30 Yo Mom of 2 Gets TT and 365cc BA - Eugene, OR

I am 5'2 130lbs and an avid crossfitter. I have...

I am 5'2 130lbs and an avid crossfitter. I have two kids under 4 years old (both were 8+ pound babies). I have stretch marks (which don't really bother me) and loose skin from pregnancy. I also have a slight umbilical hernia and abdominal separation and will need repair

I Scheduled my TT w/muscle and hernia repair and BA with 345, 365 or 400cc round, smooth implants - over the muscle - for Mid November.

My pre-op appointment is in three weeks and I will make the final decision on CC size.

Grandma will be watching the kiddos while my husband helps me recover from surgery.
Dr. J

My doctor and his staff were really professional and answered all my questions about both procedures. I have my pre-op appointment in 3 weeks. Anxiously awaiting surgery day.

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