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I am a 29 year old mother of three kiddos ages...

I am a 29 year old mother of three kiddos ages 10,8,& 6. I have been wanting to get this surgery done since my first and very badly since my third. I had three consults and chose a Dr. who is going to do a high lateral tummy tuck w/lipo and muscle repair, breast lift, and augmentation. I have a small athletic 5'0" 115lb frame but my skin and muscles did not recover well. I would recommend on not choosing a surgeon until you have seen at least a few as all three Doctors were not only different in their personality but in their treatment and recovery plans. I also have carefully calculated my surgery date for a time when my kids sports are on a break, school is on break, my Mother is in town for the holidays and my husband will have time off for the holidays and I would recommend everyone be very thoughtful of the time of year you choose! Can't wait to get this over and done with finally!

Put in my request for time off today and got bold...

Put in my request for time off today and got bold right before and instead of requesting enough time off to give me 16 days off I am getting 21 days!! Super excited that part is out of the way! I will now be able to recover while my kids are on xmas break, while my mom is in town to help and don't have to worry about making it through a work day for three weeks! 60 Days until surgery day!

A month out from my preop appointment and 41 days...

A month out from my preop appointment and 41 days 17 hours and 47 min. from surgery but who's counting right! Actually an app on my phone is. I have been bouncing up and down weight wise 10lbs the past couple months and I've decided I need to get down to a good weight that I can maintain before my preop apt so I am aiming to lose 6 -10lbs. I am 122lbs at the moment but 112-114 is a good weight for me that I can maintain easily. I am also going to start working on a preop questions list and a list of things I need to do/get before my surgery and one of those is deep cleaning/organizing this house. I will be staying at my Mom's about 20 min. away the first week or so and my kiddos will be here with their Dad so I need to at least start with a nice clean house. I'm kind of excited about being down for the holidays because I can just relax for once and let the hubby handle shopping and running around to a million family functions.

Preop tomorrow yay! Took another pic of the...

Preop tomorrow yay! Took another pic of the stomach blob before it gets cut off in two weeks!

Pre op today yay! Didn't hear much that I didn't...

Pre op today yay! Didn't hear much that I didn't already know today thanks to lovely sites like this that have educated me about this process but I did learn that my ps doesn't allow me to wear any underwear or pants until all drains are removed ahh!!! Moo moo's here I come. This pretty much guarantees that I will not be attending xmas gatherings at the inlaws house!! I also learned I will likely not have any drains for my breasts but I will have two for my tummy tuck. My surgeon also uses a softpulse pain device which the nurse said really has helped reduce the pain meds patients are using.
I finally chose my implant size today also. My ps uses a textured gel implant as he thinks it may reduce scar tissue problems and I was torn between a 275 and 300cc implant but in the end my ps pointed out my breasts are different sizes so he had me try on the larger size with the smaller breast and the smaller with the larger breasts and he said that will give me a very even look so problem solved! I am getting a round moderate profile under the muscle.
My ps has a very conservative plan with regards to resuming exercise which although tough I appreciate. I can't do anything but walk for two months then may resume light movements like yoga and physical therapy type stuff. Then at three months I may lightly begin to resume my workouts and he recommends a personal trainer or physical therapy.
I have lots of prescriptions to pick up now, bras, night gowns, robes and such to gather before my surgery day in the next two weeks!! Ready to get this show on the road!!!

6 & 1/2 days till my sx!! So ready to get this...

6 & 1/2 days till my sx!! So ready to get this over with and move on yet soooo not ready, still have to get supplies, xmas gifts and get this darn house clean!! I've got a list going and will be working on it throughout the week. I'm also eating very clean this week in preparation for sx although I generally eat pretty good anyway. I plan on doing only liquids (protein, veggie, and fruit smoothies) over the weekend to hopefully help for the first couple days after my procedures. It could be seen as the worst time of year to be going through this over the holidays but even with the stresses of the holiday prep I am sooo happy to be doing this right now. Looking forward to laying around with the kids while they are on break from school and relaxing! So far this is the shopping/preparing I need to do this week.....
Two night shirts
Two robes one short one long
Surgery bras
Heating Pad
Cleansing wipes
tv Tray
Body Pillow
Healthy foods
Stool Softners
RX meds
and the list will continue to get longer as I remember more things!

So I'm finally 1 day PO!!!! Glad to finally be on...

