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Today is the 1 month count down. I am very afraid...

Today is the 1 month count down. I am very afraid of the unexpected and pain but I am so excited. I am not that overweight a lot of people say I don't need this surgery but I want it. This is for me not everyone else. My fat is heriditary in my stomach and face. I would love to do my face/neck in the future but for now my main issue is my apple body and I'm not digging the pregnant look! I am 25 years old 5'2" and 145 pounds. No kids but lipo is permenant. My preop appointment is scheduled for jan 7 2014 and my surgery is jan 22 2014. I will post before pics when closer to time and update the journey and more pics!

3 weeks to go!

I'm starting to get even more excited. Stocking up on arnica. I just started taking vitamin k to get that in my system. My doctor has recommended the vitamin.

Tomorrow Preop Appt

Tomorrow is my scheduled preop appt. I am very excited! I ordered a Design by Veronique stage 2 garment already! I am posting some before pictures....they are not very pretty but that is why I am doing liposuction to begin with is it not? Anyways I am posting my before pictures and my self consciousness for the world to see.

Preop Appt

Well today was preop appointment. I got pinched and it was very encouraging. He was saying a lot of that was the fat he can take out so I am excited. The only thing is that I have to call my regular doctor to get clearance, because I am being treated for depression. I hope my doctor will do it she is a pain in the butt. Anyways, 2 more weeks woohoo!!!


So my doctor was more than willing to give me a clearance letter which surprised me a bit. She said she really wanted to see before and after photos so I referred her to this website. Dr. Hunts my surgeon called in 2 pills of Ativan (for anxiety) one pill to be taken the night before and one pill an hour before the procedure. I think it will make me drowsy. Maybe I can just sleep through the procedure? The other prescription he had me pick up is doxycycline. This pill is an antibiotic I start also taking twice a day starting the night before. My only concerns with this pill is I become nauseas with this pill so I am thinking I can eat and take my motion sickness pill with it. The other thing with it is I am prone to yeast infections with the use of antibiotics so yogurt will be a really good idea for me! I also received my garment from Design by Veronique I ordered in the mail and I tried it on. It is nice and tight, very durable, and very comfortable. I can definitely where it 24/7. If you would like me to refer you to the exact garment please pm me and I will tell you. I am getting EXTREMELY excited!!!!

Big day

I'm so excited the big day is tomorrow 6:30 am!!! I am of course nervous but still so excited I wanted this for years!!!!


The operation itself was good. I had some jabbing that felt like beestings towards the belly button area but once I said something he would instantly stop and numb it. He was very kind and great on checking on my pain levels. It felt like it went by super fast because I was so tired from the lorazepam so would fall asleep but wake up long enough to do what he would want me to do like answer about pain or flip over on my side. I was great until I stood up and nausea took over. I have been nauseated since and only puked once and it was on the way home. I have been napping since and have felt no pain so far. The lidocaine is still in effect so no pain yet thank goodness.

post op

Well I slept all day yesterday and today. This afternoon I got my garments switched out. I'm already swelled and still very tired.So i have been very good to my body and resting. I have been drinking boost for nutrition. I have another check up in 6 weeks. I do not see any difference yet but I'm sure its just the swelling. They told me the took 300cc is that enough?

Day 4

I am still weak and tired so I been sleeping alot. I love my Design by Veronique garment it is very comfortable. I have no "hard spots" yet and the day after surgery I saw no difference at all. The audits at this point sting every once in a while. I have also a vibrating massager I have been using and it feels great. I still get nausea here and there. I am also going to start short walks today.


No changes I see yet. Swelling goes up and down. Stingy towards the lower abdomen. Been walking little walks here and there. Been using an electric little massager that feels good. I get bad bad back pains in the mornings when I get up. I also been using ice packs for swelling. I'm still pretty wiped out.

9 days po

So my sides are itchy as hell. My skin on my sides is also dry and peeling so time for lotion and benadryl. Pain is still there here and there. My bed is high so that is the hardest part so of course just got period yesterday so pics is swelling and bloat. All the adits but one are healing nicely I got one that is infected that I'm trying to nurse. So anyways progress progress.

day 9 photos

15 po

I am doing good. To be honest measurement and looking at it nothing looks any different to me compared to preop. The infected adit is good now but very bruised and the only lumpy hard spot. It feels creapy. I haventbeen back to work yet until the 11th. I feel no pain unless I move or stretch wrong then it would sting. I am still wearing my garment 24/7 and will be for months.

25 days po

So I am sure I am still swollen and I keep telling myself that. I am feeling like there is no difference. Measurement wise there is still no difference. I am trying to pep talk myself. The soft parts feel like the fat is still there so makes me wonder if he never got that. Worked my first 4 days w-f and felt fine but slept all of saturday, I mean ALL of it. I only got up once to eat a bowl of cereal. I am hoping in the end it is all worth it I would hate to redo all of it. All those dots that look like moles are actually the adits I only have one actual mole. I am wondering also when I should start doing some ab exercises like the ab wheel I didn't want to start too early. My 6 week post op appointment is on 3/4 so hopefully I see some change by then if not I will be addressing that with the doc.

6 week Post op appt

I just got back from my 6 week check up. He asked me how I was doing I said I was ok just a bit disappointed. He checked it out and did the pinch and yeah still some there and took some pictures. He said it is a 50-70% difference procedure which I understand but I measure myself and see no difference and feel no difference in my clothes. He said to not wear my garment for 2 weeks and come in to see in 2 weeks and we can discuss options. That is fine with me but I better not get recharged for something that could have been fixed the first time. I'm starting to lean towards the "Not worth it" but I am waiting it out and trying to be patient before I do that.

8 weeks Post op

I still see and feel no difference. I have made an appointment for April 1st to talk options. I feel if a decent price or no price is offered I will go back under the knife. However, if I decide not to I am trying a noninvasive technique if you guys want to look at that when it happens. It is called Exilis and it melts out fat as well as tightens. For 4 sessions it will cost me $1200. Any thoughts?

8 Weeks Pics

Belly feels soft and no hardness ; ;

Complaint day

Just got done discussing my options with Dr. Hunts nice guy but peeved that he won't redo for free considering this was an error on his part. He said he would redo it again for $1000. What do you think is it worth it?


I am calling the doc to do a revision. Hopefully they have an opening real soon. I hope the second time is the charm.


The closest date I can do my revision is November 12. I can't wait to see it all done.

8 Months Post Op

This is 8 months post op from the first lipo. This is also my starting pre op photos for the redo lipo scheduled in November.

Side by Side

Dr. Hunts

Kind, gentle, and painless!

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