he used, differs to all doctors on this site. I cannot thank him enough for changing my life!!!

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