So I'm finally 1 day PO!!!! Glad to finally be on this side of things and not waiting, that was getting old!!! So I was expecting the nerves to hit me when I got there but I was still very calm and ready in fact my pulse was 49 and my bp was like 104/70, my husband even seemed annoyed I wasn't nervous because he was! It was funny because the anesthesiologist said I'm going to give you medicine to make you drowsy and I swear as soon as I felt it bam I was out and awaking in post op! I didn't wake up in pain but was really bothered by feeling like I couldn't take deep breathes and by the fact that I was wide awake and wanted to talk and open my eyes but they felt so heavy and I kept dozing back off for a bit! The worst pain I felt at the surgery center was a shot she gave me in my leg for the ride home which was a pain med and anti vomiting med. I felt fine the whole way out to my Moms and coming into the house in fact I had to make myself lean over cause I felt like I wanted to stand straight but I definitely can't now! I really didn't have much pain yesterday just slight discomfort while sitting in my chair pretty much all in the chest and only a bit of pain getting up to go to the restroom! I slept a lot and was really hungery so I snacked a lot throughout the day. I was in an out of sleep all day and was kind of frustrated I couldn't stay awake when I wanted to but I know rest is good. We set an alarm for me to wake up at 3:00am to take new meds and empty the drains which would have been the 4th time but there wasn't enough to drain! Hope that keeps up so I can have these out before Xmas! I have some bruising on the back side of my hips so I'm thinking and hoping he was able to go farther around for the lipo than planned cause that would be an extra area he wasn't planning to lipo back there?!? I also have what's called a 3rd nipple under my left breast which looks like a large mole that he was going to remove if he could but he said my skin was pulled so tight he wants to wait to do it in the office in a couple months when there is less tension on it! My boobs definitely don't look to big which I'm happy about because I really was mostly wanting firmer and perkyer. He also said I didn't need the lollipop incision just a lift with the incision around the nipple and underneath the breast which is fantastic because one of the other surgeons said I would require one! My Dr called last night and got an update on how I was doing from my Mom but also wanted to talk with me to make sure I didn't have questions which was nice! I have my first post op apt today where I would imagine I get to finally see all this uncovered and will take pics for sure! Can't wait to see! All in all so far recovery for me is more annoying than anything and if it stays this way I'd say this is pretty easy to go through for me!!! More pics updates to come and thanks for all your well wishes!!!

Pics from 1st post op apt. Sitting down and very...

Pics from 1st post op apt. Sitting down and very swollen but liking what I see so far!

Well day 2po yesterday wasn't to bad but was a bit...

Well day 2po yesterday wasn't to bad but was a bit worse than day one which I was prepared for! I was still just uncomfortable when sitting and just felt pressure and tightness but had pain when I had to get up to go to the restroom. I really feel like most of my pain when moving is from these drains I swear I can feel them in there poking stuff! I didn't sleep as much yesterday as the first day and I'm sleeping in pretty good chunks of time at night, really wish I could lay down on my side cause sleeping up right sucks! If I were to describe the pain to someone I'd say in my stomach its like when your preggo and your bladder is full and the baby is pushing on it but its pretty much all the time and the boobs feel like when my milk came in those first few days and were super engorged. The pain when walking is mostly in my lower back and possibly the drains! It takes me awhile to pee cause I have to really focus on relaxing my bladder. I have only been doing half my allowed dose of meds during the day since the beginning and then the full dose at night to sleep which they said means I'm doing really well. My drainage also seems to be decreasing really fast, we started out emptying full drains every couple hours now I can go 8 hours or more and they still aren't full so hopefully that means I can get then out soon! I haven't felt any queezyness at all and have had quite the apatite!! At my preop they said everything is looking great and that I can open my bra and garment every now and then to air out and take a break which I'm doing for my boobs right now! I also asked how my belly button looks and she said I shouldn't worry because the only belly buttons they've seen not heal well were a few that had hernias and my didn't! She said for me to report my drainage amounts and maybe from the look of things I will have them both out by Xmas eve!! I would say sitting on the toilet isn't hard at all if you squat using your legs but I'm used to using my legs in crossfit a lot. I'm getting drowsy not so that'll be it for the moment but really want to try and give as much info as I can for those yet to have surgery! I am going to attempt to post pics with this now hopefully it works!

Well this was technically my day 2 PO because...

Well this was technically my day 2 PO because yesterday was my first full day post op and today would be day 2 but I counted the day of my surgery as day 1 PO so I'm all confused!!! Anyway today was probably the toughest day but still not nearly as bad as I was expecting! After my Fragmin injection I got a headache that just wouldn't go away all day which was tough. The swelling in my upper buttocks and outer thigh is uncomfortable and annoying when I walk and of course walking immediately makes my lower back hurt. I would say for me any pain in my stomach or breasts isn't an issue as much as the other discomforts like side effects of the meds, headache, swelling and such. I can also feel the drains inside me sometimes in certain positions which is uncomfortable! Last night felt like the longest night ever because I kept waking up just due to the difficulty of sleeping in a chair. I can tell my whole body is retaining fluids and look forward to that starting to flush out which they said should start to happen around day 3. I had a bm today after taking senna tablets last night and this morning, it wasn't to difficult I just had to sit there for awhile and let it slowly work it's way out because I wasn't going to try to push. My breasts were very swollen today and I can't imagine they could swell anymore so hopefully they start to go down tomorrow! I was standing much straighter today and my nurse said if I'm doing what I'm supposed to she thinks I should be walking upright at my 1 week apt next week! Took a peak of my stomach mid day while my Mom did my drains and my incision goes around my hips a ways like he said it would but I'm more than fine with that because he said who wants a flat tummy just to have obvious love handles and loose skin on the sides! My incision also looks nice and low but will know for sure once I try on underwear! Still very anxious to see if I'll finally have a cute belly button again!!! Plan on taking more pics tomorrow!!!!

New pics first thing this am, bathroom lighting is...

New pics first thing this am, bathroom lighting is weird but here is what it looks like so far! Very swollen and still not standing completely straight! I'm very happy with how everything looks so far!

So this is um day 3PO!!!! The days are starting to...

So this is um day 3PO!!!! The days are starting to run together but I would have to say I already feel like I'm getting better and better day by day! I am already walking almost totally straight it's really just my right hip area holding me back from standing straight because I feel some pulling on the right hip when I go straight! I had a bm easy on day 2 and TWO today which is more than I go on a normal basis! I still definitely have discomfort when coughing, laughing, walking or moving to quickly but not pain really! I am getting in and out of my recliner easily on my own both today and yesterday even when it's layed back! I weighed today and have gained over 10lbs of swelling and I can see it on me but I am drinking lots of water and tea throughout the day and I know it'll flush out when my body is ready! I'm only emptying my drains once in the morning already and once at night so my ps said I can get my first of two drains out tomorrow only 4 days in and likely my last one on Christmas Eve 1 week in! I really couldn't have asked for a better smoother recovery and I feel so blessed and lucky! I'm still only taking half the dose of pain meds every 6 hours and I take one nap mid day! I am nervous about getting the drain out tomorrow I'm really hoping it doesn't hurt, I've felt so good this whole time I'm worried my good luck may run out! My Mom said my hair is looking greasy today ugh guess I need a shower but can't till both drains are out so what a Christmas Eve gift that would be to shower! My kids came out to spend the night at my Moms because they have No school and they have been missing me a lot more than I realized they would and its been wonderful having their sweet little faces around me again! I miss my husband too, I sent him the pics I posted late last night/ early this morning and he said I'm looking good! I'm enjoying the down time and look forward to moving this rest and relaxation back home to be with my family but my Mom and Dad have been wonderful company and caregivers through this!

Well I started off day 4PO pretty excited about...

Well I started off day 4PO pretty excited about get my first drain out and ended in a much different mood! My kids stayed with me today at my Moms and my sister came out with her kids which was nice but I didn't realize the toll a full house would take on me or how the rest of the day would pan out. The nurse told me I didn't need to worry about getting the drains out because to most people it just feels weird but as soon as she started to slide it out I could tell this would not be the case for me. The pain was horrible and very shocking for me. I felt like she was ripping all my insides out and I cried out in pain and couldn't breathe and as soon as she told me to breathe I broke down in tears. It's honestly the first time I've had any pain this whole time the rest has been just discomfort. I'm now dreading getting the last one out Monday and really gonna be worrying about it all weekend. They said I look more like 2 weeks into recovery not 4 days and she thought maybe my fast healing had something to do with the pain she thought maybe she pulled on a nerve that was attached! They don't think I should have the same experience in the other side but I don't feel so confident! They said I'm walking great pretty much almost upright just slow and that I'll probably be able to pick up my workouts pretty well when I can! I came home and got two long bouts of the hiccups which is one major annoyance I never thought of and then the fact that I don't get to see my husband because he is having to Xmas shop and that I can't even talk to him or my friend because I have no cell service out here at my Moms hasn't put me in the best mood today! I'm hopin tomorrow is a better day!!!

Today day 5 PO was a long day for sure! I woke up...

Today day 5 PO was a long day for sure! I woke up still not in the best of moods. I made the mistake of trying underwear on last night to see if they cover my incision and they do except on the hips which bummed me out but after thinking about it today I knew it could show and I knew before hand It wouldn't be a huge deal because it will fade and my stomach will still be so much better than before regardless. It may not even show it just did in those underwear with how I look now. I'm also having sharp pain in my left breast which is very frustrating because until yesterday I've had really no pain but now I can't hardly move without that sharp pain over there! My stomach still feels great and today I finally tried putting a tank under my binder like my nurse suggested and its much more comfortable. I'm a little worried because I don't have many days left worth of pain meds and I want them for sure through Monday when I get my last drain out so I'm going to use then lightly! I took a pic tonight and my stomach looks pretty good even for the end of the day but I'm not posting that one cause I'll have lots of others to post! I am walking mostly straight but have regressed a bit since my left breast is hurting I'm walking around less and getting a bit tighter feeling again. I feel some pain today from where the right drain used to be which is just furthering my fear about getting the left drain out. I planned to do daily post until my one week then just weekly posts and pics unless something significant happens and then after 6 weeks probably monthly!

Day 6 PO was better than the last two days but...

Day 6 PO was better than the last two days but still not as good as I was before day 4! I tried decreasing my pain meds to one when I woke up and one at bed and I did fine and was happy to feel mentally more me but this sharp pain in my left breast is really make it hard for me to move, get up or do anything! I made a meal for myself for the first time while my Mom was in town and it went pretty good since I'm walking so straight but really exhausted me and I napped after! My left drain is easily under 30ccs for the day so I'm certain it'll come out at my apt tomorrow but I'm beyond terrified to get it removed after the first one felt like a hot poker going through me!!! Can't believe tomorrow will be week one, it amazing how well the body recovers yet how much it has to go at the same time. It will feel so good tomorrow after the drain is out to finally be able to shower, get cleaned up and wear normal clothes again since I haven't been allowed pants or uderwear all week!

Merry Christmas y'all! Day 8 PO today my first...

Merry Christmas y'all! Day 8 PO today my first week is over!!! Got my last drain out at my 1 week apt yesterday and hooray it didn't hurt this time! I was given a cream to start putting on my scars twice a day when the glue comes off. I was told one more week with the binder then switch to a shape wear compression type garmet. I also found out I don't need to do any massaging of my breast which isn't the norm so I found that surprising. I was given Vicodin for the rest of the time I may need pain meds so no more Percocet. I was able to shower finally and I did my hair and makeup and finally wore pants and underwear and I felt so much better! Yesterday's activities really exhausted me for sure! I'm adding one week pics today also! I'm worried about my BB closing up to small but they said it looks great just swollen but to be on the cautious side I'm putting an ear plug in it for now!

10 days PO, meant to do a 1 week post but it was...

10 days PO, meant to do a 1 week post but it was xmas eve. I had my second and last drain out at my one week apt on Christmas eve. Unlike the first one which felt like a hot poker being ripped out of me this one was painless. My nurse said the first one most definitely must have caught a nerve as it was coming out because she said that kind of pain for a drain removal isn't common. I was given a silicone Vit. E cream to start using once the glue comes off of all my incisions. I also was told I don't need to do any massaging of my breasts which I found surprising because it seems most people are. I was able to come home and take my first shower which was wonderful and finally put on pants and underwear. I put on makeup and did my hair and felt like a whole new person! Having an apt., my first shower, getting cleaned up and then a get together on xmas eve followed by a late evening and more get togethers on xmas I was so worn out by Wednesday that I slept almost all day. I started that time of the month which I'm sure is causing even more water retention although today I was within 2lbs of my surgery weight. I do feel like once the swelling goes down I will be at or under my start weight for sure. Even as flat as my stomach looks during the day I can still tell I have a good deal of swelling in my breasts, stomach, and upper pubic area, even some in my upper thighs. The swelling in the upper pubic area has to be the most annoying and frustrating. I have only been taking pain meds at night and I haven't been taking anything for regularity but seem to be going everyday just from eating oatmeal and good foods. I am still walking straight and have been able to sleep on my side even though my incisions go all the way around my waist on both sides. I'm still not in my bed for fear of my hubby bumping me. Even as I type this I'm still having that sharp twinge of pain in my left breast when I use that arm. It was getting better until I tried using my left arm to get off the couch the other day. I returned home on xmas day from my Mom's which was nice and I have been spending more time on the couch and have ditched the recliner and I am much more comfortable sleeping on the couch. I am really excited about the results so far and can't wait to continue to see progress!! I have posted more 1 week pics and a couple more reference before pics.

Week 2 PO!!! Time is flying and dragging at the...

Week 2 PO!!! Time is flying and dragging at the same time, I can't believe its been two weeks but also wish I was farther along! Love the results so far and have been very good about not picking at certain things. I have spots on each end of incision that could be dog ears but I'm not worrying about it cause I know I have so much more healing to do and my belly button isn't very deep yet, and the ends of my incision peak out of my underwear a bit. Here is my attitude and what I think everyone should remember is even if these three things don't change my body still looks SO much better and I am so much happier with this than what I had before. We spend so few days in our life in a bikini that nit picking about if your scar will show seems nuts considering your lucky to even be thinking about wearing one again! I think people forget what they were having to look at in the mirror everyday or feel hanging over their pants! The fact that I can wear any clothes I want again and no shirt around my husband is enough for me to jump for joy, people can't expect to have a body that doesn't look at all like you've had kids and or surgery! The scar will fade and you will continue to heal just be happy about the new you! Speaking of the hubby we resumed normal "activities" on day 12 PO and it went great we've never been able to stay away from each other long;) Talk to you again at week 3!

3 Weeks PO today and first day back to work. Very...

3 Weeks PO today and first day back to work. Very happy with my progress so far and I'm doing well with more healing to go for sure!! I had my first day back as an dental assistant today which requires lots of getting up and down, walking back and forth, lots of movement of your arms. The first half of the day was very easy and rather pleasant even with my super tight spanx on but I didn't go out to my car and lay down on my lunch like I had planned and man was the afternoon tough. By the end of the day I had a headache, my shoulders hurt, I could feel I was super swollen and my chest was super tender. I will be taking a pain pill probably at bed time for the first time in over a week if Advil doesn't cut it. The discomfort I'm in is totally bearable and really not necessarily more than expected but I do have to go do this all over again tomorrow and I want to make sure I get enough sleep. I posted my 3 wk pics today and included one from after work so you can see the difference in swelling.

1 Month PO today!!! In the past week I have...

1 Month PO today!!! In the past week I have returned to work (phew) and had my 3 week checkup! Returning to work wasn't to bad for me even though I'm an orthodontic dental assistant which requires a lot of movement in fact I think moving is so much easier than sitting all day would be because when I sit for even an hour as soon as I get up I can feel swelling as pooled down lower making my stomach feel tighter. I seem to feel totally fine the first half of the day and then struggle more to get through the second half as I start to swell pretty bad and my shoulders start to kill me. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I lay down through my hour lunch or not although I do it anyway. I'm glad to be back to work though I couldn't handle laying around anymore. I had my three week checkup a couple days ago and my Dr. said I was healing way ahead of schedule he even joked "slow down girl". He said I could resume light activities like yoga at around 8 weeks but wouldn't discuss further activities until my next apt which will be at about 2 & 1/2 months. He said my scar is looking great and I don't need the sheets just the silicone/vit E cream he's given me(newgel). He said the folds in my skin around my nipples will go away that I still have swelling and settling to happen. He said my scar will smooth out and lay flatter on its own to that the way he does the stitches underneath he puts the tension on your fascia and not on your skin so that my scar isn't getting pulled on. Loving how things look so far minus the swelling of course and look forward to my scar smoothing out and fading a bit but I'd take that over my old flabby skin for sure!!

2 year update!

Almost 2 years out so worth it!
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

I chose this provider after two other consults and after having two consults with him. He had a great education and experience resume and also does a tummy tuck technique that the other doctors aren't capable of and from seeing his before and after pics I think this technique is superior to a standard tuck. He also seemed to be much more concerned with making sure my recovery and results great by being very detailed and overly cautious about my recovery. He has a wonderful bed side manner and is very friendly, smart and seems to really care about you and will take his time to answer anything even when his nurses could!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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